Indirect Ways to Influence Our Governments and Billionaires on Climate Change

Last updated 11.24.23. 

Important Update: The following was produced by the independent and 100% publicly funded Job One for Humanity climate change think tank. It is an much older climate strategy that, while it theoretically could at some point contribute to resolving the climate change extinction emergency. It alone is not enough at this very late stage of the climate change extinction emergency.

It has been completely ineffective in actually reducing fossil fuel carbon and methane emissions going into our atmosphere.

It is an indirect and very slow method of influencing politicians. Unfortunately, indirect methods have proven over many decades to be far too little, far too late, especially with so little time remaining to get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. 

We have included it on our website for to educate other organizations what has been tried and will not work with so little time left.

(Special Notice about something powerful, that may work better to end climate change than anything tried previously: If you have been harmed by climate change consequences, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Climate Justice NOW program, which helps the victims of climate change consequences get financial restitution.

Obtaining legal restitution is a very powerful way to make the global fossil fuel cartel pay for the damages it has caused worldwide and to inhibit its future ability to harm millions more people with the toxic atmosphere-polluting poison from its products. Click here for our Climate Justice Now program.)

If you or someone you know has not suffered climate change damages, we strongly recommend you focus first on this new direct protest strategy and our billionaire strategy if you you want to survive what is coming.


This older strategy is about what you can do if you do not have a direct connection to or an influence with billionaires and the 1%. It also is designed to help us ethically motivate resistant one-percenters to join our new one-percenter Billionare's coalition to prevent climate change extinction.)

Section 2 will not make sense unless you read the materials in Part 4 Section 1. Please do not start these Section 2 indirect strategies below until we post the list of remaining resistant one-percenters despite our direct educational efforts. It is vital to give our direct contact and education team a chance to educate them on the climate extinction emergency, to be fair!)

The Section 2 action strategy sections below are designed specifically for individuals who mostly do not have any direct connections to the 1% of the wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities but could help us influence the education-resistant one-percenters.

These are the one-percenters who have continued to resist joining the one-percenter climate extinction prevention coalition. They are not working to influence our politicians to enforce the required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction laws to get us close to the 2025 reduction targets and save the future.

Once our organization publishes this list of resistant one-percenters on this page further below, you may specifically target them using the indirect influence actions and strategies listed in Section 2 below.

You will find many creative options prioritized for the maximum possible indirect influence on the 1% to help us achieve the critical governmental action steps of the Job One Plan found here. Do what you can to independently self-organize and get the indirect influence action steps below done on the listed resistant one-percenters!

You can begin any listed indirect influence action below in any order that you feel will work best for your current desires, resources, and circumstances. And finally, be sure to share any successes you have on the indirect influence action steps below with us at ([email protected]). That way, others can learn from your success and genius, and we can resolve this climate extinction emergency even faster!

If you have any doubts about either the 3-9 years left urgency (2025-2031) or the critical importance of why we need to work on Part 4, Section 2 of the Job One Plan at this time, please click here and review the ten most important facts about runaway global heating and our destabilizing climate; before continuing with this page. This page will also help build your motivation to keep working on Part 4, Section 2 below. The tactics and strategies below are mostly indirect tactics and strategies in that their participants have only indirect and minor influence over their politicians and governments.

Signing and Sending Petitions 

Signing and sending petitions are among the least effective methods of getting politicians to act. They are easy to ignore sitting on a desk or in an email folder. They are seldom read or counted by politicians. 

With the little time we have left, it would be unwise to focus any more effort on sending petitions to politicians. Climate activists have been doing this for decades, and they have no actual results in slowing down fossil fuel use, lowering carbon and methane in the atmosphere, and reducing global heating to show for it.

Signing and sending petitions has mostly only helped accumulate information on individuals, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc., for individuals interested in the climate issue.

Step 1: Begin this indirect influence action steps for 1% individuals or businesses

Using the information on our website, become a Utube or TikTok super-star and influencer by creating your own Utube and TikTok climate change educational videos that will help get the 1% active.

Desperate times call for creative, humorous, and out-of-the-box measures. Make YouTube and TikTok climate change videos or create your own Utube channel. 

These videos should:

1. Educate about our climate emergency, particularly for generations X, Y, and Z. 

2. "Call out" your national politicians for not acting effectively on our climate extinction emergency.

3. "Call out "the 1% ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, and celebrities. Call them out for not doing their part in getting our politicians to enforce the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets or the critical other action steps of Part 3 of the Job One Plan. (The list of 1% names is above in this document.)

If the 1% does not respond to your educational efforts or they continue to act against enforcing the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions needed, it is also time to engage in a massive and continuous public shaming campaign until they finally take responsibility for the obligations of wealth to protect the public wellbeing. This resistant 1% needs to be called out and protested for their failures to act in an emergency, their selfishness, and their fossil fuel extravagant and conspicuous consumption lifestyles wherever and whenever they appear in public. (The popular media will help amplify your call-outs depending on the creativity and success of your videos and actions. 

Please note that public shaming will never work on the 1% that are narcissists or sociopaths, but eventually, it will work on most of the rest. So, do not hesitate to use a public shaming tactic on the 1% resistant to the massive climate emergency education, which has already taken place for decades. These individuals do not EVER have the right to commit acts or omissions that will lead to the total extinction of humanity! 

Be creative with your videos but still effective. Create numerous factual and compelling arguments from what you read above and elsewhere on this website. Convince the 1% that they must use their far greater direct influence to get our politicians to act, or no one will make survive, including them, their families, and their legacies.

Always make your videos evoke an action! One meaningful action you can ask for is to have your viewers sign our Climate Change Emergency petition and then ask them to come to our website, create videos, and become activists using all of the tactics on this page.

Never hesitate to creatively call out and challenge any 1% individual, corporation, (or environmental group) that persists in providing incorrect information on the climate change emergency and global warming. Call them out in ways that let them know what will happen to their lives and future if they fail to help end the climate change extinction emergency before it is too late. 

You could become an internet influencer and super-star and have thousands learning from your climate change videos. But, best of all, your 1% call-outs would also eventually get busy helping to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

Don't forget to mention the pesky and greedy fossil fuel industry in your videos whenever you can. Talk openly about their short-sighted efforts to sell more fossil fuel to make more money --- even if it kills everyone on earth within our lifetimes, including them and their families.

If you have not done so already and before you start creating, please read about being a Necessary Disruptor as described in this Job One policy link. If you make a climate change video for Youtube or TikTok, be sure to let us know its location by emailing us at ([email protected]). We will add it to our video webpage(s), so others can see it and be inspired too. 

A special note when calling out celebrities

Celebrities can help spread climate emergency ideas worldwide and influence politicians because of their celebrity access. Your Utube and TikTok videos can be super-effective by both educating and, when needed, creatively calling out your favorite celebrities who are not exercising their celebrity responsibility in helping to resolve this extinction emergency. 

Never be afraid of calling out any 1% individuals, particularly celebrities, for their lifestyle excesses that use extravagant amounts of fossil fuel while so much of humanity and biological life is dying because of accelerating global warming. 

Calling out the public and flagrant conspicuous consumption of the resistant 1% is a powerful and necessary tactic. No one gets a celebrity or billionaire pass during the climate change extinction emergency! 

Step 2: Then begin these other indirect letter-writing influence actions steps

Supporting Action A: 

Help Job One for Humanity contact the world's 1% wealthiest individuals through email and personal letters.

It is really not that hard. Some of the world's wealthiest 1% individuals like Tom Steyer, the technology billionaire, are already onboard and active. Besides the list of one-percenters above in Section 1, there are other lists such as the Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 lists of the world's wealthiest individuals available online and at most public libraries. 

Here's how to begin contacting the world's wealthiest 1% individuals. With this tactic, you do not need to have friends, family, or direct personal connections with any wealthy 1% individual to help in this action. 

Find our sample letters to wealthy 1% individuals here. Use them to help you write a more customized version.

Use the best personal writing advice (further below) and then send personal letters and emails. In these letters, directly ask them to contact and pressure the politicians in their circles of influence to act now on Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

If you have friends, family, or direct or indirect personal connections with any other wealthy one-percenters, use these same instructions as above.

Here are our additional suggestions for the essential personalization needed for this 1% category and any of the other letter-writing supportive action steps B-F listed further below:

It is always good to personalize and modify any sample "template" letters that we have provided here to create a more successful impact. It's vital they not be seen as obvious "form letters." Instead, they should be personalized with appropriate recipient-related details, much like a cover letter to a potential employer, where the applicant demonstrates they took time to learn about the employer and their business.

Spend the first part of the letter "connecting" with the recipient before discussing what you want as far as desired actions. Then, in your special introductory section, answer the reader's question: Why should you care about this? If the reader then feels that sense of climate risk and responsibility that you will connect them to, there is a much better chance they will read the requested actions with more interest. On the other hand, if you put this the other way around, you would lose the reader in most cases because they may think they have heard it all before.

Offer some positive strokes to the recipient where possible. Who doesn't like hearing a compliment?

You can still use our basic templates for about 80% of your letter content, but for the rest of your letter text, take some time to research the recipient.

Always request that the recipient publicly express what they are doing or will do to help get Part 3 of the Job One Plan done. Let them know that you will interpret no public statement or action on the issue to be no action on their part.

At the end of the letter, be sure to include a unique personal closing, your name, and your contact information. You may be surprised by who responds to your emotional appeal.

If the recipient you have contacted responds, don't forget to send a thank you and let the Job One for Humanity 1% recruiting team know about your contact success as well. 

Keep in mind that if you're going to go to the trouble of writing to any of the suggested 1% recipients, give it the best possible shot you can. Personal letters are almost always far more effective than emails. 

If you are emailing, always use unique, non-trite subject titles so that "gatekeeper" support staff do not use automatic email filters to delete your expression of deep climate concern. Once the recipient you've contacted takes a public stand against the escalating climate change emergency and uses their influence on the world's politicians to help get Part 3 of the Job One Plan done., move on to contacting other one-percenters. (Do let us know about your successes!)

Do not worry if they try to act like they're doing something and are doing nothing. Once it becomes known that they are publicly saying they are doing something to fix the climate change emergency and doing little to nothing, the media and other watchdogs will probably verify that this is just another greenwashing public relations tactic. 

If the 1% wealthy corporations, individuals, or others you are contacting do not use their power to influence our politicians to resolve the climate change extinction emergency, move to Action Step G further below.

Supporting Action B:

Help Job One contact the world's 1% wealthiest celebrities through email and personal letters.

Many celebrities like James Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio are already speaking out publicly, telling the world that we must solve the climate change extinction emergency now. See this video clip by James Cameron [2] and this article by Katie Kilkenny. [3] In addition to being able to quickly educate massive audiences on the basics of the climate change extinction emergency and get more individuals involved, celebrities in areas like entertainment, sports, the media, etc., can also have immediate and effective influence in getting the necessary new climate change reduction laws or treaties passed.

Getting more celebrities to come out, speak publicly, and act against climate change as the greatest single security threat and disruptor of the 21st century has important benefits in several areas.

They are often friends with or attend functions given by the world's wealthiest 1% individuals, politicians, or senior executives of the world's wealthiest corporations. Because of their celebrity, they have unique access to promote the benefits of resolving the climate change extinction emergency. They can also advocate that the world's richest 1% individuals, corporations, and celebrities use their access and influence on the world's politicians to get the necessary climate laws or treaties passed.

They also have the attention of and are a voice to billions of people worldwide. If they come out and actively endorse fixing the climate change emergency and promote effective steps similar to those in Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan, more people worldwide will soon get involved in helping resolve this global survival-critical issue. (See this article [4] documenting how celebrities can and do capture public interest for more information.)

Here's how to begin this celebrity contact step. You do not need to have friends, family, or direct connections with any celebrity to help in this action:

Find our sample celebrity letters here.

1. Use the best letter writing advice from Supporting Action B above, then send personal letters and emails. 

2. Directly ask them to contact and pressure the politicians in their circles of influence to act on the steps like those described in part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan.

3. If you have friends, family, or direct or indirect personal connections with any other wealthy one-percenters, use these same instructions as above using their and your contact information.

If the 1% of the wealthiest celebrities you are contacting do not use their power to influence our politicians to resolve the climate change extinction emergency, move to Action Step G below.

Supporting Action C:

Help Job One influence the world's wealthiest 1% corporations through email, personal letters, and other creative influence strategies.

The world's wealthiest 1% corporations are also an excellent place to send your email and personal letters because they are:

One might easily say in one way or another that large wealthy corporations rule the governments that rule the world because they are:

a. far more agile than governments in their ability to respond quickly to changing conditions;

b. highly motivated to preserve and grow their customers and businesses profits, as well as to secure both customer bases and markets;

c. less constrained by national borders;

d. better able to raise and control the expenditure of large sums of money;

e. subject to stakeholder pressure if they do not respond to our initial letters and emails;

f. always looking for projects that will enhance their brand's reputation and goodwill in the eyes of the public. (As the global warming catastrophes continue escalating, any corporation helping to resolve this emergency will be viewed favorably by the public and negatively if not aiding the cause.)

g. Among the single most influential sources that politicians respond to because of their financial support. 

The good news here is that some of the world's wealthiest 1% corporations are already onboard and active in fighting global warming. 

To help you with this step, there are long lists such as the Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 of the world's wealthiest corporations available online and at most public libraries.

Here's how to begin this wealthy 1% corporation contact step. You do not need to have friends, family, or direct connections with any wealthy corporation to help in this action. 

Use the best letter writing advice given in Supporting Action B above, and send personal letters and emails. Directly ask them to assist and contact and pressure the politicians in their circles of influence to act on the steps like those described in part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan.

If you have friends, family, or direct or indirect personal connections with any other wealthy one-percenters, use these same instructions as above using their and your contact information.

To help you with this, see our sample letters. This sample letter or email is the starting point for selling the most positive reasons for the world's wealthiest corporations to follow their own highest and most enlightened self-interests in ending escalating global warming. These letters also contain specifics on what we want to have happen to resolve the climate change emergency. You will find our sample corporation letters here.

Wealthy 1% corporations have so much power over politicians today that this is a critical action needed to get the world's governments to enact the enforceable laws and penalties required for the rapid transition from fossil fuels to green energy and to save humanity and the future! Wealthy 1% corporations tell the politicians that they must reduce global warming immediately, or they will not be financially supported, and they will fund their political opponents. In that case, these politicians will quickly bend to the will of the corporations' massive financial power, just as they are doing every day worldwide.

Never forget that if the world's wealthiest 1% corporations do not act to influence national politicians to enact the new climate laws needed, it will be considerably harder to slow escalating global warming enough to save humanity.

If the wealthiest 1% corporations you are contacting do not use their power to influence our politicians to resolve the climate change extinction emergency, move to Action Step G below.


Supporting Action D:

If you have a connection to any of the following education groups, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund,,, the Sierra Club, or any other large worldwide environmental organization...

Please help get this critical information from our website and the updated 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target information to them. Directly ask these groups to adjust their climate educational and promotional materials accordingly. 

We face enormous challenges trying to achieve the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets with so little time left. The last thing we need is the leaders in global environmental education, providing out-of-date, incorrect, or fossil fuel lobbyist twisted global fossil fuel reduction targets and wrong deadlines! 

We need all the help we can get reaching every large environmental group on the planet with the correct 2025 targets and this update. This way, at least, everyone in the environmental movement is aiming at and promoting the same correct climate destination and deadlines.

Suppose we can't make this happen with the educational organizations dedicated to saving the environment, humanity, animals, and other biological species. In that case, it's going to be considerably harder to end the climate change extinction emergency. 

When you begin this step, be sure to become a necessary disruptor, as described in this link.

Supporting Action E:

Contact your local, national, and international religious leaders. 

We also need to implore our religious leaders to use their considerable moral leverage on our political leaders to get them to educate the population as to the real dangers of missing our 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

There is an irony here. Many countries that have benefited most from fossil fuel use are those same countries in the north that will temporarily be more habitable as global warming consequences worsen. This implies a compelling moral, ethical, and justice argument because those countries have been both the greatest cause of the climate emergency and the greatest benefactors from it.

At Job One for Humanity, we hold that the most important job of our religious leaders is to make the spiritual, moral, ethical, justice, and equity arguments that our politicians must now also hear. We believe that once the religious leaders of the world realize what's coming and how their members and denominations will suffer and die in the climate chaos, they too will be motivated to persistently bring up this emergency in their churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues and to the leaders of their nations.

Our religious leaders' role also will be to continually remind us of the critical, transcendent, and inherent value of every human being, no matter what country that person may reside in. 

They will remind us that if we fail to come close to the 2025 targets, every human being on earth has an equal right to live in and share the most habitable remaining northern areas, no matter their wealth, religion, race, ethnicity, or nation, or gender. Our religious leaders have a pivotal role as the climate change emergency unfolds.

Our religious leaders need to send the above message to their congregations. But, more importantly, we need our religious leaders to use their powerful moral influence to help compel our politicians to act and educate us about the painful, critical sacrifices urgently required by all to save our children and the future of our civilization. 

Because there are no guarantees that we will succeed in slowing and lessening the now unavoidable climate consequences, this faith-based action step is another critical step that we must take to save our civilization and humanity.

When you get large religious organizations to lobby local, regional, or national politicians demanding they act on the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, know that you have done a vital service for the future. 

You can also do this step by contacting the many cross-denominational groups like Interfaith Power and Light. Please help get them and similar groups to realize and promote the correct 2025 targets and what will happen if we miss them.

Supporting Action F:

Help Job One maximize leverage by contacting the heads and high-level staff of your nation's intelligence agencies.

If we want the world's politicians to pass the essential verifiable and enforceable laws or treaties as described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan, we have to maximize our influence leverage efforts in all effective ways. This includes:

convincing the world's wealthiest 1% individuals, corporations, and celebrities to lobby their politicians, and

to ensure our national intelligence agencies take over global warming research, analysis, and reporting responsibilities and that they are also actively educating our politicians (and the public) on all of the imminent security and economic threats the climate change extinction emergency poses to our world. (See Part 3 of the Job One Plan for more reasons why our intelligence agencies' strong and credible influence with politicians is also a vital part of our strategy to get the new climate laws or treaties needed to be passed in time.)

Please do not doubt that there are many brilliant and courageous high-level analysts and executives within the world's intelligence communities who already know much of what is in our scary climate future. Yet, they are restrained from speaking out because of current political realities. We need to give them the support and encouragement necessary to continue to champion the climate truths that will save them, their families, and all of our futures. 

These brave individuals will have to fight through the negative influence or resistance exerted by the fossil fuel industry, lobbyists, other vested interests, existing political partisanship, fixed ideas, and any antiquated systems or traditions within their agencies that would prevent them from credibly educating the politicians they serve before it is too late.

These brilliant and courageous individuals can never forget that not only is the future of their nation at stake, but the world's future is also at stake. If they fail to convince their respective politicians about the full consequences and accurate timelines of the escalating climate change extinction emergency, no one will survive.

If the combined total influence of the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, celebrities, religious leaders, and the world's intelligence agencies cannot convince our politicians to enact the needed enforceable and verifiable new climate laws or treaties, we will be at the beginning of our total extinction.

If you still need more convincing on why our national intelligence agencies must take over the climate risk analysis and fossil fuel reduction progress tracking job from the United Nations IPCC, see Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

Supporting Action G:

For the individuals, corporations, or celebrities that do not act, begin contacting them directly at their public events.

First, read our policy on necessary disruption here! Next, call them out on social media. Next, go to the one-percenters events and set up a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration that would make Gandhi proud. Demand that they immediately use their direct access and influence with all politicians to enact the necessary global warming remedial laws or treaty types listed in Part 3 of the Job One Plan. The future of humanity and civilization is at stake. They now need to become very publically aware of this!

Please remember that the Job One For Humanity Plan recommends only peaceful, nonviolent protests and demonstrations. We actively discourage any illegal or violent tactic. 

The above letters and actions involving those who have influence and control can save our climate future. If large numbers of people from around the world engage in these Section 2 action steps, the world's wealthiest 1% of individuals, corporations, and celebrities will be educated on their climate responsibilities and how to best protect their self-interests. In addition, they will eventually use their direct or indirect access and effective influence on the world's politicians as we persist. 

When this happens, we will resolve the climate change extinction emergency with far less damage and hopefully secure a survivable future for humanity.

There will, of course, be those 1% corporations, individuals, and celebrities so invested in the carbon and methane polluting fossil fuel industries that they will resist all efforts of education. As Upton Sinclair famously observed, "it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

Do not be discouraged by those who blindly and foolishly choose their salary over the future of everyone and everything they love and the whole of humanity. Just keep the faith and continue executing the Job One Plan action steps. 

Your successes and suggestions relating to Part 4 of the Job one Plan are vital to us!

They can also inspire and help others working on the various action steps of the Job One Plan. To send us your feedback, please email us at ([email protected]).

If you can, please also help support Job One for Humanity with a tax-deductible donation! Our all-volunteer organization works hard to prevent climate change extinction with honest facts and programs. And we are significantly underfunded for what we could do! Click here to donate so we can reach and help far more people worldwide.

Before starting the influence actions above, please make the following personal commitment to climate emergency action!

Because you understand both the urgency of resolving the climate change emergency and the logic of the Job One Plan goals, it is wise to make (or re-confirm) that understanding in a decision and pledge.

Here is the Job One for Humanity 3-point pledge to help resolve global warming:

  1. I will become an active part of the climate change solution by working effectively to help slow, lessen, and end the climate change emergency.
  2. I will do my part to educate my friends and others about the climate change emergency and its effective solutions.
  3. Until we end the climate change emergency, I will stay the course and help get new climate laws, treaties, and policies in place, so it never occurs again!

Please click here to sign this pledge online and join the Job One for Humanity honor roll for Climate Evolutioneers.

The Gallup Poll reports show up to 87% of workers feel disconnected from meaningful and purposeful work. [6] Resolving global warming is this century's greatest challenge, and it is the number one job for humanity.

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!" —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Making the above pledge will change your life for the better. It will also release potentials and opportunities that would not have appeared had you not done so! 

If you understand how to use visualization techniques on the goals of this page, please visualize them already being achieved. If you do not understand either the process or the importance of the goal visualization process for ending global warming, click here. [7]

To maintain your motivation to complete these new and challenging tasks below, we strongly recommend that you regularly read and re-read this page with the many individual and collective benefits we will receive when we successfully get the runaway global heating under control. It is the most read page on our website with well over 2 million views.

Be sure to also click here to sign the above pledge online and join the Job One for Humanity honor roll of Climate Evolutioneers.

Special Update of 8.24.2022

We have also just released a critical timeframe update for coming climate consequences and catastrophes based on newly released climate science.



Things have changed recently with the climate in big ways. The climate change emergency is getting worse far faster than most people understand. Our new climate timeframes update affects ALL previous climate emergency preparation and adaptation timeframes we have previously provided. This critical update shortens those timeframes considerably.

Do not let your family or business get caught off guard without understanding why the climate change preparation and adaptation timeframes have recently changed so significantly.

If you are a member, log in to this location using the same email address you used when becoming a member. Then go to this Critical Climate Change and Global Heating Timeframes link in our Member's section.

If you are not a member, it is easy to become one, and you can still get some great gifts by clicking here. Your membership will also help keep our unpoliticized, unbiased, and non-profit climate think tank operating.

What's next?

You are urgently needed! You can make a meaningful difference! Everyone can find something meaningful to contribute and do in the many action steps of the Job One Plan.

Click here for Part 1 of the Job one Plan on how to best prepare yourself, family, and business for the unavoidable 20 worst coming consequences.

Click here for Part 2 of the Job One Plan on the best individual actions to slow and lessen the unavoidable coming consequences.

Click here for Part 3 of the Job One Plan for the critical collective actions we must get done to slow extinction. Part 3 is all about the simultaneous measures governments worldwide must enact if we have any chance of achieving the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and saving the future.

End Notes

[1] Tim McDonnell. "The fossil fuel industry is bankrolling the Paris Climate talks." Mother Jones. December 2, 2015.

[2] "Not Reality TV by James Cameron." YouTube video. 5:27, posted by "Democratic National Convention," July 28, 2016.

[3] Katie Kilkenny. "What can celebrities do for climate change?" Pacific Standard. October 8, 2016.

[4] Chris Mooney. "People really do pay attention to climate change — when Leonardo DiCaprio talks about it." The Washington Post. August 5, 2016.

[5]Wikipedia contributors, "Self-organization," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed January 2, 2017).

[6] Steve Crabtree. "Worldwide, 13% of employees are engaged at work." October 8, 2013.

[7] Association for the Tree of Life. "Visioning for a better world: why and how." Accessed December 11, 2016.


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