Option 1: Many individuals will decide to go all-in to "force" our governments to get close to save us from runaway global heating

Last Updated 1.16.23

Force Our Politicians to Get Governments to ACT on Honest global Fossil Fuel Reduction Targets

Individuals who choose this option see this as our last, honest, and effective way to save humanity. 

As more individuals, groups, and notably the wealthiest 1% of individuals worldwide realize they are fighting for their survival, maybe our politicians and governments will listen to them before it is too late. Perhaps our politicians and governments will eventually mobilize (these critical and practical actions) and enforce the drastic global fossil fuel reductions needed. 

Many individuals who have made this choice realize that anyone who understands what is coming would NOT want to survive through the coming climate mega-catastrophes. The suffering, financial loss, and death as runaway global heating accelerates will be unbearable! 

Because they understand the global heating future, they see no other choice other than to go all-in and ensure our politicians and governments bring this emergency under control.

Our organization honors the courage and sacrifice of all individuals who choose this first Option 1. 

If you are one of these individuals, click here for a new way we have found to get our politicians and governments to save the future from climate change. 

In this article, you can discover the sequenced consequences and the suffering, loss, and trauma that awaits us unless we get our governments to enforce the 2025 global fossil fuel targets.

Click here to see how we can convince the 1% to save us by saving themselves. (People who chose option one often also see the many potential global warming survival benefits of this last-ditch effort.)

Please click here to volunteer at Job One for Humanity and help us fix the climate change extinction nightmare.

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Action 3: Accept runaway global heating extinction and climate collapse

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