The prosecution attorneys present their criminal actions evidence against the global fossil fuel cartel

Last updated 3.7.24.

As the first piece of evidence to review, I will have one of the prosecution's climate change experts go over the following climate change consequence illustration so the jury understands:

1.  How the burning of fossil fuels causes climate change and global warming. And,

2. What are some of the biggest global climate change consequences caused by burning fossil fuels.

The climate change expert begins. The following illustrates some significant climate change consequences of burning fossil fuels. It shows some critical climate change consequences, but far from all of them, it is a good start.



Once the expert finishes, the prosecutor enters the above illustration into evidence and continues.

There are good reasons the Grand Jury of your peers indicted the global fossil fuel cartel and sent this trial action to you. This case really began at least about forty years ago, possibly even decades earlier.

In the fossil fuel burning consequence reports created by the internal scientists employed by the major fossil fuel producers, it was well-documented, widely distributed, and understood by senior management that to continue to burn fossil fuels at current or greater rates would heat the Earth's atmosphere until global heating reached a point that it would destroy most human and biological life on Earth.

Please remember this essential fact throughout the trial. The global fossil fuel cartel's internal documents conclusively prove that they knew about the widespread toxic pollution and destructiveness of their products at least by the 1980s and probably decades sooner.

At this point, the prosecution submits into evidence the cartel's fossil fuel internal documents, proving his previous statement is accurate.

Despite knowing that their products would destroy most human lives, many biological species, and much of the environment, the cartel's management deliberately decided to do whatever they needed to do to sell even more fossil fuel products. 

The next thing I want to present to the jury is evidence about the cartel's ongoing death machine. The jury needs to begin to see the cartel's actions as widespread crimes against humanity and as a massive decades-long death machine that will keep killing until you stop it.

The World Health Organization estimates that global fossil fuel burning claims that 10 million people die annually because of the direct and indirect effects of the hazardous, toxic, and poisonous consequences of global fossil fuel burning. 

What can conclusively be said by the current climate change science is that climate change consequences have dramatically increased toxic air pollution and that increased toxic pollution has caused and increased cancers, upper and lower respiratory diseases like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, low birth weight, and pregnancy complications. Most of the millions of people who have already died from the effects of fossil fuel burning's toxic air pollution do not die fast. Instead, they die slow and excruciatingly painful deaths. 

Rather than telling you about the deaths caused by the global fossil fuel cartel, I want to bring on several medical research experts from the World Health Organization and other similar organizations who were involved in the studies about the average annual global deaths caused by fossil fuel burning's toxic pollution.

Medical doctors and other medical research experts from the World Health Organization and other similar organizations for the prosecution explain the many air pollution-related illnesses and the cause-and-effect relationships with burning fossil fuel in great detail. They answer the jury's many anonymous written questions about family members and friends suffering from the conditions mentioned.

One juror asked about how many children in her extended family in Oakland, California, now have asthma when there was no prior family history of asthma. The prosecution's climate change expert says that because of the idling ships in the Oakland port and the thousands of trucks going in and out of the Oakland port moving hundreds of thousands of shipping containers, as well as their local fossil fuel refineries, Oakland is, unfortunately, a great example of higher concentrations of fossil fuel pollution causing not only more significant numbers of childhood asthma cases but also more cancers, lower birth rates, and more cardiovascular disease.

The experts then submit numerous studies into evidence confirming their findings, and several experts mention that 10 million deaths a year are probably much lower than the actual death total. One expert discusses that the United Nations estimated in 2020 that up to 100 million people died from the direct primary consequences and the indirect secondary consequences of climate change, such as famine, migrations, and conflicts. 

This expert goes on to explain that it is not just from severe weather catastrophes and the toxic pollution of fossil fuel products that people are dying annually worldwide. The expert takes the jury through some of the other biggest global death causes found on the prosecutor's evidence submission called the Primary and Secondary Consequences of Climate Change. This expert also answers climate consequence questions written by the jury and sent through the judge to the expert.

Here are a few of the additional expert and prosecutor evidence submissions:

Click here for a study confirming the 10 million global deaths a year from the cartel's fossil fuel promoting and burning consequences. 

Here is the link to an additional World Health Organization (WHO) research paper talking about the 10 million fossil fuel-related deaths a year. 

Here is also a recent New York Times article discussing the 10 million deaths per year related to fossil fuel use.

Before the prosecution can continue with its presentation, the defense attorneys aggressively question their experts about the 10 million deaths a year research. As much as the defense attacks and tries to negate the testimony of these doctors and health research experts, the experts remain calm and use every opportunity in their replies to present even more studies into evidence confirming that at least 10 million people a year are dying, mostly slow and painful deaths because of their client's toxic polluting products.

At this point, the defense's jury consultant goes to one of the lead attorneys for the defense and advises him to immediately stop attacking the doctors and other health experts testifying on the number of deaths per year. She tells him most of the jury appears to believe the doctors and the studies by the world-renowned health organizations.

She advises that their aggressive attacks on these particular medical-related experts are losing the jury and that it is having the opposite effect. She tells them it is helping to confirm to the jury that the cartel's products are killing millions of people every year in mostly slow and painful deaths. A defense lead attorney quickly signals to the defense attorney, still attacking the credibility of the medical experts, to wrap it up fast. 

"Let me continue now that the defense attorneys are done questioning our health experts and doctors. we will come back to these annual death totals later in this trial. 

I am now going to cover what the global fossil fuel cartel has been doing for the last 40 to 60 years to blind citizens, our governments, politicians, the media, and major environmental groups to intentionally make them "climate change stupid" about the correct urgency and accurate threat level of the climate change emergency we all now face.

The following additional evidence submissions and our expert testimony will establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the global fossil fuel cartel has been the hidden and dominant force downplaying, manipulating, and exerting undue and coercive influence to produce the grossly inaccurate climate change information you've been exposed to for over four decades.

Furthermore, our evidence submissions and experts will demonstrate how their hidden undue influence actions have distorted and underestimated climate change facts, consequence timelines, and solutions, as presented by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) climate change summary reports. This is of supreme destructive importance because the IPCC is generally considered by all governments and the media to be the authoritative source of climate change information.

The global fossil fuel cartel's 40 years of behind-the-scenes climate censorship, undue political influence, and disinformation actions are the main reasons why:

a. our governments have not fixed climate change over the last forty-plus years. And

b. humanity is entirely unprepared for the true severity of climate change consequences, where billions will most likely die by about 2050.

The actions of the global fossil fuel cartel are so vile that most individuals cannot even conceive of this new form of intentional evil perpetrated by a small, greedy group of individuals and companies. Here, I define evil as "the act of consciously and repetitively choosing to do serious harm to others."

To make the possibility of this widespread global evil real to you, it is necessary for you to see how something like this, but at a far smaller scale, has happened before. 

Let's review a little history of corporate disinformation and undue government influence that everyone on the jury already knows to be true. 

The global cigarette industry has a proven record of over many decades of successful disinformation, false cigarette health risk studies, and funding of "independent" think tanks to produce questionable cigarette research saying smoking was not dangerous. The cigarette industry also has an extensive public record of engaging in continuous undue influence tactics to delay or prevent government regulation or proper health risk labeling on their products. 

Like the cigarette industry's tactics for over four decades, the far better-funded global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation, regulation-delaying practices, and other tactics have successfully kept accurate climate change facts, timeframes, and solutions from you, our governments, and the media.

For many decades, the global cigarette industry convinced the world's politicians and citizens that cigarettes did not cause lung cancer, health problems, or death with only a fraction of the global fossil fuel cartel's 28 trillion dollar-a-year wealth.

Just imagine how much better can the fossil fuel cartel do the same thing with many thousand times the cigarette industry's resources.

We will now describe the continuous, super-funded, and mostly hidden cartel climate actions that have blinded the public and paralyzed our politicians over the last 40+ years. To explain the cartel's decades-long disinformation campaigns and answer any written jury questions, the prosecution calls another climate change expert witness who has personally studied cartel disinformation campaigns and was also a victim of such campaigns.

Please go to this page and read the shocking and continually updated cartel disinformation tactics list and a new lawsuit where cartel agents lost a million-dollar case defaming a renowned climate scientist. Once you are done reading this absolutely critical page to help you understand how hidden cartel climate disinformation actions have blinded the public to the actual climate change danger and paralyzed our politicians, continue reading below.

The prosecution then calls additional expert witnesses to the witness stand. Several other of the prosecution's climate change experts could also testify personally as to what they saw and experienced in harassment as they tried to speak out about the climate change emergency. The prosecution attorney and the expert witness also supply evidence exhibits for the jury to review relating to the arguments and claims made thus far by the prosecution.

During this cross-examination of the prosecution's expert witnesses by the cartel's defense attorneys, it was discovered that most of the prosecution's expert witnesses had volunteered their trial testimony time, and the rest were making a tiny fraction of the cartel's expert witnesses fees. It was also seen that the climate change credentials of the prosecution's expert witnesses were extensive and impressive.

(The defense's jury consultant warned the cartel's law firm that the jury was getting too close to the prosecution's experts and their personal stories of harassment by the cartel. The consultant said that it appears the jury is beginning to accept the prosecution's expert testimony as true and the defense's experts as far less believable, especially because so much of their income comes from testifying favorably for cartel litigation in one trial after another.)

After all of the prosecution's expert witnesses have explained how the disinformation campaigns work and answered all the jury's written questions about these techniques, the prosecution continues with its opening presentation.

In what may be one of the most vicious and cruel outcomes of the cumulative and synergetic effects of the cartel's global disinformation campaigns is that humanity has now wasted almost six decades of critical emergency preparation and adaption time needed to prepare for and adapt to the many cartel-created and now unavoidable climate change consequences.

I want you to remember that because of decades of global cartel climate change disinformation and its effect on stopping and delaying effective global fossil fuel reductions by our governments, the fossil fuel cartel is, by those actions, fully responsible for all of the climate change-related loss and damage it has caused over the last 40 to 60 years. The cartel directly prevented our governments from correctly regulating global fossil fuel use.

It is not only responsible for all of the damages over the last 40 to 60 years, but it is also responsible for all future climate change loss and damage caused by the cartel's disinformation and other coercive acts. This is because had they not delayed the critical governmental intervention to reduce global fossil fuel use to the correct levels, the horrible coming climate change consequences would have been avoidable.

As I just mentioned, this case is not only about past liability for cartel-caused loss and damage. It is also about future liability for loss and damage because of the toxic, polluting nature of their products and the prior disinformation and actions of the global fossil fuel cartel.

Please keep this principle of causation and liability in mind as you review all of the additional evidence we will present. The prosecutor continues.

The prosecution then entered the following illustration to help the jury visualize the terrifying cumulative and synergetic effects of intensifying climate change consequences. The prosecutor then tells the jury to look at the illustration and the swirling whirlwind of various consequences interacting with each other.


The prosecutor's next climate change expert explains the additional climate change consequences the jury had not seen before and then tells the jury that the different consequences of climate change almost always interact with other climate change consequences in feedback loops. This feedback loop interaction usually worsens, multiplies, or amplifies each other's consequences or triggers other unexpected consequences of climate change in other areas of the climate system. The experts tell the jury that grasping this climate consequence interconnection feedback loop cycle is also essential to understanding a major "Big Picture" physical process behind our climate change nightmare.

The prosecution's experts continue, please be aware that the consequences of climate change do not commonly occur alone or in a vacuum. Climate change consequences usually interact with other climate systems and trigger straightforward cause-and-effect feedback loop responses in other climate system areas. Sometimes, these interactions even trigger what is known as a highly unpredictable non-linear cause-and-effect.

Below is an illustration of a nonlinear cause-and-effect, which is not uncommon in complex adaptive climate systems. Climate System A affects climate System B, but unpredictably, it also affects an unconnected system C.



This all means that it is not just the danger of the intensifying individual consequences of climate change that we have to worry about. It is the feedback loop interaction of these individual consequences with other climate consequences or with other climate or human systems that make accelerating climate change so dangerous and unpredictable in its cumulative and synergetic effects. Once this interaction feedback loop cycle gets going with numerous climate change consequences, it can get out of control and go over tipping points very quickly.

As a climate change expert for the prosecution, there is one more thing that is critical for you to understand: the extreme danger and risk of known climate change tipping points on humanity's future. 

A projector is set up at this point, and the jury gets a mini-class on climate change tipping points and what they do. (The prosecution's climate change expert explained the critical climate change tipping point information in this document. That document was also entered as an evidence exhibit.)

(The defense's jury consultant notices the jury appears to like the prosecution's climate change expert, and many nod as he explains even the most complete of climate change factors in simple ways.)

The jury is riveted to the climate expert's climate change tipping point statements and illustrations. When the climate change expert is finished, the jury appears quite disturbed about what they have just heard.

Now that the climate expert has covered the preceding more complex climate change technical points, the prosecutor says, you are now ready to hear the four worst consequences of the toxic, polluting products of the global fossil fuel cartel.  

Click here for the next page of this cartel trial: The prosecution's presentation of the three worst climate change-related consequences because of decades of the cartel's toxic pollution and criminal actions. 

For the first page of the online cartel trial, click here.

Click Here Now if You Are Ready to Vote if the Global Fossil fuel Cartel is Guilty of Causing Climate change and Financially Responsible for all Climate change Loss and Damage.



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