The prosecution presents the four worst climate change-related consequences because of decades of the global fossil fuel cartel's toxic pollution and criminal actions .

Last updated 3.7.24.

Humanity has and will experience many dire consequences because of escalating climate change. Rather than going one by one over about 70 different consequences, it is crucial to your verdict to cover only the three worst climate change consequences that have directly resulted from the cartel's 40 years of intentional, nefarious actions.

(In the prosecution's evidence submission here, the jury can read about all 70+ significant climate change consequences.)

Worst Consequence One 

The Climate Change Double Dilemma is the worst and most deadly climate consequence to date. It has two parts.



This is Dilemma One of the climate change double dilemma

1. Because we have lost 40 years due to the fossil fuel cartel's dark disinformation tactics (listed above) and their ongoing efforts to prevent the world's governments from gradually beginning to reduce global fossil fuel use 40 years ago, humanity now faces the highly likely, near-certain extinction of about half of its population by 2050. Yes, you heard me correctly. 

This will occur in part, but not exclusively because of what is known as Garrett's Climate Change Dilemma.

Professor Garrett, in his paper, provided the very complex climate change math and physics to conclusively demonstrate that because humanity had not previously made the correct gradually sequenced required global fossil fuel reductions beginning in 1980 when it still had a chance to save itself before the time he did his study in 2012 --- if humanity now tried to "make up for those lost and squandered four decades" with today's correct and adjusted global fossil fuel reductions, the immediate and steep drop in global fossil fuel use required would of itself, kill off about half of humanity by about 2050 or sooner.

2. The deaths of half of humanity would occur not so much because of increasing climate change consequences by themselves but because the correctly adjusted new fossil fuel reductions were so radical and sudden that global agribusiness could only be allocated enough fuels, fertilizer, and final food crop distribution energy to provide food for about half of humanity.

3. Although Professor Garrett did not discuss it, the first climate change dilemma is even worse. This is because half of humanity will still die by about 2050, even if our politicians do nothing to immediately begin radically cutting global fossil fuel use to meet the 2025 targets.

This second part of the double "dammed if we do and dammed if we don't" die-off dilemma is caused by the next wave of climate change-driven extreme global weather and other climate consequences.

By 2025-2031, the severity, frequency, and scale of climate change-driven extreme weather events will increase dramatically and will be far beyond where it is today!

These now unavoidable climate change-driven extreme weather events are defined, in part, as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods, flooding, sea level rise, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal, unseasonal, or record-breaking weather related to rapidly accelerating climate change.

This devastating next wave of extreme weather events will ALSO of itself dramatically lower global food production and cause widespread crop failures. This dramatic drop in food production will cause soaring food prices, mass starvation, and mass migrations from the areas hardest hit.

These unstoppable "migrate or die of starvation" mass migrations of hundreds of millions to billions of individuals will cause ever more intensifying global conflicts. The total accumulation of all of the primary and secondary climate consequences in this worsening chain of climate change consequences will most certainly result in the deaths of about half of humanity by 2050. 

The unavoidable next wave of climate change-intensified extreme weather will be triggered primarily by crossing more and larger climate change tipping points and climate feedbacks. These are already "baked into" the existing momentum of the overall climate system and are, unfortunately, now unavoidable. 

It is the cumulative and synergetic effects of both the past and the additional soon-to-be crossed climate change tipping points and feedbacks that will accelerate the primary and secondary climate change consequences so intensely that it will result in the deaths of about half of humanity.

The prosecution calls one of its climate change experts to explain the following documents and climate issues to the jury.

(Click here to read a short, more detailed summary article of the basic ideas behind Garrett's Climate Change Dilemma, which also links to Garrett's original research paper.)

(Click here for a detailed explanation of tipping points and climate change tipping points.)


(Click here to see the step-by-step processes for how this mass extinction will occur and decide if this is not a reasonable, well-grounded prediction.) 

(If you still believe that humanity will likely wake up in time to fix this nightmare by itself, click here and see the 28 challenges it must overcome to act in time to prevent half of humanity from dying.)

This coming nightmare of mass extinction was wholly unnecessary and was entirely avoidable if the global fossil fuel cartel had not intentionally planned and executed its 40 years of behind-the-scenes criminal actions designed solely to prevent or delay the required extinction-preventing global fossil fuel regulations and reductions.



4. Carefully unwinding the climate change double dilemma means that because of the lost 40 years of gradual fuel reductions because of cartel dirty deeds, if our politicians do or do not make the radical global fossil fuel cuts that are now required by 2025, half of humankind will still perish either way by about 2050 or sooner.

Please note that Professor Garret also published a new paper in 2020 with similar arguments, but his 2020 paper does not imply there is no hope for any form of mitigation. 

"What seems to be required is a peculiar dance between reducing the production efficiency of civilization while simultaneously innovating new technologies that move us away from combustion." Garrett's paper

In Garret's newest 2020 paper, to be effective, mitigation has had to be a radical economic transformation away from energy use and consumption for expansion, luxuries, and vanities to consumption-focused near-exclusively on global metabolic necessities. This revolutionary movement away from energy use and consumption for expansion, luxuries, and vanities is what Garrett means by "reducing production efficiency."

His good news is that if we made radical and immediate global mass consumption reductions and simultaneously innovate new technologies that keep moving us away from fossil fuel energy combustion, humanity still has a survival chance. 

Unfortunately, capitalistic societies hate this "we need to immediately and radically reduce mass consumption for expansion, (growth) luxuries, and vanities message" so much they will give it no place in official government communications or the media, even if it means the eventual death and destruction of those same capitalistic systems. 

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) blindly (or intentionally) also ignores Garret's 2012 and 2020 papers and recommendations. The IPCC proposes or assumes the following climate change solution utter nonsense:

a. All IPCC climate solution scenarios assume continued economic growth at today's standard unlimited consumption.

b. The IPCC's long-term mitigation survival calculations have always assumed that a massive and successful CO2 removal technology will save humanity at some point about 2050, despite no proven system existing to do such things. 

c. IPCC science and climate policy assumes mitigation will not ever get "near zero" emissions for all long-lived GHGs (IPCC AR5) and, for several reasons, cannot prevent the collapse of the biosphere, world agriculture, civilization, and the human population. 

If you thought the first Garett's climate change dilemma was horrible, the second climate change dilemma of this double dilemma is much worse! 


Worst Consequence Two


This is Dilemma Two of the climate change double dilemma

1. If our politicians do or do not make the radical global fossil fuel cuts required by about 2025, half of humanity will still die by about 2050. (As mentioned previously, this is caused by either Garrett's Climate Change Dilemma or because so many catastrophic climate change consequences and crossed climate tipping points and feedbacks are already "baked" into the momentum of the climate system and that is, unfortunately, now unavoidable.)

If that sounded horrible, wait until you hear dilemma two...

2. But, if our politicians do not make the required radical global fossil fuel cuts by 2025, much of the remaining post-2050 surviving other 50% of humanity will also perish. This additional post-2050 die-off, beyond the unavoidable pre-2050 50% die-off, is also "baked in" because many more and more severe additional primary and secondary climate change-related consequences and other new crossed climate tipping points and feedbacks will also still occur and become unavoidable.

This also means that if our politicians do not act and get humanity close to the 2025 required global fossil fuel reductions, humanity may be lucky to have 5%-30% of its current population level alive after 2060-2070. 

This second climate change dilemma demands that today's politicians make the horrendous decision to knowingly sacrifice about half of humanity now to save as much as possible of the other half of humanity after 2050.

But will our global politicians make the tough decisions to enact the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions to save at least as much of post-2050 humanity as possible? The research team at Job One doubts it. Politicians know that with such an unpopular and hated decision, their time in office would be over quickly.

Do you begin to see how deeply humanity is trapped in this cartel-created, continuously reinforced climate change double dilemma?



A climate change global holocaust is coming unless...

This nightmare of extinction-level destruction is unfolding because the global fossil fuel cartel was and IS so dominantly effective in preventing or compromising our politicians and governments (and their citizens) from acting on the science-verified climate change extinction threat for the last 40+ years. 

What the multiple consequences of the Climate Change Double Dilemma create is nothing less than an unavoidable Climate Change Global Holocaust where 1/2 of humanity will be dead by 2050. And, if we do not act on the radical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, most of the post-2050 survivors will also die by 2060-2070.

In this trial, I am using the words global holocaust with the complete and deepest respect for the massive importance of the Jewish Holocaust, the deep pain it evokes, and its historical context to Jews worldwide.

I have intentionally used the words climate change global holocaust because:

1. What is happening with the global climate change extinction emergency squarely meets the first standard dictionary definition of the word holocaust, "death and destruction on a massive scale."

2. It is also the correct word for the unprecedented scale of climate change-related mass death already happening, and that will happen to much or most of humanity and the biological life of Earth. 

3. The phrase "Never Again" also means and includes the idea of no more holocausts ever occurring for anyone, not just Jews, much less most of humanity and biological life. 

4. We need to prevent the next global holocaust by using accurate language that speaks to the true seriousness of the threat to the existence of ALL life that we now face.

If the eventual mass global deaths of 1/2 or more of humanity due to the intentional, continuous actions of a few evil individuals does not constitute a new and original form and level of a global holocaust, what does? 

We understand how difficult it may be to accept the new climate change reality of half of humanity or more dying off by 2050 to 2070. Consequently, we have called another one of our climate change experts to explain this and answer any questions. We have also provided the following links to see the science and analysis behind this horrible climate reality.

Click here for how the four climate change extinction-accelerating tipping points and feedbacks will push us toward the unavoidable deaths of about 1/2 of humanity by about 2050.




Click here for how the four extinction-accelerating climate change tipping points and feedbacks will, through a series of unfolding, sequenced primary and secondary climate change consequences, interact with and amplify humanity's other 11 major global crises to the point of near-total extinction, but only if we do not wake up and act in time to prevent this chain of events from proceeding.

Click here to see why it is highly improbable that all of humanity will go extinct if we do just a few small things before it is too late. This link explains in great detail what will happen if we do not wake up in time to the climate change extinction emergency in which we are already deeply embedded and the surprising natural and human forces that will finally save at least a tiny fraction of humanity.)  

Click here for a deep dive into the numerous dangers of crossing tipping points and more information on the most critical climate change tipping points. 

(The defense's jury consultant goes over to the lead attorneys for the defense after the prosecution's climate change experts have finished. She tells them she is very concerned that the jury is being lost.

The prosecution's experts are making complex ideas from the climate change emergency simple, and they are answering the jury's questions in plain language. I see the jury having many ah-ha moments as these experts talk. It now appears that the jury truly understands and believes what the prosecution says is going to happen if they don't stop the global fossil fuel cartel.)



Click Here Now if You Are Ready to Vote if the Global Fossil fuel Cartel is Guilty of Causing Climate change and Financially Responsible for all Climate change Loss and Damage.


Worst Consequence Three

The world's population still does not know how bad the next wave of climate change consequences will get or when they will occur.

Humanity is woefully unprepared for what is coming! 

The world is grossly unprepared for the massive climate catastrophes and the coming chaos.

This second worst outcome also occurs because the world's population has been cartel-fed decades of climate change disinformation. The facts, consequences, timetables, and solutions they have been fed by the cartel are routinely underestimated by about 30-60% for the last 40 years. 

This continual 40-year cartel deception means that most global citizens, businesses, and nations are entirely unprepared for surviving and adapting to the now unavoidable coming climate change catastrophes. The world's population falsely believes that big climate change catastrophes won't occur for many decades near 2100. 

These intentionally manufactured cartel illusions have put humanity in a deadly corner. Humanity has so little time left to prepare itself and execute critical adaptations before climate change consequences dramatically increase in severity, frequency, and scale as humanity crosses major climate tipping points starting about 2025 and accelerating through to 2031. 

At a time when most people, businesses, and nations do not believe there is a climate change emergency for which they must prepare, ironically, the world must prepare and build extensive climate change resilience and adaptability into their homes, businesses, and nations. The deaths of millions of people who will die because they do not believe they have to prepare and adapt is also squarely on the shoulders of the cartel.



Worse yet, the required climate change resilience-building is not likely to happen any time soon. Our worldwide global climate change denial is a perfect and fatal recipe for endless, ever-larger global climate change catastrophes with unprepared people.

"Denial is what you add to pain to make it last longer and hurt more." Errol Strieder

For the jury's benefit, here is a refresher illustration of only a few of the soon-to-be-crossed climate change tipping points and feedbacks. Earlier, one of our climate change experts covered each item listed below.



Worst Consequence 4

The currently rising and future global climate change damage costs will be insane!

The very conservative World Economic Forum has estimated the global cost of climate change damage to be between $1.7 trillion and $3.1 trillion per year by 2050. This includes the cost of damage to infrastructure, property, agriculture, and human health. This cost is expected to increase over time as the impacts of climate change become more severe. (Please note that the World Economic Forum uses the IPCC summary reports as the base of its calculations and predictions, which are known to be underestimated by 30-60%.)

Various other organizations have estimated that the total global economic costs of the Climate Change Double Dilemma due only to the work productivity losses, mass migrations, and the physical damages caused by the many climate change consequences will exceed 300+ trillion dollars by about 2050. But, that doesn't include any financial restitution for the loss of millions then billions of lives.

Because worldwide insurance and reinsurance companies are aggressively engaged in dropping all medium to high-risk climate-related coverages, these climate change damage costs will continue to be imposed upon you and your local, state, and national governments. With your guilty verdict, these costs will be paid by the cartel.

At this time, the prosecution submitted the following illustration for the jury to visualize what is coming for all of humanity because of the global fossil fuel cartel's decades of criminal actions.

(The illustration is read from the bottom up. Fossil fuel burning causes global warming at the bottom of the illustration, which then causes all of the other problems as you go up level by level in the illustration. As each lower worsens, it worsens the consequences of the next higher level until humanity is facing widespread human system collapses and chaos.)



The prosecution continues. If we do not stop it now, it is not an overstatement to say that the rapidly escalating costs of climate change consequences globally will eventually bring down the global economy and many of the world governments.

Next, the prosecution calls its experts on finance and climate change costs to the witness stand to address and verify the issues and statements raised by the prosecution attorneys above. The prosecution attorneys and the expert witness also supply more evidence exhibits for the jury to review relating to the financial arguments and claims made thus far by the prosecution.

Next, the prosecution's experts then explain the various cost estimate reports mentioned and found below.

A quick overview of the total climate change costs until 2070 is discussed here.

An early summary of the cost of climate change by the Stern Report is found here.

The prosecution also reminds the jury of the previously submitted evidence the master list of primary and secondary climate change consequences describing the problems and damages the cartel is causing worldwide.

Click here for the next page of this online trial: The prosecution presents the despicable motivation of the global fossil fuel cartel for creating the climate change emergency.

For the first page of the online cartel trial, click here.




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