Critical Actions to Stop the Global Fossil Fuel Cartel's Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

Last Updated 3.7.24.

This page is part of the Climate Justice Now program. The full Climate Justice Now program is described on this page.

Please note: It is essential to read this page before reading the following. It takes you through the list of the many climate change crimes against humanity that the global fossil fuel cartel has committed over the last 40 years. A link at the bottom of this crimes against humanity page will bring you back to this page when you are done reviewing it.)


The sections on this page contain:

1. How Decades of the Wrong Climate Change Target Has Equalled Wrong Remedial Actions and Continuous Failure to Lower Global Fossil Fuel Usage.

2. Here are the critical ACTION steps we can take to end the climate change emergency and enforce climate justice.

2. Evidence, documentation, and notes for this main cartel public trial page, which is a legal presentation and argument that provides evidence for the obscene crimes committed by the cartel over the last 40 years.

3. A link to a list of law firms that may be able to help the many victims of climate change. Simply because it directly and immediately removes all profit from wrongdoing, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, related companies, senior executives, and enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change emergency than all previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts.

4. Information relevant for justifying the climate change reparations movement and for those nations suffering the consequences of climate change and that were not responsible for creating them.

5. The most critical legal actions that climate change activists, concerned citizens, mid-sized law firms, and lawyers must take to protect us from the greed, products, and toxic destructive actions of the global fossil fuel cartel.

6. Additional actions that also should be done after focusing on the before mentioned critical actions.

7. Notes for the Climate Justice Now Program. 

The legal actions of the Climate Justice Now program are required because our governments and politicians have utterly failed us. Our media and even our big environmental groups have failed us. For decades, they have all failed to enforce the required, humanity-saving global fossil fuel reductions.

Because of this overwhelming and ongoing failure to act by those we have trusted to protect us, individuals, law firms, and protective government agencies bringing tens of thousands of justified worldwide lawsuits against the members of the global fossil fuel cartel is most likely humanity's last, best hope to stop the out-of-control, greed-intoxicated global fossil fuel cartel before it destroys most of humanity and the Earth's biological systems.

Please also be aware that the criminal acts information in the Climate Justice Now online public trial here will also supercharge the global fossil fuel disinvestment movement. Every university endowment, pension fund, bank, or investment firm will divest all fossil fuel investment holdings and will want to quickly distance itself from anything to do with the growing public relations nightmare surrounding the global fossil fuel cartel's decades of horrendous crimes against humanity (as described in detail here).


It is time for climate change justice and climate damage restitution to be legally imposed upon the perpetrators of the global climate change emergency. On this page, you will learn what needs to be done to stop the global fossil fuel cartel from destroying most of humanity and much of Earth's biological life.

The climate change think tank publishers of this article are composed of climate change researchers and educators speaking uncensored climate change facts to power. Our mission-limited climate research, analysis, and educational status means that the ideas and legal positions being presented in these climate change justice pages will only bear fruit and help stop the global crimes and destruction of the cartel if you get involved and get this needed information to the people we suggest below.



How Decades of the Wrong Climate Change Target has Equalled Wrong Remedial Actions and Continuous Failure to Lower Global Fossil Fuel Usage

For over 40 years, most of the world has been looking at the wrong target and not seeing the dominant behind-the-scenes actor and true "villain" causing the climate change emergency. It is time for climate change justice and to turn the world's attention to the global fossil fuel cartel as the correct target causing our current climate change emergency.

Finally and unequivocally, having the correct climate change target empowers us:

a. to break the climate change disinformation stranglehold the cartel has had on the world's citizens for decades and educate the public on the correct threat level and dangers of the escalating climate change emergency.

b. to stop the insane "it's okay if almost everyone dies" cartel profit strategy,

c. to eliminate all cartel undue influence actions designed to stop, slow, or delay governmental regulations that would reduce global fossil fuel use and consequently fix the climate change emergency. And,

d. to file many thousands of lawsuits worldwide to get full financial restitution for all climate damage caused by the cartel's deadly products and actions.

e. to prevent crossing the atmospheric carbon level of 450 ppm, our last genuine chance to avoid a climate change mass extinction threshold that, once crossed, will lead to the near-certain extinction of about half of humanity by about 2050. (Exactly how and why half of humanity goes extinct from passing beyond the critical carbon 450 ppm threshold is covered on this page.)



Here are the critical ACTION steps we can take to end the climate change emergency and enforce climate justice

Step 1: The Climate Justice Now jury trial article must be shared worldwide to help promote the filing of thousands more legitimate lawsuits by individuals, businesses, investors, and governments against the global fossil fuel cartel for cartel-caused climate damage restitution.

Even if you personally have not experienced financial loss or damages due to climate change, it is critical to educate others who may have experienced climate change-related financial loss about their rights and of the ongoing climate justice and restitution movement to bring the global fossil fuel cartel to justice and make them pay for every climate change consequence they have caused.

If we do not quickly "wake up" millions of people to the realization that they have been the victims of a continuous and systematic global climate change disinformation campaign and vile cartel undue influence actions designed to harm them, their families, businesses, and nations they will not file the necessary new lawsuits to:

1. Get the financial restitution and other justice remedies they legally deserve. And, 

2. They will not be able to help remove ALL ill-gotten profits from the cartel's decades of wrongdoing against them and humanity. History has proven time and time again that when the legal system removes all profit from ill-gotten gains from wrongdoing, the wrongdoing stops.

In other words, if you want to fix a problem, don't focus mainly on the problem; first, look for who is profiting from the problem and stop that from happening. Like magic, the problem will then start to disappear almost by itself. 

Yes, climate activists can try to stop another oil pipeline, a new LGN production facility, or a new oil lease project, but that has never worked effectively to reduce the ever-rising levels of fossil fuel greenhouse gas pollution. It is time to move further up the consequences and result chain and take away the global fossil fuel cartel's ability to keep financing its pollution and death machine.

The way we do this is to get every individual, business, and local and national government to sue them for ALL damages, losses, and costs they have experienced because of the consequences of climate change. We are running out of time to save humanity and much of the planet's biological life. It is time for the most potent possible legal bitter medicine, which, in the fastest possible way, will remove all profits from cartel wrongdoing.

Below are the critical groups that you should contact soon as possible

As a non-profit educational climate think tank, we provide unpoliticized, uncensored, and accurate climate research information and analysis. Our limited climate research and analysis role means that ALL website visitors must individually share the climate change solutions and analysis on our website for us! 

Furthermore, individual word-of-mouth sharing is the best way to spread uncensored climate change information most effectively under the current conditions. Personal word-of-mouth one-to-one sharing is critical because the global fossil fuel cartel has successfully manipulated, distorted, and censored the climate news you hear in the media and from your governments. Few will ever know the actual climate truth if you (and) we do not bypass the massive fossil fuel cartel-generated disinformation campaigns by going old-school, low-technology, and using the incredibly effective one-to-one word-of-mouth strategy.

There is no way the global fossil fuel cartel has the tools to keep you from speaking one-on-one in your circle of personal influence about the uncensored climate change truth and restitution for the victims of climate change. And, in a way, when you do this, you too will be single-handedly defeating the mighty global fossil fuel cartel and their billions spent on climate change disinformation and delaying or stopping fossil fuel reduction regulation. 

We cannot fix the climate change emergency in time to save humanity without lots of intelligent and motivated individuals helping us to educate the world. You and your one-to-one information-sharing talents are more critical than ever to the future survival of humanity!

If you do not share our uncensored climate change information one-on-one by word-of-mouth, it will not reach enough people to make a difference before it is too late! 

No matter where you live worldwide, you can start sharing our climate change information one-on-one by word-of-mouth using the steps below.

Get the 3-part Climate Change Now program, including this climate change trial page to:

a. every homeowner, business, and local community government harmed by climate change's direct or indirect consequences.

B. every farmer and farming association worldwide. As climate change consequences continue to escalate, farmers are already and will be among the worst-hit groups for financial losses because of the fossil fuels cartel's 40 years of destructive actions. Farmers, who are critical to our survival, need to know the actual cause of why so many more crops are failing beyond the normal levels of failure and low crop yields. 

Worldwide low crop yields and crop failures are among the most predicted and earliest-arriving consequences of escalating global warming caused by climate change. As escalating climate change continues, global farming will be among the worst climate change-impacted industries. (Climate change-driven extreme weather events are defined, in part, as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods, flooding, sea level rise, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal, unseasonal, or record-breaking weather related to rapidly accelerating climate change.)

C. every investor who has lost money on any investment harmed by climate change consequences where the correct climate change risks were not properly disclosed in the investment portfolio by the brokers or investment firms.

D. every worldwide environmental and climate journalist you know or can contact.

Ask them also to start promoting and filing legitimate lawsuits against the fossil fuel cartel for the worldwide damages it has and is causing. The filing of legitimate lawsuits for cartel-caused climate damages will help remove all of the cartel's ill-gotten gains for destroying millions of lives and the environment.

Not much will survive unless climate and environmental organizations and journalists get this climate justice, jury, and litigation information and have the raw courage to define and reframe humanity's climate change emergency at a more accurate, honest, and practical level! 

Please also share and post this jury trial article to all worldwide climate change and environmental newsgroups. Every climate-related newsgroup in every nation has the right to become aware of rising litigation against the cartel and the cartel's 40-year dark history and ongoing criminal actions.

E. every undeveloped nation's government agencies most responsible for managing climate change losses and damages so that they, too, may receive just financial restitution for the many climate change damages they and their people have experienced. Underdeveloped nonfossil fuel nations will suffer the most from climate change between the 35th parallel north and the 35th parallel south.

It is beyond the time for the underdeveloped nations that have been damaged by the toxic global fossil fuel pollution's many consequences, which were created by the wealthy developed nations, to stop being beggars. It is time for underdeveloped nations to stop begging under the table of the rich nations, meekly asking for nano-scraps of promised but seldom delivered financial assistance for the horrendous past and ongoing climate damages that rich nations have done to them.

It is time for undeveloped nations to stop being powerless beggars and start being empowered plaintiffs in new lawsuits against the wealthy nations and producers of toxic fossil fuel pollution and its many damages. This secondary action of filing lawsuits against rich nations should only be done after lawsuits have been initiated against the "deep financial pockets" of the global fossil fuel cartel, as described in the three parts of the Climate Justice Now program.

To help underdeveloped nations bring lawsuits against the nations producing toxic fossil fuel pollution since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (about 1800,) use a simple formula for the best estimate of how much total pollution a rich nation has produced since 1800. Then, compare that total pollution amount (probably in gigatons of carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide) to how much every other rich developed nation has produced since 1800.

That calculation would give you a proportional amount of climate change damage that particular developed nation has produced in relation to every other rich developed nation. This calculation would then be used to determine how much would be paid by that rich developed nation to the undeveloped nations.

It is long past overdue for undeveloped nations harmed by climate change (which has been caused almost entirely by rich developed nations) to stop asking (begging) for financial crumbs and start taking the huge lawsuit judgments they deserve using every traditional and creative worldwide litigation avenue.

F. all indigenous, native, and First Nations peoples fighting the pollution and other toxic effects of the cartel on their lands and homes worldwide.

G. every media outlet covering worldwide climate change litigation and international climate conferences like the regular IPCC COP conferences.

H. the big environmental groups and climate change educational groups worldwide.

If they don't stop using fossil fuel-manipulated climate information, they will unknowingly keep promoting the current IPCC's grossly underestimated (30-60% underestimated) climate change consequences, timeframes, and climate change solutions. Wealthy environmental groups should also consider sponsoring class action lawsuits against the cartel to defend the area of the environment most closely associated with their mission.

I. mid-sized law firms seeking new business opportunities or specializing in class action lawsuits. Mid-sized law firms usually haven't accepted cases from fossil fuel cartel companies, which would make them ineligible to bring a case against the cartel. Midsize law firms are always looking for new opportunities for justice where the wrongdoer has deep financial reserves and the case itself will get much local or even national publicity.

J. your local, state, and national politicians and related agency heads who already believe that climate change is real. Now, they also need to understand what the global fossil fuel cartel is doing and how its disinformation has made fools of them. 

While forwarding this article to your politicians, be sure to demand that they also pass the needed new climate change laws and take other legal actions against the global fossil fuel cartel described in this article. Demand your climate change accepting politicians explain their actions to resolve the Climate Change Double Dilemma (described previously).

Your local state and national politicians do not want to find themselves on the wrong side of history as wave after wave of worsening climate change consequences rips across the world, and the term Climate Change Global Holocaust begins appearing more often in the media.

If your local, state, or national politicians ignore you or do not "wake up" to the global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation about the insane current climate change threat level, then we strongly recommend you use the creative legal and peaceful protest tactics found on this page.

K. the world's climate change activists, who also can help get this article and Climate Justice Now program to all other individuals, businesses, and local, state, and national government agencies who have already experienced the expensive and devastating climate change consequences and are struggling to pay those damages caused by the global fossil fuel cartel's reckless regard for human life, health, and property. They need to understand what has happened to them is the result of the continuous intentional actions of the cartel over the last 40 years. They need to protect their taxpayers from having to pay the bill for the cartel's criminal actions.

There is already over $100 billion in claimed damages in over 2,000 lawsuits against the cartel. Eventually, the cartel will have to pay trillions of dollars, and many law firms will be willing to help the cartel's victims be made whole once again.

Insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide are aggressively canceling all climate change medium to high-risk policies because climate change is not an act of God or an accident, and they will not let themselves go bankrupt from rising costs caused directly by the products of the fossil fuel cartel. The only places left that cartel climate victims can be made whole and get restitution for the cartel's crimes and damages to their lives, homes, and businesses will be in the courts. 

Also, get this article to individuals concerned about the damaging mass migrations going on worldwide so that they understand the real cause of these climate change-driven mass migrations and the conflicts they produce is the global fossil fuel cartel. And finally and most importantly...

L. all law firms and government agency attorneys or attorney generals currently involved in private or public lawsuits with fossil fuel-related companies (especially law firms specializing in class action lawsuits involved in helping climate victims get millions of dollars in restitution for climate change damages.) 

These public and private attorneys and solicitors are the new heroes of the climate change emergency movement. Please write them personal letters thanking them for their courage. Some of these attorneys will soon become household names as the number and size of the judgments against the fossil fuel cartel rise. Some of them may parlay their highly public success against the cartel into new political positions.

When you write them, always ask them NEVER to seal any evidence or case records in any cartel settlement so everyone else can use those public records to forward their cases. The cartel is well financed, and only by keeping all of the evidence unsealed and public can individuals, small businesses, and small local governments afford to fight the cartel on a more level playing field. With those unsealed evidence and trial transcripts maintained, the litigation scales are better balanced, and "David" can take on "Goliath" in a fair litigation fight.

Today, thousands of individual and class action lawsuits against the cartel are happening worldwide. It is time for the worldwide lawyers and local, state, and national attorney generals for those victims and government agencies to not only prove in the courtrooms the cartel's continuous bad faith intent and many ongoing illegal actions over 40 years designed solely to prevent or slow:

a. any fossil fuel reductions from being enacted in law.

b. any legitimate climate change solutions from being taken seriously or enacted. And 

c. the world's citizens from understanding the true nature of the danger the cartel's fossil fuel products upon their lives, businesses, communities, and nations.

If you know of any law firms who are also suing any of the global fossil fuel cartel companies, please let us know so we can add them to our master list below.)



Step 2: Stop using the fossil fuel conflict of interest ridden 30-60% grossly underestimated IPPC Summary Climate Change Reports and turn all IPCC COP climate conferences into a climate change shocking "wake up"global education event by doing the following:

Or, Why the COP 28 International climate conference was a total disaster.

The first thing this conference has to stop doing is using the fossil fuel conflict-of-interest-ridden 30-60% grossly underestimated IPPC Summary Climate Change Reports.

The second thing that needs to happen is to turn any future IPCC COP climate conferences into a climate change shocking "wake up"global education event by doing the following:

A. demanding that the IPCC use the correct climate sensitivity amount and immediately redo all of its 30-60% underestimated climate change consequence severity and timeframe calculations and its global fossil fuel reduction calculations and target dates. (For verification on the decades-long 30-60% gross underestimation of climate consequence severity and timelines and correct global fossil fuel reduction amounts required by the IPCC, see this page and its climate research and links.)

For decades, the IPCC has been using a fossil fuel-favoring grossly underestimated climate sensitivity amount. See this article for a full explanation of why this climate sensitivity underestimation by the IPCC is so critical to your future survival and why new IPCC summary reports must be re-calculated with the correct climate sensitivity amount and reissued immediately! And,

The IPCC's gross underestimation of climate sensitivity in its summary reports has some powerful, immediate impacts:

1. The world's citizens, governments, corporations, and media must demand that the IPCC's latest climate change summary report is immediately re-done and re-issued using the correct climate sensitivity constant, that all other known errors and omissions are also fixed, and that all fossil fuel favorable conflicts of interest are removed. Until this corrected new climate change summary report is issued, we strongly recommend discounting everything in the existing uncorrected report by 60%.

This IPCC underestimation crisis means that IPCC-predicted climate consequences can be viewed as being 60% worse than we are being told and will arrive 60% sooner than the IPCC has predicted. This underestimation crisis also means that the IPPC calculations for global fossil fuel calculations are 60% too little and must be achieved 60% sooner than the current IPCC fossil fuel reduction deadlines. (Please see this page, which summarizes the many decades of severe IPCC underestimation issues, critical calculation issues and omissions, and other IPCC methods to "cook" and distort the climate change calculations to allow the global fossil fuel cartel to continue selling even more fossil fuel amounts and avoid meaningful government regulations to reduce global fossil fuel use.)

If the IPCC does not immediately re-issue corrected climate change summary reports resolving its known conflict of interest, underestimation, and other issues, then the IPCC must be bypassed and discarded as a credible, trusted source of climate change information. Then, to get honest climate information to corporations, governments, the media, and the world's citizens, a new climate change research authority must be created independent of all fossil fuel or governmental conflicts of interest.

2. Because the IPCC's Climate Change Summary Reports have been widely, conclusively, and repeatedly shown by numerous peer-reviewed climate studies to be grossly underestimated by 60% and additionally politically compromised by fossil fuel interests having undue influence over the IPCC, any corporation or government who has used (or continues to use) the IPCC's Climate Change Summary Reports has a severe legal liability exposure in any climate change risk disclosures used in any of their purchase agreements, insurance policies, investment disclosures, or anywhere else their legal or agency documents discuss climate changes consequence risks. For example, this new liability exposure applies to zoning agencies that have issued future flood plain ratings based on IPCC Summary Report predictions. 

This now means that all corporations and governments that used the IPCC's Climate Change Summary Reports in any of their risk disclosures for property purchases, insurance, investments, etc, must immediately update those disclosures with notices to their clients of the correct new levels of climate risk based on the corrected climate change consequence calculations that are not underestimated by 60%. This climate change-related risk and disclosure update may not shield the corporations and governments from past climate change consequence liabilities because proper due diligence by their chief executives and law firms should have discovered the well-documented and widespread prior challenges to the inaccuracy of IPCC's Summary Reports by the climate change science community.

Maybe you think we are exaggerating about how the fossil fuel cartel has been behaving. If you do, click here to read a shocking article by a trusted investigative global media newspaper that vigorously supports what we are saying about the global fossil fuel cartel. After reading this, you will never doubt that you have been systematically lied to by the cartel and its controlled parties about our actual climate change condition and its real risk and urgency.

The obscene amount of money that the cartel is willing to spend to make you and your politicians "climate change stupid" (described in the link above) makes the cigarette companies' expenditures look like a child's piggy bank.

B. calling attention to and focusing on the fossil fuel cartel's crimes against humanity and our biological systems.

C. calling for thousands of new worldwide lawsuits against the fossil fuel cartel where the cartel is held liable for full financial restitution for all the climate change damages its products and actions have caused.

What better time to call the world's attention to the crimes of the cartel and initiate more lawsuits to collect restitution for climate damages against the cartel? In fact, every media opportunity and climate conference that occurs going forward should be considered another opportunity to encourage all of the victims of climate change consequences to sue the fossil fuel cartel for financial restitution and publicly charge them for their ongoing crimes against humanity.

D. if you plan on going to any future IPCC climate conference, boycott them until the IPCC reissues its climate change summary reports re-calculated with the correct climate sensitivity amount.

Fossil fuel cartel members like the Emirates are not good-faith partners. We recommend these actions for everyone except those:

a. attending any future COP event to either report on or document the fossil fuel cartel's bad faith Machiavellian efforts to co-opt or control the climate change educational movement, their disinformation, their crimes against humanity, or to promote climate damage restitution lawsuits against the cartel.

b. seeing it as the best annual chance to publicly register and spread the climate change restitution demands of the developing world, which has been useful in forwarding climate change justice. The undeveloped world, in general, is and will suffer more climate change consequences than almost any other area.

If climate activists attend any IPCC COP or other international climate conferences, we hope they will vigorously educate those who do not yet understand the global fossil fuel cartel is not a good faith partner or legitimate sponsor of climate change education or legitimate climate change regulation because of what they have done for the last 40 years, are doing now, and will continue to do.



Beyond what has already been said in this article, here is a short list of reasons to either boycott future IPCC COP conferences or create a new annual Global Climate Change Forum where truly independent climate scientists, researchers, NGOs, think tanks, and activists can meet to speak "climate truth to power" and where the global fossil fuel cartel and its cronies will be excluded.

Here is why:

1. The cartel's infiltration of the environmental and climate change movements is widespread. This bad faith infiltration is designed to secretly and slowly co-opt the missions of these organizations and dilute and distort their climate change messages so the cartel can continue "business as usual" and keep selling even more fossil fuels for longer.

2. Naively optimistic green environmental staff and organizations have not yet learned the painful evolutionary lesson that not all cooperation and partnering is good. Legitimate cooperation is only wise cooperation with actual win/win outcomes and balanced reciprocal benefits.

Many hopeful and desperate climate activists who will attend IPCC COP conferences will look directly into the eyes of lavishly paid cartel executives, lobbyists, PR firm staff, shilling climate think tank staff and believe that their nice-sounding, very agreeable statements or that their fake negotiations are factual and can be relied upon when the whole purpose of these cartel personnel being there is to control the fossil fuel reduction message by subtly diluting it, delaying, it confusing it, or killing it. They seem to forget that for some nations, fossil fuel sales are the only or main income they have. Allowing anyone to require them not to sell as much fossil fuel would be unthinkable.

They can not go home to their cartel's bosses and expect to get paid (remember, the fossil fuel cartel is all about money) if they do not tell their bosses that they once again got the results of diluting, delaying, confusing, or killing the "radical global fossil fuel reductions now" message with more disinformation or other near invisible thwarting tactics. They can never let the genuine climate change radical fossil fuel reduction message go public. They must hide the correct global fossil fuel reductions of about 75% to meet the 2025 targets, or far more than half of the post-2050 surviving population not already condemned to death because of past fossil fuel tactics will also die.

These naive, optimistic, or uninformed activists will continue to believe that everything is going well when the cartel's personnel are smiling at them with their eyes shining. But their happy, cooperative appearance only means the cartel's personnel are laughing at the gullible activists and mentally counting their lavish next cartel bonuses.

3. Unfortunately, many environmental and climate organizations have also wrongly equated lavish cash sponsorships and huge donations from cartel members with true climate change progress. (True progress means immediate, radical global fossil fuel reductions to meet the 2025 global targets now at about 75% because they have been missed for decades.) 

4. Recent cartel internal projection reports on future global fossil fuel production indicate that the global fossil fuel cartel fully expects to sell considerably MORE fossil fuel globally in 2050 than it is now. If that is not the precise dictionary definition of bad faith and a bad faith partner for a COP conference, I do not know what is. And,

5. Of course, no cartel member would ever give the environmental and climate change educational movements any cash if those nonprofit organizations demanded a genuine wise win/win partnership and that the global fossil fuel cartel fully comply with the real 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

6. And finally, there is a famous quote by Golda Meyer, one of the co-founders of the state of Israel, that truly has applicability in this situation. She said, "You cannot negotiate with someone who is coming to kill you."



After understanding everything in our 3 climate justice articles, it would be far beyond being only a climate change conference farce if legitimate climate change researchers and climate organizations went to future COP conferences thinking it will make a difference. 

But if they go to future COP conferences to call attention to the cartel's crimes and the need for thousands more worldwide lawsuits and restitution awards for climate damages or turn what the COP into a highly public global indictment of the fossil fuel cartel that was also extensively covered in the international media, that truly would be a worthy goal.



Step 3: The climate emergency is not going well. Individuals, businesses, and nations must preserve themselves by beginning their climate change emergency preparations, adaptations, and resiliency-building programs.

The why is simple. If you do not survive, you will not be around to help fix this escalating climate nightmare.

Step two is surprising for many people. This surprise save-yourself action is necessary because:

1. The cartel's 40 years of actions to delay and prevent any fossil fuel reductions have caused the soon-arriving next wave of climate change consequences (2025-2031) to be deadly, horrendous, and unavoidable.

2. The reason to save-yourself is similar to what occurs on an airplane if there's an ongoing emergency. In an airline emergency, you are told to put on your oxygen mask first before trying to help your children or anyone else. That way, you can preserve yourself and your abilities to manage the emergency better and help others. 

By getting emergency prepared and adapted for what is coming, you are among the few progressives who genuinely understand the severity and urgency of the climate change emergency. By getting prepared, you will be around far longer to help manage the causes of the climate change emergency and deal with its many consequences! 

This "save yourself" action will give the many worldwide progressives the additional time, freedom, and ability to build the resources and resilience to survive the remaining long battle to slow down escalating climate change enough to help prevent humanity's near-total extinction.

If many progressives worldwide can survive the climate change extinction emergency, there will be a higher probability that after widespread climate collapse, progressive values like equality, sustainability, and justice will take root and become a new foundation for a better world for ALL.

3. There is no more time cushion or time left to delay these climate change emergency get-prepared actions. The fossil fuel cartel also stole your precious slow preparation time. Click here to see why the climate is going to be so much worse from 2025-2031.

Because of ever-rising heat and accelerating climate change, extreme weather consequences like rain bombs, droughts, etc., there will be far more lowered crop yields and crop failures. This increasing crop-sensitive extreme weather will lead to soaring food prices and mass starvation. This mass starvation will then lead to the mass migrations of hundreds of millions of people, leading to ever-increasing global border and resource conflicts. (Click here for the step-by-step details on how the global fossil fuel cartel enabled and facilitated global climate catastrophe will unfold.)

One non-profit organization that is on the cutting edge and will help you prepare your home, business, or community for the next wave of the climate change nightmare is Climatesafe Villages. It provides open access for all to its critical climate change emergency preparation, adaptation, and resilience-building information. Click here or the image below to learn more about ClimateSafe Villages.


Step 4: Have the world's political leaders create verifiable, and enforceable national and international climate laws and treaties with clear violation punishments.

This will take more time to achieve, but we must:

a. achieve the honest 2025 global fossil fuel reductions in time to save us from extinction. These laws will include government-enforced fossil fuel rationing. (There would be a necessary temporary exception for the world's military and police forces to maintain order while they convert their fossil fuel vehicles to green energy sources.) 

We will need to eliminate all fossil fuel sources until we reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases back to the safe carbon level of carbon 270-350 ppm, which had existed for hundreds of thousands of years before the fossil fuel-powered Industrial Revolution began. (We are currently at about carbon 423 ppm. Click here for all new climate laws needed.)



b. rapidly remove ALL government fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks from all fossil fuel energy generation and supply industries.

c. incentivize full fossil fuel divestment from the dying global fossil fuel cartel.

d. increase the tax rates on all global fossil fuel cartel profits.

e. mandate laws that the fossil fuel cartel and related corporations pay for all environmental and health damages caused by their products and their 40 years of actions to thwart global fossil fuel use reductions. (If these laws are not passed soon, our governments and, ultimately, their citizens will have to pay for these damages as worldwide insurance companies abandon all policies covering damages from climate change consequences.)

f. initiate legal actions that ensure sufficiently severe legal and financial punishments for all politicians, fossil fuel senior executives, and fossil fuel cartel lobbying firms, think tanks, public relations firms, media firms, investment firms, and any majority stockholders that help to create, promote or continue the climate change emergency or hindered its resolution.

Fossil fuel senior executives or those who control them must be held primarily liable in national and International court actions for their most severe and heinous crimes against humanity and crimes against the biosphere because of:

1. their toxic products 

2. their 40 years of actions to prevent global fossil fuel reductions or,

3. their continuing to violate the new national and international climate change reduction laws and treaties or, 

4. their acts in any future way that would slow or hinder the legally mandated implementation of all new global climate change reduction laws.

g. Ensure a fair legal process to determine the individuals and companies most responsible for all global climate change damages and losses. This fairness process must be part of our first principles for true climate change justice. For example, when you are looking over all of the things we need to do to stop the life-destroying actions of the global fossil fuel cartel below, remember that we must also identify and take care of the innocent fossil fuel industry employees and other related employees who did not know of, approve, or engage in the Machiavellian cartel actions listed above.

The funds raised from the court's legal repayment and punishment actions described below will go to many areas (described on this page). Still, one of the most critical areas for funding is caring for non-senior executives working within the global fossil fuel cartel-related industries, eventually losing their jobs. We must use part of the funds collected below for national and international non-fossil fuel industry job transition training, support, and recovery. There must be help and support for everyone below the senior fossil fuel executives and related company executives whose livelihoods will be hurt by the required, sudden, and radical reductions in global fossil fuel use and the other actions listed below. 


Step 5: If you are or you know of witnesses to the global fossil fuel cartel's crimes, read the following.

There is now a worldwide Climate Change WhistleBlower support organization helping to surface and protect old and new witnesses willing to speak to the media and in trial courts about the many past and ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel. If you are a witness or know a witness, please connect them to the following group or to your local criminal and legal authorities.

For the Climate WhistleBlowers Website, click here. (Laura Paquemar is a Project officer at Climate Whistleblowers.)


Additional actions that also should be done after focusing on the before-mentioned critical actions

a. Demand that the International Criminal Court begin and expand new legal actions against global fossil fuel cartel members and its senior or controlling or managing executives.

There have never been crimes against humanity and all biological life on Earth planet close to the scale of what is being perpetrated by the global fossil fuel cartel. If prosecuting the global fossil fuel cartel members does not fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, what in God's name does, and why do they even exist?

Climate change cases against the global fossil fuel cartel should fall within the International Criminal Court's (ICC) jurisdiction. Legal actions against the cartel are within the ICC's jurisdiction because of:

a. the ongoing intentional crimes against humanity by the cartel and,

b. because of the ongoing deadly results of its products, which continue to kill at least 10 million people annually.

This page and some of the evidence listed further below in the evidence section document and demonstrate the global fossil fuel cartel's ongoing crimes against humanity and other ongoing international crimes. 

b. Sign two petitions to stop the ongoing insanity of the global fossil fuel cartel and pass the needed new laws:

1. Click here to sign the Job One for Humanity climate change extinction emergency petition to get our politicians to enact the needed new fossil fuel regulations.

2. Click here to sign the Action Network petition to get more national and state-by-state government agencies suing the global fossil fuel cartel for the damages it has and is continuing to cause. 


c. Demand the United Nations establish a fundamental new international human right of Climate Asylum. This right would exist for any individual who has been displaced by the consequences of climate change, which has been primarily caused by northern developing nations worldwide. 

Climate Asylum would allow any individual to migrate from any country harmed by climate change to one not experiencing the same level of climate change consequences. The poor and underdeveloped nations must lead the push at the United Nations to get the right of climate asylum recognized as a universal and fundamental human right.

Climate Asylum must become a primary new tenant of the climate justice movement. Click here to see how this new international right of Climate Asylum will significantly benefit those countries taking in climate migrants (aka climagees).

d. All environmental groups, climate activists, and media stop using the term climate change by itself and start using the terms climate change extinction emergency, climate change global holocaust, or global heating extinction emergency.

Click here for the four most critical reasons why we must do this now to defeat one of the cartel's earliest climate change confusion-generating tactics. After the four reasons, there is also a pledge you can sign regarding making the language change. 

e. mandate new laws that all non-fossil-fuel-divested businesses, individuals, and nations also be held co-liable for financial restitution for all climate change damages caused by the global fossil fuel cartel as ongoing co-conspirators. 

This page contains a list of law firms that may be able to help the many worldwide victims of climate change. New lawsuits immediately start the process of removing all profit from cartel wrongdoing. Eventually and hopefully soon, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, its related companies, its senior executives, and its associated enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change extinction emergency than previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts. This page also contains essential information about climate change damage restitution lawsuits.



Here are the Evidence Submissions for the Cartel Public Trial Page

Click here for the master list of evidence and documentation for the global fossil fuel cartel jury trial and for ongoing litigation against the global fossil fuel cartel. We just moved this page because it is expanding quickly.


Click Here Now if You Are Ready to Vote if the Global Fossil fuel Cartel is Guilty of Causing Climate change and Financially Responsible for all Climate change Loss and Damage.


Notes for the Climate Justice Now Program 

Never forget, suing the global fossil fuel cartel members for your climate damages or telling others to sue will help to save humanity from mass extinction by helping to prevent humanity's crossing the last chance atmospheric carbon 450 ppm (parts per million) tipping point. (This page thoroughly explains this last chance for humanity to stay below the carbon 450 ppm tipping point.)

Other notes:

1. This editorial article results from creative suggestions by Barry Gander and Dan Hardy's climate research opinions. The Job One climate change research team and numerous other climate researchers and activists outside of Job One (who wish to remain anonymous) have also significantly contributed to the final opinions, editing, and materials in the Climate Justice Now program. 

We again ask crowd-sourced worldwide individuals concerned about the climate change emergency and the crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel to let us know if you see ways we can improve our online cartel trial or our Climate Justice Now program. If you see any errors or missing essential information, email your suggestions to ([email protected]).

Please also feel free to comment under the articles and always keep sending this article to anyone harmed by the cartel's accelerating climate change consequences. 

2. In some ways, one has to admire the twisted and dark brilliance of the world's wealthiest cartel hiring the best lobbyists, best public relations firms, and other super-talented influence-wielding team members that money can buy to dumb down the whole world concerning the honest facts of climate change while simultaneously thwarting any regulation effort to reduce its ability to spew ever more toxic greenhouse gas pollution into our atmosphere.

The global fossil fuel cartel has successfully spent the last 40 years making it nearly impossible for the world's citizens to understand the real dangers they face from accelerating climate change. At the same time, the fossil fuel cartel has made it impossible for our politicians to enact honest and effective fossil fuel reductions or other critical fossil fuel cartel regulations involving cartel financial liability for their products and 40 years of disinformation.

If that is not an absolutely brilliant two-tiered strategy executed with near-unlimited funds, I don't know what could be better or more effective. The cartel has disempowered average citizens at the bottom with little political power and deactivated and compromised politicians at the top with near-absolute power.

The global fossil fuel cartel has corrupted human society's critical and necessary corrective processes by making it impossible for the general population to rationally look at correct climate change facts while simultaneously inhibiting our politicians from acting to protect the common well-being. The cartel has brilliantly made it so that "the people can't think accurately about climate change, and the politicians can't act."

Congratulations to the global fossil fuel cartel and its minions. They have not only doomed billions of us to unimaginable financial losses, suffering, and death, but they have also mindlessly condemned themselves and their children to the exact same eventual climate change consequence-driven fate.

And finally, don't forget that global climate change consequences costs are already so high that insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide are rapidly canceling their insurance policies in any climate change medium to high-risk areas at the fastest rates in insurance history. That means if the insurance companies do not pay for climate change, you will pay directly or through higher taxes unless the cartel is made to pay. See this article then this article for more about increasing insurance cancellations.

3. When we say villain, we speak of wrong or evil actions caused by greed or ignorance. Each reader has to decide whether it is one or the other, or both.

4. Job One never takes donations or consulting work from the global fossil fuel cartel or its related companies because of reasons found in the article.

5. If humanity is uncharacteristically climate change lucky, it may have until as late as 2031 to make the radical fossil fuel reductions needed to save most of the other half of humanity post-2050.

6. This article is provided as an open-access service by Job One for Humanity, a 100% publicly funded, independent, and not-for-profit climate change think tank, always speaking the uncensored climate facts to power. Click here for more about this not-for-profit organization and its climate research and analysis processes.

7. The Job One organization that has published these pages unequivocally endorses only lawful legal processes and peaceful protest actions.

8. We strongly recommend watching The Earth 2100 video by ABC TV because it is even truer today than in 2009. This ABC TV video also helps explain why ClimateSafe Villages exist, and it does so considerably easier than all the climate science links on the Job One website. It may send a chill through your whole being. Please share it with anyone you know who is seriously concerned about climate change and their future. 

To watch the spellbinding Earth 2100 ABC TV video, go to

Here are a few of the 2009 ABC video limitations and inaccuracies and a few 2023 climate updates

Over half of the above video's climate change timeframe and consequence predictions are relatively accurate. But many other critical consequences and timeframes are underestimated by as much as 30 to 60%. We suspect ABC TV was using the widely available climate science funded or influenced by the well-funded global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation campaigns. The following is part of what needs to be updated regarding this 2009 ABC video:

a. Most of what the ABC video says will happen by 2100 will probably be happening between 2060 and 2070. 

b. ABC did get very close to James Hanson's research, where he said once humanity crosses the carbon 386 parts per million in the atmosphere level, global warming becomes runaway global warming. That occurred in 2015. (Hansen is one of the world's most respected climate change researchers.)

c. At the end of the video, where ABC proposes climate change solutions, they are far from being in the correct priority sequence, and those ABC solutions will not save humanity in time from the worst climate change consequences! This ABC climate solution error is critical because they assert that our lives could be better by 2050 if we did the solutions they recommend. If we follow their suggestions, half the world's population will die by 2050. (See the documentation section below for the correct solutions governments must enact.)

Their proposed climate solutions are also tech and Wall Street finance-friendly. The idea we will "invest our way out of this crisis" is nonsense and shows they do not understand the honest climate change timeframes and consequences. We have to radically cut fossil fuels right now to have any hope of having even a much smaller portion of humanity surviving. Climate change "business as usual" means we will cross more extinction-level climate change tipping points from 2025-2031. 

d. Nowhere in the ABC climate solutions do they call for sacrifice for our own families and future generations.

e. More 2023 climate change updates are on our website.

f. The ABC TV video is also great because it visually helps many understand why so many other individuals are waking up to their climate change-driven future and facing why they must immediately start preparing, adapting, and building climate change resilience in their homes, businesses, and communities. 

9. And almost as comic relief, we recommend watching Kingsman: The Secret Service. It is about a wealthy billionaire megalomaniac enlisting the other ultra-wealthy who want to deal with a runaway climate change global heating emergency by intentionally wiping out most of humanity. In a manner of poetic justice, this movie will show how well that "1% versus the 99%" survival strategy works for the 1% trying to save themselves from an endless cascading convergence of climate catastrophes.

10. For argument's sake, let's assume that sooner or later, your politicians will act to radically cut their national global fossil fuel use, but unfortunately, there is another huge problem. There is nothing to guarantee that other nations will do the same. Those non-agreeing nations could even capture a considerable competitive advantage over nations who do reduce their fossil fuel use if they hold out and do not reduce their national fossil fuel use.

This is the essence of our current evolutionary tragedy. Humanity has not yet evolved a global governing body with the power to make and enforce global laws and punish nation-state violators. Contemporary evolutionary theory indicates that competitive human groups will unite with other competitive groups only when there is an exterior threat to both groups so profound and overwhelming that their survival is at stake if they do not cooperate and unite.

The petrifying amount of global fossil fuel cartel-caused deaths since the 1800s and projected until 2050 of more than 3 and 1/5 billion leads us to another wild but theoretically applicable question with global evolutionary implications:

"If an alien force was attacking Earth and their weapons could reach every nation, and it was obvious that hundreds of millions, if not billions, would die --- if they were not quickly defeated, do you think the nations of the world would finally put aside their competitive positions and unite as one world fighting force to fight and deal with the alien attack?"

Paradoxically and ironically, we are now facing the same kind of all-but-certain mass deaths (of half the human population by 2050) because of:

1. one for-profit cartel's insane greed and actions,

2. the 223 years of the accumulated toxic and heat-generating consequences of their products on our shared atmosphere. 

Worse yet, if we do not make radical global fossil fuel reductions and come close to the 2025 global targets, many post-2050 human survivors will likely die. 

Are not the accelerating climate change extinction consequences every bit as much of a global threat to every nation and every person as powerful hostile aliens attacking the Earth? Are not the consequences of the climate change emergency affecting ALL of Earth no different than the dangers of alien weapons capable of decimating any area of Earth?

What will it finally take for this jury and humanity to take the next evolutionary steps? Will we come together as one united planet and finally execute climate change justice to save ourselves before it is too late? Or, will we wait to make the required changes until we have experienced the greatest possible trauma in human history of three-plus billion preventable deaths and widespread global collapse? 

11. As we cut fossil fuels, worldwide military and police forces would be exempt from fossil fuel reductions to maintain order during that difficult transition

12. More about the Job One climate change thing tank and its research and analysis methodology, click here.

13. Click here for more about the Climatesafe Villages nonprofit organization. It provides open-access information for climate change emergency preparation, adaptation, and resilience-building actions for homes, businesses, and communities. Click here or the image below to learn more about ClimateSafe Villages.


14. Click here for the Job One Climate Change Plan B.  It wisely deals with the reality that the global fossil fuel cartel has already put the survival of humanity at extreme risk. It contains emergency preparation, adaptation, resilience-building actions, and all the other things we and our governments must do before it is too late to save much of humanity.


15. Watch and share this new video on who is the real perpetrator of climate change by clicking the image below. In just its first months, it had almost 5,500 views.



16. In the link below are ten honest and crucial climate change facts the global fossil fuel cartel is currently hiding from you. Now that you understand the fossil fuel cartel's hidden climate change propagation role, it is time to discover the ten uncensored climate change emergency facts the global fossil fuel cartel NEVER wants you to know! Click here for the ten most critical climate facts.


17. This page contains a list of law firms that may be able to help the many worldwide victims of climate change. New lawsuits immediately start the process of removing all profit from cartel wrongdoing. Eventually and hopefully soon, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, its related companies, its senior executives, and its associated enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change extinction emergency than previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts. This page also contains essential information about climate change damage restitution lawsuits.

18. Will our global politicians make the tough decisions to enact the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions to save at least as much of post-2050 humanity as possible? The research team at Job One doubts it. Politicians know that with such an unpopular and hated decision, their time in office would be over quickly.



There is also the position that politicians in the wealthy, developed northern nations might decide to reduce fossil fuels to the correct 2025 targets. But only after they seal their borders tightly to prevent mass migration into their nations and while quietly and privately justifying their position with the rationalization that most people would be dying would be from poor, undeveloped southern nations and not their citizens.

We believe that it is far more likely most politicians will once again "kick the climate change emergency "can" down the road until they are out of office and have preserved their well-paying jobs and pensions for as long as possible. Most politicians have been fossil fuel disinformation compromised in one way or another. In addition to the steady stream of "authoritative appearing" climate change disinformation, the cartel has provided most of our politicians with lavish campaign financing and other lobbyist-delivered official and unofficial, likely off-the-books perks.

Most of our politicians will believe the self-serving fossil fuel cartel's disinformation and think that only distant future generations suffer. Quite conveniently, they will be long gone from office by that time. Most politicians erroneously believe the worst climate consequences will occur decades from now, and they and their families will not suffer any personal or political consequences. 

To help justify and rationalize their grossly negligent climate change inaction, our politicians will carefully examine their climate change public opinion surveys, which have also been strongly influenced by decades of the same cartel disinformation programs. In these cartel disinformation-distorted public opinion surveys, they will see a large percentage of their constituents believe that climate change is a hoax, that the horrible climate consequences are many decades away (sometime after 2100, or that new technologies will save us at the last minute anyway so we do not have to make big fossil fuel cuts now.

A famous quote by the American humorist and author Mark Twain speaks volumes to this additional disinformation quagmire that the cartel has created within our politicians; 

"It is hard to teach a man something that his livelihood depends upon not knowing." Mark Twain

18. Please also consider and think about what the cartel has done in one more completely new way. Consider for a moment that you also have been secretly subjected to a 40-year-long global geoengineering experiment that no government has ever authorized. 

This secret geoengineering program is doing exactly what geoengineering programs are designed to do: they alter the global atmosphere, weather, oceans, or other critical Earth systems and conditions essential for ALL life to continue to existWorse yet, this secret geoengineering experiment is being conducted solely to increase the cartel's business profits. 

This geoengineering experiment has occurred because of decades of the cartel pumping toxic carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide into our atmosphere. But the most shocking evil here is that the creators of this geoengineering experiment have known for 40 years that their experimental geoengineering of our atmosphere would eventually cause billions of deaths and the extinction of thousands of biological species.

Therefore, unless we all also begin to see the cartel's despicable actions from the applicable new perspective of the cartel running a secret, unauthorized, and wildly dangerous geoengineering experiment, the cartel will continue its insane, greed-fueled mass extinction experiment until almost everything on Earth is dead.

19. As the reader, you are also a jury member of the cartel trial found on this page. If you did not vote yet on the cartel's guilt, you are asked to vote using an online survey form. Click here to vote guilty or not guilty if the perpetrator of climate change is causing the climate change emergency; the damages climate change has caused, and the crimes against humanity, as presented in the trial above.

Below are links to the various parts of the Climate Justice Now program

The Climate Justice Now Program Overview Page:

Click here for this quick overview of the 3 parts of the Climate Justice Now program. It covers the gold of the program and why the program is critical at this moment in climate change history.

The Climate Justice Action Page 1: 

Click here for Part 1, which is an online public trial of the perpetrators of climate change and their shocking crimes against humanity over the last 4-6 decades.

It is a must-read for even hardened climate change activists and researchers because it lays out the full spectrum of serious crimes committed by the perpetrators of climate change, many of which have never been seen before.

The Climate Change Trial Evidence Page 2a:

Click here for the master list of evidence and documentation for the global fossil fuel cartel jury trial found on the page above.

The Climate Change Trial Evidence Page 2:

Click here for the master list of evidence and documentation for the global fossil fuel cartel jury trial found on the page above.

The Climate Change Law Firm Listing and Law Suit Tips Page 3:

Click here for a list of law firms that may be able to help the many worldwide victims of climate change. Simply because it directly and immediately starts removing all profit from cartel wrongdoing. Eventually and hopefully soon, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, related companies, senior executives, and associated enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change extinction emergency than previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts.


We are actively recruiting new volunteers worldwide to work specifically on promoting the Climate Justice Now program and its actions. Click here to become a volunteer in the Climate Justice Now program and help forward the justice actions described on this page and throughout the Climate Justice Now pages.


Click Here to Get Free Alerts When We Receive New Anti-Cartel Evidence or Adverse Cartel Judgments or New Law Firms or Governmental Agents Who Have New Climate Change Damage Litigation Against the Global Fossil Fuel Cartel or its Members.

You will Also Receive Free Climate Change Consequence Alerts and Climate Science Updates!


The above opinion page is provided by the Job One Research and Analysis team.


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