Why is "Thwaites" the MONSTER Climate Tipping Point Everyone Always Needs to Be Watching?

Everyone should pay very close attention every time they hear the word "Thwaites" in the news. Thwaites is the name of the Thwaites "doomsday glacier" in Antarctica. It is the size of England or Florida and near its very dangerous tipping point.




When the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapses, global climate consequences will worsen rapidly. The Thwaites collapse will quickly raise the sea level worldwide by about 2-3 feet.

This sea level rise will occur far faster than we humans can adapt. 

Worse yet, after the Thwaites glacier collapses, the glaciers behind it, now securely sitting on top of an Antarctic mountain range, will begin sliding off those mountains into the sea. These other glaciers sliding into the sea will raise the global sea level by another 7-10 feet. 

When one understands the consequences of the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapse below, one will grasp the unheard-of scale and scope of the global economic, social, and political turmoil that will soon be occurring.



Humanity's biggest question: How soon will the Thwaites Doomsday Glacier collapse into the sea?

A new article in the Smithsonian magazine predicted the Thwaites glacier could collapse irreversibly as soon as 3 to 5 years from 2022. Because glacier scientists have recently developed new measuring tools, procedures, and methodologies, they hope to get an even more accurate collapse date soon.

Getting this date right as soon as possible is critical because the speed at which huge pieces of this Florida-sized glacier are already breaking off (known as calving) is rapidly increasing. For example, the Thwaites glacier calving process has increased by six times over the last 30 years.


How fast will the first 2-3 feet of sea level rise once the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapses into the sea?

The first foot of sea level rise will likely occur by about 2030 or sooner. The additional and certain 1-2 feet of global sea level rise from the Thwaites collapse will likely occur over the next decade or sooner. (The science for telling us a more precise date range for how soon ALL of the Thwaites glacier ice will melt {once it is entirely in the ocean} is still being refined.) 

How bad will the consequences get when the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapses?

When Thwaites collapses and it melts fully in the oceans, the eventual 2-3 foot sea level rise will cause a massive migration away from the coasts and an economic and social crisis.

Humanity will lose hundreds of trillions of dollars in coastal property. This huge loss is because about half of the human population lives in the world's coastal areas, and some of the world's largest and most important cities are on the coasts.



Once the date of the Thwaites glacier collapse is published, the world's largest global sell-off of affected coastal real estate will begin. This will be due to the sea level rise facts of continual extensive flooding over larger and larger areas over the following decades. There will be massive real estate and business losses that will stress to the very edge of collapse even the world's strongest economies. 

When Thwaites fully melts, its 2-3 feet of flooding alone will destroy much of the coastal infrastructure (roads, hospitals, food storage and distribution, sewage and water treatment, medical facilities, port importing and exporting functionality, energy transport or generation, etc.)

Moreover, in the stronger nations, the collapse of Thwaites will trigger a managed retreat from all affected coastal areas over the following decades. This massive managed retreat is inevitable because the continually increasing sea level-driven flooding will be both irreversible and certain (first the Thwaites 2-3 feet, then the 7-10 feet more from the glaciers behind it.) 

Attempting a managed retreat at the massive scale of coastal damage that will be happening will still be completely unmanageable for most of the nations of the world. Because of this widespread unmanageability, there will be unheard of economic, social, and political chaos. (See the map image below of only 2 feet of sea level rise flooding. This will give you an idea of the scale of catastrophe the US alone will try to manage. Unfortunately, this flooding map image does not show what will happen on the west coast of the US or for other costs nations.)

Imagine moving hundreds of millions of people, businesses, and infrastructure in less than a decade or two after the initial Thwaites collapse date. In this global mega-climate catastrophe, governments, emergency services, and charities will rapidly deplete their support resources.

Nations will break under this climate catastrophe's horrendous costs and social stresses. Governments will be forced to radically increase taxes and drastically cut national social programs and safety networks to cover the many trillions of dollars in Thwaites-related climate damages. Eventually, most nations will have to declare martial law and suspend many freedoms and human rights to maintain any semblance of law and order during a catastrophe and emergency of such a widespread and global magnitude.



With only 2- 3 feet of sea-level rise, most of the world's weaker nations and economies will collapse from the cost of the flooding's direct and indirect damages. As many nations collapse, this will create more migration, global conflicts, and related problems.

Take a moment and visualize what happens when the other glaciers irreversibly also slide into the sea after the Thwaites collapse. With an eventual 10-13 total feet of sea level rise, the world decades from now will look nothing like today's world. 

And finally, to add insult to injury, the collapse of the Thwaites glacier and the glaciers behind it will also significantly increase worldwide weather and climate extremes. 

How soon will the other glaciers behind Thwaites slide down the Antarctica mountains into the sea?

Once Thwaites collapses into the sea, the other glaciers sliding off the Antarctica mountains process cannot be stopped. The other glaciers will slide into the sea over an extended period of decades. Many variables still determine the date range for when humanity will have to deal with the additional 7-10 foot sea level rise. 



Why the collapse and full melt dates for the Thwaites doomsday glacier (and the glaciers behind it) are the world's most valuable information?

The Thwaites collapse and major global climate tipping point is why governments, militaries, intelligence agencies, hedge funds, investment bankers, and many other ultra-wealthy entities are racing to find out exactly how many years are left before Thwaites finally collapses into the sea. 

Accordingly, finding the most accurate collapse date has become the world's most valuable information. This is true because of the resulting loss of life and the loss of hundreds of trillions of dollars in property, not to mention what the mass migration of billions of people will do to the political, economic, and social stability of even the strongest nations.

When the next more accurate Thwaites collapse date is determined, our governments (or the wealthy private enterprises sponsoring private research) may not share this date with the general public. This is because of the obvious financial or political advantages.

But, let's hope some independent university researchers get this collapse information first and publish it widely. If the date of the Thwaites collapse is made public, billions of poor people worldwide who will be most affected will have as much warning and preparation time as possible. The collapse date widely known will significantly lower the loss of human life and help reduce the resulting economic, social, and political chaos.)

If you have doubts about the economic, social, and political chaos that the Thwaites collapse will eventually create, please click this link and read about how Thwaites will also intersect and interact with many of the other devastating primary and secondary consequences of the runaway global heating extinction emergency. (Please also note that while the Thwaites climate catastrophe will be global and horrific, it will not bring about humanity's total extinction for the powerful reasons discussed on this page.)




Why share this life-changing climate fact now? 

1. Thwaites is the current most dangerous and imminent climate change consequence and runaway global heating tipping point that will trigger the most severe and certain damage over the largest possible global area in just a few years!

2. It is the climate catastrophe that individuals, businesses, and nations must be prepared for well before the Thwaites rising sea level flooding occurs.

3. When Thwaites does collapse, it will be your last realistic chance to activate your personal climate emergency Plan B before it is too late. Once that collapse date is public knowledge, even though the sea level will not reach the 2-3 foot level for several decades, millions of prudent individuals and investors worldwide will simultaneously start buying safer land, homes, emergency food, and survival supplies, causing unheard-of shortages and soaring prices. 

4. As the soonest, most dangerous climate tipping point and global climate disruptor, Thwaites will radically and quickly change our whole world's current political, economic, and social stability. 



What can you do to prepare for the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapse and crossing this global cataclysmic climate tipping point?

1. While stopping the Thwaites glacier from collapsing is no longer under our control, it may only be after this horrendous global climate cataclysm that the world will take the runaway global heating extinction emergency seriously. Maybe after the Thwaites collapse, our governments will finally start doing something effective to save as much of humanity and our future as is still possible.

2. Maybe after the Thwaites collapse, we will even begin to cooperate internationally and create some form of global climate governance that has the power to make new climate laws, enforce them, and severely punish any climate law violators, no matter in what nation they exist.

3. You can immediately get busy on the Job One for Humanity, Climate Change Plan B. It will help you prepare for what is coming and show you how to stop other severe climate consequences that we can still control.

4. You can push your government to get the urgent climate actions done on this page so that we do not soon cross over more mass extinction accelerating climate tipping points such as those found on this page.

5. You can send this article to your friends and loved ones. (Don't let them get caught unprepared and unknowingly at severe risk.) 

6. Please be sure to also send this article to your local, regional, and national politicians to wake them up to the next major global disruptor and danger of the runaway global heating extinction emergency. (Unfortunately, our politicians and intelligence agencies have thus far failed to inform their nation's citizens of the imminent Thwaites collapse. This gross political failure exposes their nation's unprepared citizens to untold needless suffering, financial loss. and death.)

In Summary

The Thwaites glacier collapse catastrophe described above is why you should tune your ears to any news you may hear about the Thwaites glacier's final collapse timetable. This is especially true now that a new glacier measuring methodology and technology have been developed, allowing those with access to it to discover an even more accurate collapse date. 

1. The sudden collapse of the Thwaites doomsday glacier will be the largest single climate catastrophe ever, and it will be a massive global disruptor of the stability of our economic, social, and political systems.

2. We live in a highly globalized, highly interconnected world. We will painfully learn what that means when the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapses. Not long after the Thwaites collapses, the whole world will simultaneously experience the same devastating and highly disruptive climate consequences.

3. How fast Thwaites melts entirely in the ocean will determine the future quality of life for billions worldwide. (That initial 2 to 3 feet of sea level rise and its consequences do not even consider the additional 7 to 10 feet rise that will occur later.)

4. Hundreds of millions to billions of people with low or no resilience (because of poverty or previous climate catastrophes) will lose their lives because of the direct, indirect, and immediate and long-term consequences of the Thwaites collapse.

5. The many related consequences of the Thwaites doomsday glacier collapse will echo worldwide. It will not matter if you do not live on a coast. Most of humanity will eventually experience many of these interconnected consequences and losses. 

6. Of itself, the Thwaites collapse will not cause ALL of humanity to go extinct. Still, it and our other runaway global heating consequences combined will eventually kill many of us and make existence a living hell for humanity. And finally,

7. They call it the doomsday glacier for a reason! When Thwaites does break off, it is the next major climate cliff. Let's hope you have already begun our Job One for Humanity, Plan B, Parts 1 and 2.

Take a moment and imagine how a steady, certain, several decade-long, 2-3-foot global sea level rise might affect you and your future. Imagine how many of the world's major cities are on coasts.

How will it affect the distribution of the many things you need to buy to live? How will it affect the billions of people (mostly the poor) that will be harmed? How will you deal with the permanently flooded coastal roads, homes, businesses, and lost infrastructure like coastal water and sewage treatment facilities, docks and ports, coastal energy transfer or generation facilities, etc? 

Now imagine what this steady, inevitable, and gargantuan financial loss and massive social and political disruption will do to your own local area, region, or nation. And, never forget that it will take centuries to thousands of years to restore the glacier balance once we stop using fossil fuels.

We hope that you now understand the Thwaites Doomsday glacier threat. We also hope you will soon begin doing everything possible to prepare for it long before it occurs. 

The Job One Research Team

(Editors note: In 2017, we told our readers about the dangers of the Thwaites glacier, but the technology had not been developed to get a more accurate date regarding when it would collapse into the sea. In 2017, we also told our readers that from 2025 to 2031, the world would experience an enormous intensification of global warming consequences. 

Some climate models say it could take a decade or longer for Thwaites to collapse. However, these longer-time collapse projections do not include some critical variables.

This intensification is because of new and old crossed climate tipping points and the reasons listed on this page. God help us if our governments, military, and the police of the local areas most affected are not already getting prepared for this well-predicted soon-arriving cataclysmic global climate event.)

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