What you hear in the media and from our governments about how bad climate change will get has been secretly underestimated by 20-40% or more!

One of the biggest reasons for this underestimation problem is the Climate Sensitivity calculation constant used in most IPCC climate change consequence calculations was falsely held low for decades by the money and hidden political influence of the global fossil fuel cartel. 

Here is a brief definition of climate sensitivity and its critical importance in climate change calculations and predictions:

Climate sensitivity measures how much the Earth's surface will cool or warm after a specified factor causes a change in its climate system, such as how much it will warm for a doubling in the atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. The climate sensitivity amount is a constant fixed value used in the most critical climate change calculations concerning climate consequence severity and their time frames. 

For about 30 years, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has artificially held the climate sensitivity constant at a fixed numeric value which appears to be far below the actual fixed value for this critical calculation constant. The true and accurate climate sensitivity amount could be 25% to 50%, or more than the amount that the IPCC is currently using for this critical climate sensitivity constant in its climate change calculations and equations. This means that any IPCC calculations that are using an artificially low climate sensitivity constant produce significantly lower temperature increase predictions and far longer timetables, and far lower climate change consequence predictions and far longer climate consequence timelines. 

If a constant in an equation is incorrect, all subsequent equations and calculations using this same incorrect constant will also be incorrect. (Basic algebra and logic 101.)

These artificially lower climate sensitivity calculations and predictions wildly benefit the global fossil fuel cartel, a major funder, and influencer of the United Nations and the IPCC. (The IPCC creates the climate change summary reports that all governments, media, and environmental groups worldwide rely upon and use. (For more science on Climate Sensitivity in critical climate change calculations, click here for its full description in Wikipedia.)

What this means to your climate change future

Please take a moment to think about the fact that almost everything the media and your governments have told you about the future of climate change, its consequences, its timetables, and its solutions have been underestimated by 20 to 40% or more because of IPCC climate sensitivity manipulations and other major IPCC errors and calculation shenanigans.

It is terrifying and shocking to realize that we are not as climate-safe as we believed and worse yet, we are not making real and consequential climate change progress as we are being led to believe. 

Understanding the global fossil fuel cartel's big climate change lie now means prudent individuals must start re-planning their lives and businesses based on climate change getting much worse (20-40% or more worse) faster than they ever dreamed possible.

Before we go into more about climate sensitivity and its dense science details, it must be said it is not only the media and the governments spreading climate change disinformation and misinformation brilliantly designed by the global fossil fuel cartel. Unfortunately, most environmental groups who have not done their deep climate science homework are also unintentionally spreading the same grossly underestimated climate change disinformation because they also use the same IPCC climate summary reports in their programs and planning.

Click here if you would like to see the details of how the global fossil fuel cartel has spent the last 60 years making it nearly impossible for the world's citizens to understand the real dangers they are facing from accelerating climate change and, at the same time, how the fossil fuel cartel has made it all but impossible for our politicians to enact honest and effective fossil fuel reductions or other critical fossil fuel cartel regulations.


The deep climate sensitivity science dive

Here is climate change science on the climate sensitivity problems hiding the actual state of our climate and future climate change. If you put in the effort, have a decent understanding of climate science, and understand the implication of the climate sensitivity and other articles below about our climate future, it will terrify you, as it terrifies us and many other climate researchers and scientists. 

There is a lot of climate sensitivity science in the articles below:

1. Here is our newest article on the climate sensitivity problem. It helps explain with many illustrations why this error is so critical to our climate future.

2. Here is one of the earliest articles bringing the climate sensitivity problems to other climate researchers.

3. For James Hansen newest article on climate sensitivity problems, click here. (James Hansen is a world-famous former NASA climate scientist.)

4. Click here to see the many other IPCC calculation problems and manipulative shenanigans to help understand why we have consistently predicted that everything you hear about climate change in the media, from our governments, and most environmental groups is 20 to 40% or more underestimated.

5. For our recent blog article discussing the importance of this major climate sensitivity calculation problem, click here.

Please share this article with the leadership of environmental organizations around the world. Watching these non-profit organizations unintentionally spread the global fossil fuel cartel's brilliant disinformation information and strategies is embarrassing. 

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