World’s Biggest and Richest Litigation Shaping Up Against Global Fossil Fuel Cartel

Aided by whistleblowers, law firms, state, and national authorities are chasing trillions of dollars in climate change damage payouts in litigation against the global fossil fuel cartel.

Today, there are over 2,000 lawsuits against the global fossil fuel cartel and its oil, natural gas, and coal producing members. 

It is estimated that over the next ten years, there will be thousands more law suits and the global fossil fuel cartel will be forced to pay trillions in private, state, and national climate damage litigation claims. This surge of global litigation against the cartel is not unlike the surge of litigation that happened with the cigarette, asbestos, and opioid conglomerates.

Worldwide litigation is focused on forcing the global fossil fuel cartel to pay for the climate change damage caused by its toxic, polluting products and its decades of behind-the-scenes criminal actions to prevent state, national, or international laws that would:

1. mandate global fossil fuel reduction amounts, and would

2. develop, forward, or subsidize green energy generation or replacement systems for fossil fuel product applications.

In this surge of worldwide cartel litigation many different types of climate victims are suing the cartel:

a. home buyers (who were not accurately told how climate change could or would risk or damage their home purchase by real estate brokers or mortgage companies.)

b. farmers, farm cooperatives, and farmers’ associations. (Farmers are currently suffering massive financial losses from crop failures and low crop yields due to escalating climate change-related consequences.)

c. business owners (who have suffered losses because of the many primary and secondary consequences of climate change.)

d. investors (who were not accurately told how escalating climate change could or would threaten or risk their investments.)

e. local governments and local agencies. (Local taxpayers are being forced to pay for cartel-caused climate change damages that insurance company policies do not cover and they did not cause.)

f. state attorney generals and national government agencies. State and national taxpayers are getting stuck with the soaring costs of climate change consequences as more insurance companies cancel climate change-exposed insurance policies. (More state attorney generals and government agencies are filing litigation against the cartel to recover the financial losses for their taxpayers.)

g. undeveloped nations who also have experienced vastly disproportional climate change damage in relation to the total fossil fuel pollution they have produced or put in the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution about 1800 are now using the courts to recover their climate losses instead of continuing to beg and wait for the “too little too late” help they were promised at international climate conferences.

Individuals, businesses, and government agencies are convicting the cartel, its executives, or enabling companies and individuals on one or more of the following legal charges:

a. product liability (for damages caused by the cartel's toxic polluting products.)

b. violations of consumer protection laws (for damages caused by a cartel's products or actions.)

c. False advertising and false marketing.

d. negligence and gross negligence resulting in death, bodily harm, or destruction and loss because of the cartel's toxic, polluting products or the actions of a cartel or cartel agents.

e. racketeering, possibly even the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in the US (These charges can and should be brought because of the decades of conspiratorial cartel disinformation and the cartel's long-term pattern of hidden coercive actions to unduly influence and prevent effective global fossil fuel reduction laws which would threaten their profits. For decades, the cartel has also actively blocked laws and subsidies that could have improved or accelerated the global transition to green energy generation and green energy applications.

(Please see this online public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel. Law firms and government authorities are currently using it to get their litigation teams quickly up to speed on cartel litigation, crimes, and tort charge options. The many new disclosures in this online public cartel trial have surprised and unsettled even the most hardened and well-educated climate change activists. This online trial also details decades of the cartel's racketeering and other coercive actions. ) 

f. Aiding and abetting the cartel's toxic pollution or other criminal activities. It's not just the cartel manufacturers of these deadly and destructive fossil fuel products being held liable anymore. A new precedent-setting case for widening the zone of cartel legal liability has just occurred. In the recent multi-billion dollar US opioid cases, it was not just Purdue Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of the opioids, that was held liable. Big Name distributors of Perdue's opioid products, like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS drugstores, were also held liable for damages. 

Additionally, McKinsey & Company in the US was forced to pay 78 million dollars for its role in promoting the deadly opioid epidemic in the US. They were convicted of supplying deceptive marketing plans to boost the sales of Perdue's dangerous product. McKinsey & Company's deceptive marketing actions mirror the cartel's decades-long global climate change disinformation campaigns.

(McKinsey & Company intentionally supplied disinformation to the public and others about the dangers of the Purdue Pharmaceutical-produced opioids. This 78 million dollar judgment opens the door to hold cartel lobbyists, PR firms, marketing firms, and funding banks or individuals legally responsible for cartel climate change damages for their co-conspiratorial aiding and abetting roles. Many firms were involved in creating, promoting, enabling, facilitating, or financing the cartel's climate change disinformation, deceptive marketing, or the cartel's other coercive and illegal actions, which prevented society and its politicians from enacting the required fossil fuel reductions decades ago and accelerating the transition to a green energy economy. Worse yet, the cartel and its enablers have worked tirelessly to stop those who could have prevented the current and past harms of climate change consequences.

g. first-degree murder (millions of deaths have been caused annually by the cartel's toxic, polluting products and their coercive global actions to prevent fossil fuel regulation. The cartel knew its products would kill millions for decades. )

h. crimes against humanity (the massive global fossil fuel cartel, by logical extension, has been acting like, asand with the power of a nation. It has annual resources of about 28 trillion dollars annually to achieve its continuous and coordinated "profit at all costs" deadly and destructive actions. Its resources rival the GDP of the most prosperous nations on Earth.

Because of the carefully orchestrated decades of crimes against humanity and humanity's future well-being, the cartel should be treated as a rogue nation and face crimes against humanity charges. It also should be tried in the International Criminal Court and other national courts.) And finally

i. genocide (The cartel has already killed an estimated 300 million people since the 1800s from its toxic and deadly polluting fossil fuel products. Escalating climate change today is causing worldwide mass migrations and resulting in the deaths of many millions more annually (mostly poor and disadvantaged people.) 

If allowed to continue unchecked, the cartel's total toxic product pollution and all of the primary and secondary climate change consequences of that toxic pollution will directly or indirectly kill about half of humanity by about 2050. (Click here to learn why such a massive climate change-driven human die-off is now all but unavoidable by 2050.)

Here is a quick look at some of the 2,000 + current lawsuits against the cartel:

Below are the private and government lawyer heroes and heroines aggressively pushing forward climate change justice and indirectly helping to end climate change.

  1. Currently, the California attorney general and the attorney general for the state of New York in the U.S. are suing the fossil fuel cartel for billions in damages. California is suing the oil companies B.P., ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and ConocoPhillips and their trade group, the American Petroleum Institute.
  2. Oregon's Multnomah County has sued fossil fuel companies for $50 billion, citing the 2021 heat wave.
  3. The city of Oakland, California, joined the California lawsuit against five of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. (Expect many more California cities to pile on and join the California lawsuit.)
  4. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia are also suing the fossil fuel companies. (Here is the link to the Massachusetts climate change damages lawsuit against the cartel and its member Exxon.)
  5. Hoboken, New Jersey, last month added racketeering charges against major oil companies to its 2020 climate lawsuit, becoming the first case to employ the approach in a state court and following a federal lawsuit filed by Puerto Rico last November.
  6. More U.S. cities and states, including Baltimore, Maryland, and Honolulu, Hawaii, have recently filed similar complaints against oil companies. 

Expect attorney generals from almost every non-fossil fuel-producing state in the U.S. and their international counterparts to also initiate cartel litigation to ensure they do not miss what is expected to be the largest damages payouts in U.S. history.

Mid Sized Law Firms Are Leading the Way in Individual or Business Damage Litigation Against the Cartel

Most of the world's largest law firms have already done legal work for the global fossil fuel cartel. Because they have, they are barred from bringing lawsuits against the cartel. More mid-sized law firms are rapidly recognizing they can gain national media exposure, massive income growth, and quick positive reputation enhancement in bringing new legal actions against the world's wealthiest cartel and its member companies and executives. This quick jump into these lucrative litigation cases is similar to what happened with many law firms during the massive cigarette, asbestos, and opioid judgments and settlements,

It's now a worldwide race to see what cities, states, nations or private parties get their climate change damage payouts first. 

Many law firms, state attorney generals, and their international equivalents know they are in a race to file climate change damage litigation against the cartel and push it forward as fast as possible. 

Private law firms, state attorney generals, and their international equivalents know they must file their law suits and act before:

1. Other law firms and state attorney general's cases have so much filing or judgment preference ahead of them that there will eventually be a point when even the world's wealthiest (28 trillion dollars a year) cartel cannot continue paying never-ending climate damage litigation losses. 

2. The cartel pushes to get its many worldwide “subsidized” politicians to pass new laws that would grant immunity to the cartel for damages from their toxic, polluting products and their decades of criminal actions. 

Last thoughts by a litigation consultant familiar with the surge in global fossil fuel cartel climate change damage cases:

“The global cartel cases are a rare litigation opportunity to have the world's wealthiest defendant so clearly guilty and, with many former high-level employees willing to testify and whistleblow against them.  

Eventually, global fossil fuel cartel litigation will exponentially dwarf the billions and billions of dollars paid out in cigarette, asbestos, and opioid cases.“

Critical Action and Information Links

  1. Please see this online public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel. It details decades of cartel toxic pollution, disinformation, and criminal actions. Law firms and government authorities are currently using it to get their litigation teams quickly up to speed on cartel litigation, crimes, and tort charge options. The many new disclosures in this online cartel trial have surprised and unsettled even the most hardened and well-educated climate change activists. This well-researched online trial has exposed decades of the cartel's dirtiest laundry. 
  2. Click here for a growing list of worldwide law firms that will help you get climate justice and be made financially whole from the climate change damages caused directly and indirectly by the products and actions of the global fossil fuel cartel. There is also a list of government agencies who have started cartel litigation on this page.
  3. Please distribute this article worldwide and feel free to translate it into other languages. If you local, state. or national government does not have a lawsuit against the cartel please let the know about this article. That way you the taxpayer will not get stuck with the bill for local, state, or national climate change damages.
  4.  This page contains a master list of all the actions you can do to help end climate change and bring the global fossil fuel cartel to justice.
  5. There is now a worldwide Climate Change WhistleBlower support organization helping to surface and protect old and new witnesses willing to speak to the media and in the courts about the many past and ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel. For the Climate WhistleBlowers Website, click here. 
  6. If you are considering filing a lawsuit against the cartel for climate change damages and have contacted a law firm, be sure to have someone at this firm read this page and our other two Climate Justice Now pages at this location and this second location. They should quickly see the tremendous financial, national recognition, and public relations opportunity for their firm to do the right thing.
  7. To volunteer and help more climate change damage victims of the cartel get climate justice, click here.
  8. For the ten most crucial climate change facts that the global fossil fuel cartel never wants you to know, click here.
  9. (Click here to learn why a massive climate change-driven human die-off from the atmospheric accumulation of toxic polluting fossil fuel products is now all but unavoidable by 2050.)
  10. Click here to view the trial of the 21st century fighting for the future of humanity, the online public trial of the fossil fuel cartel.


    • The ongoing distribution of the online public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel has even helped expand the worldwide fossil fuel investment divestment movement. This global divestment benefit is because, after any holder of fossil fuel investments reviews decades of the global fossil fuel cartel’s criminal activity and the consequences of its deadly toxic, polluting products (exposed in the carte public online trial,) no rational organization would ever want to own or have its public image be associated with cartel criminal activities or have the cartel as a financial investment in their portfolios. 
    • Due to the decades-long failures of global climate change street protests, 28 international climate conferences, numerous international climate change treaties, and the many other worldwide efforts to reduce global fossil fuel use and get climate justice, our current best opportunity for climate justice may be to get financial restitution for victims of climate change through aggressively filing thousands of climate change damage lawsuits against the cartel worldwide. At the same time, this also may be the best way stop climate change from continuing to worsen as nothing else has ever stopped or slowed the cartel.
    • State attorney generals or their international equivalents, who have already started their cartel climate change damage cases, often share their evidence and witnesses with other state attorney generals. This sharing will make it easier and far less expensive for other state attorney generals to get up to speed, file their cases against the cartel, and win.
    • The following IMHO (or IOHO) article was provided by the nonprofit climate change think tank, Job One for Humanity.




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