The Four Major Climate Change Emergency Choice and Strategy Options

COP 26 has just failed magnificently like the previous 25 climate conferences. So what choices and strategies do you have left?



On the Job One for Humanity website, we have candidly presented how bad global warming will get. We have also disclosed the steep challenges we face to save humanity from total extinction from the many accelerating global warming-related consequences.

Once our visitors and members have understood this information, almost everyone (including our staff and volunteers) makes one or more of the following four major choices concerning what they will do about the accelerating consequences of the global warming emergency.

In such an extreme and challenging emergency as we now find ourselves, our organization does not blame or render judgment upon any individuals or groups choosing any one or more of the following four options.

(We do although have many helpful suggestions here for people who choose option one. We also have survival preparation and adaptation recommendations for anyone who chooses option two both here and in the Members section of our website.)


The four different choice options that people make about what they will do about the global warming extinction emergency

Below please find the most common options that people select once they understand the true gravity and urgency of the global warming extinction emergency:

Option 1: In a true do-or-go extinct effort, many individuals and groups will decide to pour everything into getting our governments to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as the only honest and effective way to save some of humanity. (People who chose this option also see the many potential global warming survival benefits for this last-ditch effort.)

As more individuals, groups, and particularly the wealthiest 1% of individuals worldwide realize they are fighting for their survival, maybe our governments will finally listen to both the wealthiest 1% and a rising mass public global outcry for action. Perhaps our governments will eventually mobilize these critical and effective actions and enforce the drastic global fossil fuel reductions now needed. Hopefully, it will not be "too little too late." 

Many individuals who have made this choice have realized that no person who understood what is coming would, under any circumstances, want to try to survive through the many coming climate catastrophes leading to our mass to total extinction. The horror, suffering, financial loss, trauma, and death that will grow as global warming and climate change accelerate will be unbearable! Because they understand the climate future, they see no other choice other than to go all-in and ensure this emergency is brought under control.

In this article, you too can discover the sequenced consequences and all of the climate-driven suffering, loss, and trauma that awaits us ALL unless we get our governments to enforce the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel targets.

Our organization honors the courage and sacrifice of all individuals who choose this option. If you are one of these individuals, click here for the most effective way we have found to save the future from accelerating global warming! 

Option 2: Despite difficult and low long-term survival odds (described all over our website), many people still will decide to make the necessary preparation and adaptation to survive for as long as possible and as comfortably as possible. The drive to survive at all costs is very powerful in our species. 

Individuals who chose to survive as long as possible also might also relocate to global warming safer lands as needed. They might also form or join a sustainable eco-community. This community will have their back as things worsen and help them produce what is necessary as distribution networks stall or collapse. (Part 1 of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan was designed to help people who make this choice make the needed adaptations.) 

People who chose this option also may see the many potential global warming survival benefits worth taking the chance to survive longer through adaptation. They may even join this great evolutionary adventure of being one of the new Evolutioneers (individuals or groups who choose to be co-creators) of a Great Global Rebirth, no matter how difficult. (For all of the potential benefits of becoming an Evolutioneer and co-creator of the Great Global Rebirthfirst, see this page and then be sure to read this page!)

While individuals who chose this second option are preparing and adapting, they also might be doing everything else they can to get our governments to finally enforce the life-critical 2025 targets to reduce global fossil fuel use. 

Option 3: Other individuals have decided to accept the collapse and probable extinction situation (described here) as it is. Their goal is simple. They want to use the remaining time they have that is still relatively stable to live as meaningfully and as enjoyably a life as is possible. 

They have decided to live within a smaller, more controllable, and sustainable life scale. This is because they believe that the bigger life-scale of global collapse and extinction is entirely out of their control. They may also think that pushing our governments to radically and immediately reduce global fossil fuel use at this late stage is a waste of their time, energy, and resources. 

Instead, they want to use their remaining time and environmental stability to put their affairs in order and start living their remaining dreams or "bucket lists."

In one way or another, individuals who choose this option have decided that now is the perfect time to drop out of the modern "consume and waste" social rat race and tune in to what is truly important with their remaining time! Younger people who have chosen this option also may decide that it is not ethical to have more children. This no children decision is because they know what we face, and there is a high probability their children will have very painful and short lives. 

If you are one of those who chose this option, then in addition to Part 1 of the Job One Plan, Part 2 of the Job One Plan is designed to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle for as long as we have left. 

Option 4: Many people combine or customize various elements from the three strategies above as time and resources permit.

Here are our Job One organizational choices concerning what we will do about the climate change emergency

We will support you with accurate information as best we can, no matter which of the four choices you make.

As an organization, the unfiltered climate research shows us that our world is already well into an unfolding and unavoidable Great Global Collapse process. For this reason, our organization's focus must be prioritized on first slowing down the climate emergency and then saving and salvaging as much of humanity and our civilization as we can in the hope that someday we will learn from the collapse, and there can be a Great Global Rebirth.

As an organization more than ever, we also must push our governments to mass mobilize and enforce the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets to slow down the already unfolding extinction and collapse process. 

Click here to see the best way we have found to get the governments to do what is needed in the little time we have left.

Next, help both yourself and humanity by starting one of the four parts of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan best suited to you and your choices above.

For more details concerning our current organizational choices, please see our goals and mission update for 2022.


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