Climate and Global Heating Emergency Preparation Action Steps 7 to Step 12, Part 1

 Last Updated 3.18.24.


Action Step 7: Carefully Watch Our Accelerating Global Warming and Other Related Consequences and Their Warning Signs to Wisely Stay Ahead of Them for as Long as You Can:

We have written very detailed lists of science-based consequence predictions for what will happen when the worsening climate change emergency intersects with our 11 other major global crises worsen. These consequences and their warning signs are found on this page. 

Copy and print out these warning signs from this key page as soon as possible! Learn them well and put them where you can review them quickly. You will hear about them occurring more and more in the news as conditions worsen.

Because you will see the whole chain of converging and cascading consequences worsening step-by-step, you will better know when to take your next level of emergency preparations or even when to migrate if you are in a less ideal global warming location. You and your loved ones will be wiser and better informed about what you may have to do next, unlike those who will not be aware of these critical warning signs. 

Click here to see this year's climate and global heating consequence predictions and warning signs.

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

Action Step 8: If you are also of a spiritual nature, your faith can provide a critical and powerful motivation to help you persevere and survive what is coming

Your strong spiritual faith will help you endure the many severe hardships and sacrifices as the global warming process escalates until it is finally resolved.

There are other benefits of bringing the strength of your faith into this emergency:

i. There is a personal spiritual growth benefit in the evolutionary process itself whenever you overcome significant obstacles and challenges. You grow in both character and spirit.

ii. Restabilizing our climate and environment will give you a powerful opportunity to live and grow your faith with what many refer to as the Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.).

iii. You can demonstrate that managing global warming and being a good steward of the Earth is fully compatible with your best understanding of the Great Mystery and its intentions to sustain life on the planet (as believed in many faiths). As this happens, you will be demonstrating the power and influence of your faith and the world's religions.

The biggest silver lining here is that when individuals of faith and the great religious groups of this world collectively demand we do what is necessary to stop catastrophic global warming and the degradation of our environment, a great moral leverage will be in place to help ensure we are successful.

Your personal faith shared with others will help demonstrate that humanity is completely capable of lessening, slowing, and eventually resolving the global warming challenge if:

i. we are realistic about what is effective and what is not with the time we have left,

ii. we do the "first-things-first" on critical path effective actions,

iii. we cooperate as a unified and coordinated force.

Together, our many life-affirming faith and spirit communities can help extend the existence, stability, and quality of life for the present generation, as well as for future generations.

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise."

— Aldo Leopold, American author, ecologist, and environmentalist

And finally, looking at the biggest evolutionary picture from the lens of your faith will give you great strength in this crisis for several additional reasons. 

Your faith-in-action supports your belief in the idea of the Great Mystery, which has:

a. originated evolution and the universe, and

b. which also has successfully maintained and transformed the universe for billions of years in an overall progressive directionality.

Therefore in faith, it is also highly likely that the Great Mystery will continue to supportmaintain, and transform the universe in one way or another until the end of time.

Therefore, it is entirely within both reason and the tenants of an enlightened faith to trust that the Great Mystery will continue supportingmaintaining, and transforming the progress of life in the universe --- no matter how bad our challenges and future may look at the moment.

For a super-powerful new video that we highly recommend for emotional and spiritual support due to global warming or environmental or emotional upset, click here.


Action Step 9: Work together passionately and wisely to slow and lessen the avoidable pain, suffering, and death that is and will be caused by accelerating global warming:

Once you have prepared and done what you can on parts one and two of the Job One Plan, it is critical to warn other progressive-thinking individuals who either believe that global warming is real or who actually understand the dynamics of the global warming extinction emergency about the content of this website in the Climageddon book.



You will need as many of these progressive thinking individuals as possible on your team and/or in your migrating new eco-communities both to survive yourself and to be effective on the most critical steps three and four of the Job One Plan.

Once you have expanded the team of individuals willing to acknowledge and deal with the reality of our out-of-control global warming, if we want to survive, what we absolutely have to do for a permanent solution is resolve the burning of fossil fuels problem once and for all before it triggers the mass extinction phases 4 and 5 of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.

A single simple and constant survival truth to never forget

What we do know with certainty is that no matter what, and despite all of the challenges and bad outcomes that are possible, the single constant truth for our best possible global warming outcome is that --- the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use:

a. the more people we will survive to carry on our civilization, and

b. future generations will suffer far less from an increasing sequence of severe global warming consequences (as described fully in what is called the Climageddon Extinction Scenario.)

Review the following Climageddon Extinction Scenario illustration starting from the bottom up! The illustration below reflects the unfolding natural progression of ever-worsening consequences and tipping point processes that will occur as global warming continues to escalate toward our extinction. The top of the illustration below shows you the later Climageddon Extinction Scenario consequences. The bottom shows you the earlier consequences. For now get a general idea of all the global warming consequences, tipping points, and human system factors that will be interacting and colliding as the Climageddon Extinction Scenario unfolds in phases and waves. 


Every effective action to rein in global warming that we enact in enforcible law will help slow or lessen the suffering and death to come! The key here is to focus on only the most effective actions in a prioritized and critical deadline-driven order so that more of us will survive longer and live better lives.

To see a quick overview of the Job One Plan, click here. 

Now that you understand this important step, what is your personal plan to execute it, and when can you start? Make some to-do notes for yourself before going on to the next action step.

(Support notice: Research has shown that having a support network is up to 90% of why people succeed with complex or multiple long-term tasks. So please take advantage of our email support with your questions, problems, and successes.  

What you learn, struggle with, or succeed with can also help motivate others. So please take advantage of our online email support by joining our climate change program by emailing us at ([email protected]). Be sure to put "Part 1 Support" in the subject line and let us know what is happening. We may also use what you share in our newsletter to help motivate and educate others if you permit us. We are all in this nightmare together. We have a massive challenge to fix the climate change extinction emergency, and it will take ALL of us working together to do it!)



Action Step 10: Join one of our existing ClimateSafe Villages (CSV) NOW or create a climate-safe eco-community to have a prepared community to help protect you and your loved ones through the many horrible hardships ahead. (This is an essential survive and thrive step as climate consequences worsen.)

Being part of a well-prepared urban, rural, hybrid, or virtual climate-safer eco-community IS essential for long-term survival well before the final phases of runaway global heating unfold. These new CSV communities offer enhanced survival options (food production, shared resources, defense, etc.) and provide a place for living values that do not support the distorted or rigged values of many of today's economic and political systems.

One of the other critical things that being a part of our (or your own) ClimateSafe Villages community does is help support and motivate you to make all of the necessary emergency preparations and critical adaptations. There is a lot to do, and it is no small job. Having the extra support and motivation provided in these ClimateSafe Villages communities makes a HUGE difference!

As these eco-communities survive the climate emergency, they can also provide critical examples of a just, equitable, and sustainable world for those who survive the next 30 years. They would also become "beacons of light" for the great global collapse survivors. These new ClimateSafe Villages communities could herald a Great Global Rebirth. (Click here and go to Benefit 1 to see the beginning of the many new values and outcomes that could be forwarded by these new ClimateSafe eco-communities. (These values could heal many of the most severe challenges the world faces today.)

In addition to embodying the needed new values, the wisest individuals within the new eco-communities will seek to improve their survival by living the principles of sustainable prosperity and practicing resilience and redundancy actions. Our ClimateSafe Villagces communities are based on important social, economic, and new democratic values and practices, which will help hold them together as things worsen. (Click here to see what these cultural values are.)

These new social, economic, and ecological values will give the ClimateSave eco-communities a much higher ability to survive what is coming. This new ClimateSave eco-community option means today you can join us or create your own value base eco-community right where you currently live, either virtually or physically. 

Deciding to find, join, or build a ClimateSafe eco-community to enhance your long-term climate survival is a complex subject. For more information on this critical decision, click here for all the details, timeframes, locations, membership qualifications, etc, for our new "Survive and Thrive" ClimateSafe Villages project. 

One last thing, our climate change consequences are worsening so fast that, by about 2025, they will start increasing exponentially. So do not wait if you are serious about being well prepared and well adapted to what is coming. Make sure this happens by either joining our ClimateSafe Villages here or create your own climate-safe eco-community and recruit others to help you.

Before you go on to the last absolutely critical action step, we must tell you the bitter reality of the super-shocker migration solution!

Having said everything we have said above, we are sorry for this additional bad news, but it is essential to know ALL of the facts about the emergency we all face to make the best choices for you, your family, and your business as well as the future of humanity.

Here is that bitter reality check.

Unless we make the required radical and immediate fossil fuel cuts below, migrating above the 45th parallel north and below the 45th parallel south is only a temporary survival solution, partially insulating you from the earliest phases of the Climageddon Extinction ScenarioIt will be a bitter or temporary solution if we do not make the following minimum fossil fuel reductions.

To prepare you for the shocking and REAL fossil fuel reductions that now must be made, it is first necessary to see just how poorly our previous fossil fuel reduction agreements and actions have fared since we were first notified about the global warming extinction danger by our scientists over 35 years ago. 



What has been hidden from you:

1. We have actually increased fossil fuel use more this century than in the last two decades of the 20th century. To make this point alarmingly clear, more than half of all fossil fuel emissions released in the last 25 years and parked in the atmosphere are more than those released in all recorded history before 1990. 

2. Even though we have had over 20 international conferences on fossil fuel use reduction and international treaties since at least 1993 pledging we would reduce global warming worldwide, we still are about 67% higher in carbon emissions than in the early 1990s. (Atmospheric carbon emissions are probably the best way to measure future global warming.)

3. In 2018, carbon emissions increased another dramatic 2.7%, and they are projected to increase once again in 2019.

Yes, intentionally or through ignorance, our governments, the media, and most of the world's environmental groups have not been telling us the REAL facts about how our REAL lack of any progress whatsoever in reducing the rate of fossil fuel use increases, much less the complete absence of any substantive reductions anywhere across the world in reducing atmospheric carbon.

Keeping the preceding horrific failure of any appreciable efforts to take seriously fossil fuel reductions or even reduce the rates of increases, now please explore the REAL fossil fuel reductions that must be made to save our future. (If you don't believe we are telling you the facts about our dismal failure in reducing global warming over the last 35 years, click here to view a short video by climate Professor Kevin Anderson in a recent presentation to the Oxford University Climate Society.)



(If you do not understand how fossil fuel emissions of carbon into the atmosphere create global warming, please click here for a set of simple illustrations and then continue reading... 

What must be achieved: The 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

The absolute minimum total fossil fuel reductions that must occur to prevent the likelihood of going extinct within the next few decades are:

a. All industrially developed nations must reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025 and then continue reducing fossil fuel use to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035.  Net carbon zero emissions in this solution mean that no additional fossil fuel emissions are going into the atmosphere that is not also simultaneously being removed from the atmosphere by natural means. (Only about 20 countries produce 70% or more of the world's carbon emissions.)

Think of developed nations like most members of the G 20 group; ArgentinaAustralia, Canadathe European UnionFranceGermany, Spain, ItalyJapan, RussiaSaudi ArabiaSouth AfricaSouth KoreaTurkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and India. (See technical note 1 near the end of this page for why China and India had to be included in the list of developed countries.) 



b. All developing nations must maintain their total fossil fuel emission levels as they are at the beginning of 2019 and not allow them to go any higher. Then by 2045, all developing nations must also be at net-zero carbon emissions. This allowance for developing nations to stay at the level they are now and gradually reduce down to net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 is part of an essential justice and equity equation. The developed nations created their wealth by producing the far greatest majority of all carbon emissions in the atmosphere today, thus causing almost all of our current global warming extinction emergency. (See technical note 2 near the end of this page for more about justice and equity allowances.)


There is much more information, including the technical footnotes that will help explain the severity of the above fossil fuel reductions in detail and what our individual, business, and national annual targets would be on this page. We strongly suggest you go to this page of technical footnotes for all of the qualifications and factors legitimizing the above-required fossil fuel reduction amounts and time frames. Especially if you're a techie or researcher, please read all the relevant calculation information on these absolutely essential minimum fossil fuel usage reductions before continuing on... 

Unfortunately, we are not making anything even close to these required levels of fossil fuel cuts. This means that as the global warming extinction emergency spirals further out of control into the last phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario, it will be the end of everything—no matter where you are located or how wealthy you are. Yes, you read it right! We mean the end of humanity and civilization no matter where you are.

Without in any way diminishing the tremendous value of every person wanting to extend their and their children’s time and quality of life for as long as is possible, it is also critical to realize that even if we are very lucky, your long-term quality of life and survival for much more than 30-50 years will not be possible even in the Goldilocks global warming safer zones between the 45th and 55th parallel north and the 45th And 55th parallel south. It is likely that long before 30 to 50 years from now the many spillover consequences of even the earliest phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario will significantly destabilize your day-to-day lives as you try to deal with a world turning upside down. 

Here’s why.

The only way to reverse the current global warming extinction emergency is to radically and suddenly reduce all fossil fuel burning to the required levels mentioned above. Doing this quickly enough will most certainly lead us to a global economic recession or depression. Additionally, enforcing the required level of immediate global economic hardship from these required cuts is nearly impossible.

Making these fossil fuel cuts will require massive cutbacks in the current methods of our mass production of global agriculture. This is because agriculture depends so heavily on fossil fuels for its fertilizing and pest prevention chemicals as well as in its food growing, processing, and transportation areas. This means as we do make the needed fossil fuel cuts, there will be the social chaos of mass starvation as well.

If you are in a developed country, to help you grasp how difficult these massive global fossil fuel cuts will be, imagine that in the next six years you personally will have to cut all of your home, auto, travel, business, and national uses of fossil fuels by 75%, then cut another 10% from that point each year for the next 10 years. Citizens of the world who did not fully understand both the urgency and critical importance of why they needed to make these radical, immediate, and painful sacrifices would literally throw any politician out of office or would even overthrow any government that tried to enforce these kinds of radical energy and fossil fuel usage cuts to their comfortable or even subsistence level lifestyles and livelihoods.

But there are even worse reasons why migration is only a temporary solution!

In Phase 3 or 4 of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario, the greatest mass migration of climagees in human history will be well underway, and vast amounts of land between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south will be all but abandoned. People will migrate because of unbearable heat, mass starvation, the global warming cluster of consequences, crashing economies, failing governments, scarce resources as well as a Mad Max-like social chaos in the most adversely affected areas.

These adversely affected areas will be ruled by warlords and criminals as governments fail. Those forced by poverty or other circumstances to remain between the 45th parallel north and south will find a future of unbearable suffering or death.

As those vast dead zones between the 45th parallel north and south are abandoned, the highly skilled technicians who oversaw the ongoing safety of the many nuclear power plants (Think of (Chornobyl and the Fukushima meltdowns,) and hazardous chemical plants will no longer be there to prevent meltdowns or toxic chemical spills. Governments will also no longer function, providing the security necessary to prevent nuclear reactor meltdowns, toxic chemical spills, or the remaining desperate individuals from raiding military weapons storage facilities and biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons development centers in the unsafe zones.



While the damage from toxic chemical spills or conventional military weaponry will initially be limited, it will be only a matter of time before hundreds of water-cooled nuclear power plants in the global warming unsafe zones meltdown. Like Chernobyl and Fukushima, they will spew their unsurvivable levels of toxic radiation around the world. Worse yet, this accumulating and intensifying radiation from dozens then hundreds of nuclear reactors that have gone into meltdown will remain in our atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years, far past the survival capabilities of any underground shelter ever constructed.

This massive amount of toxic nuclear radiation means that eventually there will be no survivorsIt will not matter how well the ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, or nations stock their underground shelters in the far north or far south.

This is because we do not currently have any self-sustaining and continuously repairable energy generation, mechanical, or oxygen-creation technologies that could run continuously underground for hundreds to thousands of years. There are no current technologies that could meet all of the continuous needs of any underground survival group. 

The nuclear power plant meltdown threat and the military weapons seizures in the global warming unsafe zones do not even include the threat from all of the chemical and biological weapons manufacturing sites that will also deteriorate and leak out their toxins into the environment. If we do not fix this global warming extinction emergency now, it is hard to imagine a worse hell on earth for those unlucky enough to survive.

Additionally, the actions of well-armed angry climagees will eventually overcome any national border defense strategy. Any mined and reinforced border walls or other attempts to secure borders from the hundreds of millions of soon-arriving climagees will not hold, no matter how well-defended.

Conventional weapons caches as well as biological, chemical, and nuclear weapon caches from abandoned, broken, or desperate nations located between the 45th parallel north and south will be used against any wall or fortified border area. Desperate mobs and armies of climagees will do anything to get themselves and their families into these temporarily safer zones (once they too realize what is really going on with global warming.)

Once these climagees get through the last border defenses, they will quickly locate any underground survival bunkers and force them open one way or the other for the critical resources inside. (In most cases, all they need to do is find and seal off the above-ground air intakes until those inside are forced to flee or suffocate.)

If massive amounts of unsurvivable toxic radiation circulating the Earth for hundreds to thousands of years and hordes of vengeance-seeking climagees are not enough to convince you that escalating global warming extinction emergency is not survivable, here are additional survival facts about the situation we will face:

1. A drastically reduced population will also not have enough genetic diversity to survive the onslaught of continuous new bacteria and viruses being released from the melting permafrost or from the northerly and southerly migrating diseases that will flourish in the global warming-created wastelands between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south.

2. Gradual starvation. It is currently estimated that lands above the 45th parallel north and below the 45th parallel south, because of poorer soils and reduced hours of sunlight will be capable of producing enough food for only 200 to 800 million people.

In this future hell, things will be particularly bad for the ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, or nations who did little or nothing to prevent the global warming extinction emergency other than secure themselves a place in the temporarily safer far north or far south. Angry climagees will seek those out who had the power to make a difference and did not, and they will be subject to the worst punishments of public justice.

Even though wealthy individuals, corporations, and some nations are already secretly buying and/or preparing land in the global warming safe zones at an accelerating pace, (much like smart rats that are always first to leave a sinking ship,) this will not be a better solution for them. In fact, it could be worse. (Click here to read about how many of the world's wealthiest individuals are rapidly buying up land in global warming safe zones.)

As mentioned earlier, mass migrations of desperate, aggressive, and armed climagees (climate refugees) and national armies will eventually overrun any and all border security measures, angrily take their fair share of what's left and severely punish anyone who they even remotely believe had any significant part in letting this horrific global warming meltdown and catastrophe occur either by commission or omission. This means that ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, and nations who did nothing but protect themselves will be at the highest risk.

Eventually, even the hired private security companies of the ultra-wealthy corporations and individuals will eventually turn against their affluent bosses in their security compounds, realizing that they now live in a late-phase Climageddon Extinction Scenario world where only firepower and military-style personal training determine survival, final ownership, and safety. Worse yet, and well worth repeating, the climagee survivors of the most painful and devastating catastrophe in human history will be so angry and traumatized they will seek a horrible vengeance on everyone and anyone they hold responsible for causing or contributing to the catastrophe, or for failing to act when they reasonably could have slowed or prevented the worst of it.

In their unimaginable anger and pain, some of the remaining climagee survivors who desperately fight their way into the remaining temporarily safe zones, like some survivors of the Holocaust, will relentlessly hunt down and bring to justice anyone who they believe knew about the escalating global warming extinction emergency and had the influence or resources to fix it, but did not. Those individuals, corporations, and nations of great wealth will most certainly lose all of their power and all of their resources in the massive global backlash of anger and legal punishments that will be directed toward them.

There will be no place on earth or Swiss bank that will be able to save them and their assets from what will be viewed by the survivors as justifiable legal punishment for their gross and unconscionable global warming crimes of commission and omission against the survival of the whole of humanity.


What all of the preceding means that every person, corporation, and nation must do now

There really is no high success probability long-term backup migration plan or Plan B that is a workable and sustainable alternative survival plan for longer than 30 to 50 years to the unbelievably difficult task of ending the global warming extinction emergency. If we do not radically reduce fossil fuel use immediately to meet the 2025 global targets, even in the global warming safe zones, the risk is simply too high that you and your group or nation will not survive.



This means we must do two things very well; prepare ourselves to adapt to what is now unavoidable while at the same time radically reducing fossil fuel use to the required levels. If we are very lucky and we do these things passionately, we have some reasonable chance of saving a significant portion of the human species and our civilization up to about 50%. Therefore, the only remaining rational and viable plan to resolve the global warming extinction emergency is to enact the required radical fossil fuel cuts described earlier and execute the critical action steps of Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

Because the required critical fossil fuel cuts are currently not even close to being met and the horrific consequences that will happen to us in the last phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario (if we allow them to occur,) we are now left with the key global warming fact central to all of the educational efforts of the Job One for humanity mission and organization:

The one and the only way for any of us or our children to survive long term is to solve the nearly impossible task in front of us. And, for that to realistically happen, progressive thinking individuals must prepare to survive as long as possible in order to keep working as effectively as possible on parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan. (Part 3 of the Job One Plan has the best chance of slowing and lessening global warming enough so that we do not cross the final catastrophic tipping point of carbon 600 ppm and humanity and civilization go extinct!)

Luckily, when there truly is only one way to solve an impossible task, we almost always choose that way. In part, this is because we are fully motivated and fully focused. We know the truth that there is only one way out!

There is a story from an ancient Chinese military manual called the Art of War by Sun Tzu that reinforces the idea that, even though the task is nearly impossible, when you are fully motivated, focused, and committed to a single remaining course of action, you will often surprisingly succeed.



In this story, a wise Chinese general was cornered at the banks of a large river by an opposing army many times larger than his own. His only means of escape was to get his army across the river before they were attacked. This general had also previously placed enough boats on the bank of the river for escape with his army should that need arise.

As the larger army approached, pushing the smaller army closer to the river, this general gave the order to his most trusted lieutenants to rush to the boats and burn them. When his army saw their only means of escape was being destroyed, they became wildly angry and charged toward the general. The army demanded to know why their trusted general had burned their escape boats and condemned all of them to certain death at the hands of a vastly superior army.

The general calmly said, “We will win this battle, or we will die. There is no other alternative and no escape.”

His army now knew their only option was victory or death. Filled with such clarity and single-mindedness of purpose, they fought with such reckless intensity; they defeated the opposing army many times their size.

Now that you truly understand the rapidly approaching endgame consequences of our global warming extinction emergency, you too should no longer retain any illusion of long-term escape for you or your family business or nation. What you may not have realized yet is that our 30-plus-year failure to control the escalating global warming extinction emergency and its many consequences means that we too have, in effect, already burned our escape boats.

This is the perilous point that we have come to. If we are lucky, we have 3 to 6 years left to exercise some control over the accelerating emergency and make the required critical fossil fuel cuts.

What do you have to lose, and what rational alternative do you have than to act now by getting prepared (parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan,) and help us make these cuts by executing parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan?

By doing nothing, even if we fail, your inaction will only shorten the critical time frame necessary to move people, technology, and infrastructure to the far north or far south so that you or those you love can be temporarily safe and live a little bit longer with less suffering.

Most people would agree that living for a temporarily longer period with a better quality of life is far better than suffering more and dying soon. Better yet, if we act wisely together to radically cut fossil fuel use now and we are lucky, humanity and civilization will continue. In the end, we either cooperate and work together or we all die together.

Action Step 11: How to join or build one of the four urban, suburban, rural, hybrid, or virtual models of the new ClimateSafe Villages that will have your back as conditions worsen. 

We strongly recommend you join or build a supportive and resilient urban, rural hybrid, or virtual climate-safe community if you want to survive past the first wave of exponentially increasing climate change consequences beginning about 2025-2031. Therefore, we have created a multi-page online guide for these new ClimateSafe Villages. This new ClimateSafe Village guide and index found here will answer all your urban, rural hybrid, or virtual ecovillage questions and help connect you to others with similar goals or in similar areas.

Suppose you are not planning on building or joining a ClimateSafe Village to improve your chances of survival dramatically. In that case, we strongly recommend that you have strategies to deal with the tremendous individual and collective stress, anxiety, PTSD, and even suicides that will affect this group as climate conditions worsen. To implement this, we recommend getting this new book by Bob Doppelt, Transformational Resilience: How Building Human Resilience to Climate Disruption Can Safeguard Society and Increase Well-Being. (Even though it dramatically understates the dangers of the many accelerating global warming consequences found here, we recommend this book.)

This book will help prepare its individuals and the group to constructively cope with the rising interlinked psychological and psycho-social-spiritual traumas and toxic stresses generated by the global warming emergency. It will also help you use these traumas and stresses as transformational catalysts to come together across racial, religious, ethnic, and gender lines to do what is needed to reduce the emotional and psychological stresses of this emergency to manageable levels and create better conditions for everyone.

Unfortunately, suppose your group or community is not dealing with all the significant issues of critical emergency preparation and necessary adaptations for a group or community to survive. In that case, it is improbable it will survive all that is coming. 

To see all of the things that a well-run ecovillage must do to survive, click here.

We strongly recommend not joining a ClimateSafe Village until you have read most of the pages for the master CSV model on the Job One website. This description of the master model that CSVs are working on is not found on any other website. Click here for the Table of Contents for the 6-page CSV master model.

Action Step 12: Do everything possible to also protect and preserve the biological life and ecological systems within your zones of influence and resources while protecting yourself and your loved ones:

Humanity cannot exist for long without protecting and preserving our biological life and ecological systems. We have been overconsuming and wasting for far too long. 

As difficult as it seems to understand, at the deepest levels and as a prime driving cause, the current climate change extinction emergency, our deteriorating environment, and many of the world's other 11 major global crises are directly or indirectly caused by the concept and problem of Overshoot. Overshoot means that resource demand is over and beyond that of that particular resource's regeneration or renewal capacity. 

Excessive demand leading to overshoot is driven by both consumption and population. Right now, the human population's need and demand for the Earth's resources have well exceeded the Earth's carrying capacity to regenerate those resources. For example, our current fossil fuel use, which is causing the global warming emergency, is caused by our increasing population demanding more consumer goods. As a result, we are depleting the non-renewable fossil fuels that took millions of years to create and polluting and poisoning our atmosphere and oceans with toxic fossil fuel by-products.

One could also call overshoot an environmental and energy management ignorance or greed in simple moral or ethical terms. But, whatever you call it, our taking more resources from the Earth than the Earth can renewably supply or resupply is the single deepest cause of most of today's major global problems. It contributes significantly to our air, water, and land pollution and even many of our current economic and social inequalities. 

While our current global warming emergency is directly caused by burning fossil fuels and polluting the atmosphere and our oceans with carbon, methane, etc., for its complete long-term solution, it is critical to address the deeper, underlying overshoot issues on ecological, economic, social, and energy management levels. It bears repeating that many of these same overshoot issues also fuel our 11 major global crises' worsening.

The opposite of overshoot would also include creating a sustainable population level balanced with its available renewable resources. (This is commonly known as the carrying capacity of an area.) For humanity to begin to live within its carrying capacity and not continue to overshoot its resources, we will have to do something radically new, which we call living the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

The path to a survivable "No Overshoot" future: Living the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

Unfortunately, the principles of Sustainable Prosperity (below) may come into widespread use only after the climate-triggered  Great Global Collapse has occurred. The reasons for this are:

1. Existing economic, political, and social systems and human power structures are so entrenched and self-protecting that they rarely allow the needed fundamental changes, which in many cases would remove their positions of special privilege, advantage, and power.

2. The populations that support the existing economic, political, and social systems are widely ignorant of resource overshoot and its accelerating extinction dangers. They also have become so used to the comforts these systems provide that they will resist all needed improvements until something happens to them that is so devastating (the Great Global Collapse) that they will finally be ready to change. It is like the old saying, "people will only change when the pain going forward is less than the pain of staying where they are."

As you read about Sustainable Prosperity in this booklet, you will discover the many social, economic, and even political policy overshoot causes hidden behind our inability to create long-term global heating solutions and many of our other 11 major global crisesIf we do not quickly apply the principles of Sustainable Prosperity to our lives, livelihoods, and societies, we and humanity will become like "dead man walking" who will be unable to slow or stop our own biological, ecological, economic, and social demise. 

As part of this final Part 1 action step, we super-strongly recommend you get and read the book Overshoot. Then, cut down on your current over-consumption. 

Next, do absolutely everything you can to protect and preserve our biological life and the ecological systems within your surrounding area by living in a better balance with nature and executing the principles of Sustainable Prosperity at this link.

As things worsen in the runaway global heating extinction emergency, you will become more and more dependent upon how well you have protected and preserved the biological life around you and your surrounding ecological systems. Reestablishing a balance with and in nature will be especially critical for any remnants and survivors of the great global collapse.


Please check and start one of the Part 1 action steps below: 

Introduction to Part 1

Action Steps 1 to Step 6

Action Steps 7 to Step 12

Summary of part 1, section 1 of the job One Climate Change Resilience Plan

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