A Climate Change and Global Warming Caused Collapse of Civilization is the Most Likely Outcome: From Top Climate Scientists.

The Job One for Humanity organization has been telling you about a global warming caused collapse of civilization being closer than you think for years. Now more climate scientists and researchers from places like Stanford and various research institutes from around the world are joining the chorus and helping us sound the warning bell that in just a handful of years...

climate change and global warming will go out of our control and the collapse of governments and civilization is not far behind.

Please read this extremely well-written new article with great graphs and illustrations on what more climate scientists are saying about climate change and global warming, causing the Collapse of Civilization as our most likely outcome.

In very simple terms and with tons of illustrations they make very complex cascading chains of converging global warming tipping points easy to understand. They then also make the many soon-arriving consequences of these tipping points frighteningly clear.  

Once you have finished this new article, then come back to this page and read the following key links on our website. These four links will provide you much more detail on the coming consequences and timeframes for your business and personal timing:

1. The 4 Most Important Global Warming Deadlines & Tipping Points that We Need to Know to Survive Climate Change and Global Warming.

2. The Climageddon Scenario: A Climate Change and Global Warming Extinction Prediction Model & Countdown.

3. The Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock. How much time do we really have left?

4. For a detailed explanation of the 11 major climate change and global warming tipping points and how tipping points work, click here.

To help do something about the climate change and global warming emergency, click here.

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  • Daniel J. Lavigne
    commented 2020-06-13 07:41:49 -0700
    Hello Lawrence,

    Reality Dictates that its over. And much sooner than most will be able to understand. My Poem “Life’s Dusty Passing”, written and offered to the world as part of my “Meanderings” group in 1985 (35 years ago this Spring!) told the world what to expect & why.

    Of course, few paid any attention as anything that threatened their greed for “More!” was “Verboten”. “Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto” followed, written immediately after the announcement of “The Kyoto Protocol” on December 8, 1997. The last few lines are as follows:

    Hum soft all the bells!
    To an empty world tell!
    The greed of
    lies on spreadsheets.

    The complete Poem may be found via “Obama’s Message” @ http://obamasmessage.com .

    However: To the Point! Have suffered a loss of memory that denies me an ability to remember ANYTHING from August 1963 to August 2009. And any effort I may have made regarding attempts to wake the world is denied to me. In February 2010 I KNEW, ABSOLUTELY SO, that, the failure to HEED such as 🦊 StopYourEngines.com 🦊 would GUARANTEE our starvation by Spring 2022 and our EXTINCTION BY 2026. Woe! There is nothing available in all Science Journals, including peer reviewed papers that leads me to a scintilla of HOPE that I am wrong.

    Ke Sera! May we meet in another place, where TIME may grace us with an understanding of why such as You & I and other determined folks, FAILED in our efforts to wake the rest.

    Unfortunately, my anger at the situation has me advancing various proposals to prod the IMPALEMENT of Pollution’s overwhelming number of supportive Politicians via the
    🦊 FoxFarts.com 🦊 solution.

    Please! Consider JOINING me in such, or PRODDING such as I may soon be unable to do anything.

    Sincerely, Daniel J. Lavigne

    OOPS! Nearly forgot! Access 🦊 Humanitys-Choice.com 🦊 and consider participating in the effort to produce several thousand of my Magnetic Lift Device (The StarDrive) and, upon building your version, help erect a Space Based Sunshade which is the only possible way by which we might save ourselves. Unfortunately: Suffering from an advanced case of Congestive Heart Failure, I have had to drop out and shall soon terminate all efforts to “write”, etc. Again, Ke Sera!
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