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Climate Change Emergency Petition 

We, the citizens of our nation and of the Earth, are endowed with certain rights, powers, and obligations, which demand we act to preserve and protect the future of humanity and Earth's other biological life.

Our petition has four demands.

Based on abundant scientific evidence or our own climate change experiences, we recognize that:

a. The global climate is rapidly warming. 

b. Despite 60 years of credible scientific warnings, climate change and global warming are still rising and have reached dangerous levels, causing widespread deterioration across our climate and environment.

c. The global climate is becoming increasingly unstable due to atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution (carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide), which is dominantly coming from the burning of human-caused fossil fuels. This is an urgent crisis that demands immediate action.

We are now facing a rapidly worsening climate change scenario.

This climate change-driven environmental deterioration and escalating extinction threat can only be fixed by our politicians immediately enacting the scientifically correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Getting close to the 2025 global targets will dramatically reduce the damaging atmospheric carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide and prevent the worst consequences of climate change.

It will also help prevent the loss of at least 10 million lives a year worldwide from just the painful and debilitating health-related effects of the toxic air pollution caused by fossil fuel burning. 

If we do not get close to the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets, the frequency, severity, and size of global climate change consequences will rise dramatically from 2025-2031 and beyond and far beyond what we can quickly adapt to.

Many of these climate change consequences will be catastrophic and last for hundreds to thousands of years.



Therefore, I hereby demand that our politicians and government leaders meet to enact these four demands:

1. Declare a national and international Climate Change Emergency. (We will never be able to manage worsening climate change unless we call the climate change emergency that it really is.)

2. Immediately pass enforceable and verifiable national and international laws that will get us close to the required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (These climate change-related laws and actions are described here.)

3. Order an immediate government mass mobilization of ALL necessary resources and personnel to execute ALL required governmental actions to come as close as possible to the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And finally,

4. Start the necessary climate change disaster preparation, adaptation, and resilience-building needed for soon-arriving, severe climate change consequences that our nation can no longer avoid or prevent. (About one-half of humanity could die off by 2050-2070 if our politicians fail us once again.)

By electronically signing this petition below, I am officially petitioning and demanding that my national politicians execute the four above actions to protect and preserve humanity and all biological life on Earth. 

Furthermore, realizing that the climate change consequences that are already occurring will take centuries to thousands of years to repair (creating an unbearable nightmare for surviving generations), I further pledge to continue to help resolve our intensifying climate change emergency until it is fixed!

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Additional Petition Information, If Needed:

1. See key information about how this petition will be used here.

2. When you sign the petition, you give us permission to email you your petition signature acknowledgment copy and occasional climate change emergency progress updates about once a month.


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  • Shambhu Kumar Jaiswal
    signed 2023-04-21 00:28:28 -0700
  • Borland Apollo Ma Pizarro
    signed 2023-04-03 03:01:06 -0700
  • Cheryl Hermansen
    signed 2023-03-29 09:35:25 -0700
  • Jennifer Howlett
    signed 2023-03-26 07:23:21 -0700
  • Linda Schroeder
    signed 2023-03-21 12:57:22 -0700
    It is disheartening to be in my 80’s knowing I will not be able to support my younger ones I love 50 years from now. They, without significant acknowledgement and ACTION, from our leaders both in USA and around the world, will experience a world that has little hope. We need BIG solutions now, not in 10 years or more.
  • Peter Gouldhurst
    signed 2023-03-21 00:22:39 -0700
    Governments are making an effort but accompanied by the restraint of, keeping societies functioning as usual (this so that they may get re-elected). There is no mention of, having to make sacrifices or, the governments imposing necessary restrictions on us as they did in war time. The only way to do this is to educate politicians, and the public as to this necessity

    (as you are doing) and was done successfully to reduce tobacco smoking.(but not successfully in Norway (at first) where there was little or now educational prelude.)
  • jose Jaramillo
    signed 2023-03-18 13:00:29 -0700
    cada día veo como algunas personas no cuidan el planeta o personas maltratando alos animales sin motivo alguno esta sociedad cada día se va derrumbando cada día mas y hay que hacer algo y rápido antes que sea demasiado tarde
  • Catherine Skopic
    signed 2023-03-17 13:53:11 -0700
    Do you have members who could be speakers? We would like speaker for a virtual zoom:

    Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 7:00 PM EST – 8:30 PM EST


    Sierra Club New York city GroupSustainability Group, [email protected]
  • Filip Jablonski
    signed 2023-03-14 10:38:30 -0700
  • Clive Andie
    signed 2023-03-09 21:03:22 -0800
  • Allan Pereira
    signed 2023-03-08 18:15:27 -0800
  • Md Azhar
    signed 2023-03-07 13:39:26 -0800
    Lead 27🇮🇳✅🌏
  • Andrew Leitch
    signed 2023-03-07 06:26:53 -0800
  • Wayne Winsor
    signed 2023-03-05 09:19:43 -0800
    Why don’t we all demand that anything that is manufactured and is exposed to the sun be made in a white color. ( eg. cars, siding, shingles). Why don’t we slow the speed of cars all over the world to 20% of the speed limit and get the police to strictly enforce it. Why don’t every child in the world plant a tree. Why don’t we all paint the roofs of houses white and the pavement on the roads white and our driveways. Next educate the people who don’t understand. Why don’t we start making electric trains to bring everybody to their work place. Why don’t we make bike lanes on our highways so people can peddle a bike to the supermarket and whatever. We need to do this now not in ten years when it is to late. Why don’t somebody give Potion lenicy and stop the bullshit war. Why don’t somebody ask me to be on T. V. so I can push my ideas. Ask people what to do. I am sure they can come up with lots of ideas that would be useful.
  • Kathleen Lique
    signed 2023-03-05 02:09:10 -0800
    May we all make a small change each day to save the future of our planet!
  • Hailie Steadward
    signed 2023-03-04 10:42:54 -0800
  • Edmond Marroni
    signed 2023-03-03 12:13:55 -0800
    I do write a weekly article in our church bulletin about climate change and the environment. I do plan to use your material if that is okay?
  • Freda Reaves
    signed 2023-03-03 05:22:43 -0800
  • Chriz Joby
    signed 2023-03-03 04:41:41 -0800
  • Chris Amador
    signed 2023-03-03 04:30:19 -0800
  • heudi hawke
    signed 2023-03-03 03:21:03 -0800
  • Katie Welch
    signed 2023-03-02 19:11:07 -0800
  • Sophia Dickerson
    signed 2023-03-02 18:15:29 -0800
    please don’t kill our planet.
  • Vicky Bambi
    signed 2023-03-02 15:31:03 -0800
  • Francielly Dos santos
    signed 2023-03-02 13:32:08 -0800
  • Ana Paiva
    signed 2023-03-02 07:28:12 -0800
  • Lena Jaśkiewicz
    signed 2023-03-01 01:22:38 -0800
  • Steven Johnson
    signed 2023-02-20 12:30:42 -0800
    Include plant based food for humans as well.
  • Jeevan Kumar
    signed 2023-02-13 16:45:54 -0800
    This is the need of the hour!
  • Victoria Salter
    @VictoriaSalte11 tweeted link to this page. 2023-02-12 14:07:32 -0800
    PSign the Petition to Declare a Climate Change and Global Heating Emergency . Help Prevent Mass Human, Animal, and Biological Extinction within Our Lifetimes.
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