9 Critical Facts that the World's Governments & Largest Environmental Groups are Hiding about Climate Change

Here are 9 critical facts about your global warming future that you are not hearing from your governments or the world's largest environmental groups.

(Originally published in October 2020 major updates November 13th, 2020.)

Fact 1: Our governments were not prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. They are even more unprepared for the accelerating global warming emergency. 

Fact 2: Our governments have ignored 35 years of warnings by our best climate scientists, just like many of them ignored the warnings of the world's best pandemic scientists. Our governments also have grossly under-estimated:

a. how bad global warming is going to get, 

b. how soon global warming will worsen, and 

c. the actual global warming fossil fuel reduction targets critically needed to save us from mass extinction. 

The world's governments have grossly under-estimated these three critical elements of global warming information because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations deliberately falsified the required global fossil fuel reduction calculations. These calculations are vitally important because the IPCC is the world's leading research authority on global warming and all governments rely upon them for their global warming consequence and timetable predictions.

These falsified calculations then caused subsequent global warming consequences and timetable predictions also to be false. Because of this IPCC falsification of the calculations and targets, the world now believes they will be safe for many decades. In truth, the world is facing an accelerating extinction emergency that must be managed before the end of 2025 or, we go over the last chance climate cliff. 

Because of many decades of systemic deception, under-estimation, and denial many catastrophic global warming consequences are now unavoidable!

Click here to discover how the IPCC deliberately falsified essential global fossil fuel reduction calculations and targets. (It is interesting and easy to understand. But it takes a bit to explain how the IPCC pulled it off without the world knowing and calling foul play.) 

Click here to see the other global fossil fuel reduction manipulations and politicization problems occurring with global warming consequence calculations coming from the IPCC.

Fact 3: We have now reached a global warming acceleration level where only a worldwide government-driven mass mobilization similar in scope to the mass mobilization that occurred before World War II can save us from going over the climate cliff to mass extinction. It is far too late for individual actions to achieve the 2025 global fossil fuel reductions needed to save us from accelerating global warming-driven catastrophe and mass extinction. 

(Part 3 of our Job One for Humanity Plan will show you how our governments can complete the required mass mobilization and the required levels of fossil fuel reductions to save us.)

Fact 4: If we keep going the way we are now, our governments are less than five years away (2025) from going over the climate cliff and missing our last practical chance for centuries to reduce fossil fuel use sufficiently to meet the required safe target levels. Only by achieving these 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets do we maintain realistic control of our global warming futures and prevent the mass extinction of much of humanity by mid-century. 

The 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets will require most of us to reduce our total global fossil fuel use by a shocking 75%. This 75% global fossil fuel reduction means explicitly that all developed countries (including China and India) must reduce all auto, train, shipping, airline, industrial, agricultural, and home uses of all fossil fuels by 75% to meet these 2025 targets! 

Most undeveloped countries have considerably smaller 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets. These smaller targets for undeveloped countries are due to their historically far lower fossil fuel use levels and because of climate justice and fairness. 

(Click here to see the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target details.)

Fact 5: Missing this 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets means we go over the climate cliff, and we accelerate the immutable laws of climate physics. Going over this climate cliff will trigger crossing more global warming tipping points at faster and faster rates. Failing to meet the 2025 targets also means we will not prevent the most catastrophic global warming consequences from occurring. 

For example, suppose we fail to meet the 2025 targets, accelerating temperatures, drought, rain bombs, flooding, and global warming's other forms of extreme weather. In that case, we will not be able to prevent the widespread collapse of global agriculture. If we allow global agriculture's widespread failure, the human population will quickly starve and collapse to a fraction of today's population. 

But this is not even the worse consequence of missing the 2025 targets.

As warned by the UN Secretary-General and the UN Climate Secretariat, if we miss these 2025 targets, an even worse consequence called runaway global warming will eventually render our beautiful Planet Earth uninhabitable! (Runaway global warming means that global warming will run away from us and continue to get warmer and warmer due to crossed tipping points of and by itself and because of other climate factors.)

Runaway global warming can only happen if we cannot stop ourselves from going over the 2025 climate cliff, and we cross the four key extinction-accelerating global warming tipping points. 

(Click here to read about how and when these four critical extinction-accelerating tipping points will unfold over the next few decades once we go over the 2025 climate cliff. It will also explain the global warming climate cliff and what happens once we cross it.) 

Fact 6: Despite horrible odds for successfully reaching the critical 2025 targets, it is still technically possible to reach them as long as we immediately execute a worldwide government-driven mass mobilization. If our governments get us close to the 2025 targets, we can at least slow down (but not stop) the coming mass extinction event that will kill off much of humanity by mid-century. 

This mass extinction event will also trigger a collapse of most nations' economies and destroy much of their functioning civilization. Because of these two unthinkable global consequences, we must do everything possible to meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and slow down the accelerating global warming mass extinction process. 

Fact 7: Only by getting close to the global 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets and successfully managing most of these other 11 non-global warming global problems will we give ourselves the needed time and resources to prevent the far worse total extinction of humanity from occurring around 2070 to 2100. 

(If you think that either of the above mass extinction or total extinction global warming threats are overstated, please read this page first, then this page, and then please see this recent scientific summary by respected climate scientists.) 

Fact 8: We are horribly behind where we need to be in reducing global fossil fuel use to get even close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. We are failing miserably to manage most of these other 11 critical global challenges that are interacting with and accelerating many global warming consequences to our severe detriment. 

Consequently, now is the time for wise individuals and businesses to create their own Plan B emergency backup plans. It is no longer reasonable to rely solely upon our limited-resourced governments to save you, your family, or your business from this rapidly accelerating emergency. (Plan B is simply an emergency preparation, adaptation, and survival plan that might even include migration or relocation to global warming and other global threat safer areas.)

With your Plan B in place, you can keep working to help slow down global warming to achieve the best remaining global warming outcomes after you have first prepared your family and business for the soon-arriving worst consequences.  

By having a personalized Plan B ready, you and your loved ones will be able to survive and thrive far longer and more comfortably. If we get through this extinction emergency, you will have also preserved your future opportunity to create a better life from the lessons learned.

(Click here to see the Job One for Humanity Plan B. Plan B includes saving and salvaging as much of our global civilization as we can for as long as we can so, it will be there for us in the post-collapse future where we will need it.)

(Click here to see the many best possible remaining outcomes if our governments mass mobilize and act in time.)

Fact 9: Depending on your location, many of you should still have enough time to prepare for and adapt to the myriad of now unavoidable global warming consequences. Additionally, it is wholly appropriate to feel fear at this dangerous juncture because of the known consequences of accelerating global warming and the worsening of these other 11 global challenges

While fear or panic generally paralyzes, there are positive evolutionary reasons for why the emotion of fear exists. Positive fear exists when there are REAL threats to your survival. Positive fear mobilizes the observant and wise to act before it is too late! 

To support the appropriate and positive use of fear on our real and soon arriving threats, here are the most critical global warming deadlines to remember: 

a. The 5-year deadline: At this time, it is appropriate to admit it is all but impossible for us to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! But, we still do have enough time left to slow down a mid-century mass extinction event for much of humanity. We still can maintain some level of control of our global warming future, and we can still prevent total extinction! 

To avoid total extinction, we must make radical global fossil fuel reductions immediately and still come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (This extinction danger also means we have to continue to educate the world about the climate cliff and tipping point deadlines of this emergency after preparing our personal survive and thrive provisions and creating eco-community cooperatives and sanctuaries. It is also essential to know that within this first 5-year period, if you are in a high-risk location, land prices in the safer global warming locations will start rising at a faster rate.)

b. The 5-10-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) From 2020 to 2027, global warming consequences will steadily worsen in a rising but linear progression. More people will migrate. More will die because of climate-related catastrophes. 

Suppose you have prepared, adapted, and are in a global warming safer location before 2027 and have a good Plan B in place. Depending upon your location, relative stability and security for family and business are probable until 2030 to 2040. (See this Plan B page, which discusses how to prepare and the safest and least safe places to ride out the global warming extinction emergency.)

c. The 10-15 year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) After 2030-2035 many other climate, human, ecological, political, and economic tipping points will be crossed due to global warming and, these other critical global challenges will worsen. The stability and security of even the safest and best prepared global warming safer locations will lessen and become increasingly challenging. Those individuals in supportive cooperatives or eco-communities should be significantly safer and better adapted than those who are not.

d. The 15-25 year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) Beginning around 2030, the frequency, severity, and size of 20 worst global warming consequences will move from a rising linear progression into an exponential progression. Stability and security for even the safest and best prepared, safer global warming locations, cooperatives, and eco-communities will become far more difficult and dangerous.

e. The 25-30-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) By mid-century, mass extinction for much of humanity is unavoidableFrom 2030-2050 will be the riskiest period to survive for much to most of society. Generally, things will be better in safer global warming locations, cooperatives, and eco-communities. Even there, survival is far from guaranteed without the highest preparation, adaptation, and cooperation levels.

(If you still have ANY remaining doubts that we will cross extinction-evoking tipping points and that it will be as bad as we are saying, please read this page first, then this page!)

f. The 50-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) We will face the worst consequences of runaway global warming, and we will be heading toward the beginning of the runaway greenhouse gas effect, which ripped the atmosphere off Venus. Because of this escalating runaway global warming reality, humanity will face a total extinction event (what we describe as the Climageddon Scenario) beginning as soon as 2070-2100. 

Many people believe that geoengineering, carbon capture, or some other new miracle technology will ride in like a knight on a white horse at the last minute to save humanity from the natural consequences of its previous climate decisions, actions, inactions, and mistakes. 

(Click here to read about why this fairy tale carbon capture technology is not going to happen or will be "too little too late" to save us.)

(Click here to read how challenging it will be to reach the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets.)


1. The IPCC has deceived us and our governments about the real global fossil fuel reduction targets and how bad and fast global warming catastrophe and mass extinction is coming.

2. It is now virtually impossible for us to meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Our governments have failed to keep us from going over the climate cliff to prevent the coming mass extinction. It is now more critical than ever for our governments to immediately and finally mass mobilize and act together to prevent humanity's total extinction later in the second half of this century. 

3. For individuals and businesses, it IS time to execute your emergency Plan B to prepare for and adapt to the soon-arriving mega-catastrophes and the inevitable mass extinction of much of humanity by mid-century. 

If we do not get at least close to the real 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we will be facing total extinction in the second half of the 21st century. We will face total extinction because we will not be able to stop ourselves from crossing the four extinction accelerating global warming tipping points.

The battle to prevent mass extinction is over. The fight to prevent total extinction has begun.

Unfortunately, to prevent the required painful and radical fossil fuel reductions to save us from the hidden, total extinction threat as well as public panic, our governments and politicians will adamantly continue to deny or hide the above facts. Too many governments and environmental groups have been compromised by the money and influence of fossil fuel producing nations, fossil fuel-related industries, and their lobbyists. 

To keep the public calm and ignorant of the real and imminent extinction dangers described above, it is very likely our governments will continue to issue false or misleading global warming reduction progress reports. Our governments will also likely seek to distract us with false hope solutions like the illusionary carbon capture and geoengineering schemes.

Despite the numerous and immense efforts to prevent widespread public access to the facts on this page, for humanity to survive and thrive, we must go where the science and the facts lead us and face the cold and bitter reality of our current emergency. 

We must continue to speak truth to power no matter how uncomfortable those facts might be. 

And finally, please share these nine global warming facts with everyone you can!

And, if you read nothing else from the links above, read this page!

What you can do

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2. Please share this critical blog post with everyone you can!

3. Start your personal global warming Plan B and get ready for what is coming!

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