Summary for Part 2 of The Job One for Humanity Plan


  • The age of fossil fuel has already ended. No individual or organization should want to invest in an industry with its subsidies being removed, its profits being taxed at increasing rates, and growing legal liability to restore the immense damage it has done to the environment over the last 130 years. Divest and get out before you get caught! There is no future left for fossil fuel energy on a planet that has to rapidly move to green energy generation to survive and thrive.
  • Going greener and lowering your avoidable carbon emissions related to fossil fuel usage is an immediate and practical way to take ownership of your personal responsibility to help reduce global warming. It is what we will all have to do by law once we have solved the global warming emergency. It is also what we will have to do if we fail to solve the global warming emergency to buy ourselves a little more time to prepare and migrate.
  • It may be challenging, but continually eating less animal and dairy products is the single most powerful action you as an individual can take to reduce global warming and your carbon footprint.
  • If we do not succeed, these action steps can help slow and lessen the total effects of escalating global warming enough for, hopefully, several billion of us to have time to prepare for what is coming, or to migrate.
  • If we succeed, these individual actions will be needed to maintain a stable and safe temperature range and climate in the future and to prevent it from happening again. In fact, if we are successful in ending this emergency, many of these action steps will become mandated by law to ensure we never trigger a global warming emergency again.
  • If you are of a spiritual nature, it is critical to work with your faith community to help end global warming through education and Job One-compatible actions. The faith communities of our world, when committed, will exert the powerful leverage of collective moral force to help end the global warming emergency.

All of the preceding and far more information about the escalating warming emergency can be found in the Climageddon book. Get your copy now! Your book purchase helps support the social benefit mission of Job One for Humanity to end global warming.

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In our members-only section, we have among many things created detailed migration evaluation materials as well as a six-page migration land and home purchase checklist. In our members-only section, you will also find a detailed description of the global warming safest towns and areas within the United States. (It took us 3 years and 12 weeks of staff travel to these areas these checklists and related information.)  

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What's next?

You are urgently needed, and you can make a meaningful difference! Everyone can find something meaningful to contribute and do in the many action steps of the four parts of the Job One Plan.
Now that you have finished Part 2 of the Job One Plan, we strongly recommend that you also read over Part 3 and Part 4 of the Job One Plan.
Part 3 is all about the simultaneous actions governments around the world must enact if we are going to have any chance of achieving the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and saving the future. Part 4 is particularly important because it describes the role, responsibilities, and consequences the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations will experience in this emergency. 
Part contains many tools for individuals who do not have a direct influence on their politicians, which creatively might help them influence their local, regional, or national politicians. Part 4 also contains essential reading for individuals on why many wealthy individuals, corporations, etc will want to help us solve this emergency.
If you are motivated, become a volunteer yourself by clicking here. 
If you are motivated, let others know. This difficult truth on the page above also means that once you understand these facts, you also have a personal moral and ethical duty to quickly warn everyone you love with an open mind about the facts and consequences found on the Job One website. The information on this website will help them plan more wisely and also save them from or lessen any unnecessary suffering, severe financial loss, or even death.

Click here for Part 3 of the Job One Plan for the critical collective actions we must get done to prevent extinction.

Click here for Part 4 of the Job One Plan on how we can get the critical actions of Part 3 of the Job One Plan done.

Sign the Declare a Runaway Global Heating State of Emergency Petition

Sign the Stop Saying Climate Change Pledge


Please check and start one of the Part 2 action steps below: 

Actions Step 1 to Step 8

Actions Step 9 to Step 15

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Please check and start one of the Part 2 action steps below: 


Actions Step 1 to Step 8

Actions Step 9 to Step 15

Part 2 Summary

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