The 4 most important and scariest global warming deadlines to NEVER forget!

Here are 4 absolutely critical NEVER forget global warming deadlines coming far sooner than we are prepared for.


Reducing carbon levels in the atmosphere in parts per million (ppm), IS the best way to tell if we are making real fossil fuel reduction progress which equates to eventually reducing global warming.

In the atmospheric carbon (CO2) graph below, you can see things are getting exponentially worse in relation to reducing atmospheric carbon from burning fossil fuels. In the graph below the carbon levels in our atmosphere are given in parts per million (ppm.)

We hope you will not blindly believe the following 4 global warming critical deadlines, but take the time to review the factual detail research and analysis behind each deadline in its associated documentation links.

The 4 most important global warming deadlines to NEVER forget:

Deadline 1: 2019-2025, the last chance to make the radical and costly fossil fuel use reductions needed to still maintain enough control over the escalating global warming emergency to prevent mass extinction.

From now until 2025 all of the developed nations of the world must reduce their total current fossil fuel usage by 75%. Click here to read all about this critical fossil fuel reduction target and the deadlines for both developed and developing countries.

Are you shocked by how steep the above challenge is or, maybe you just can't believe the above could possibly be the real fossil fuel reduction level and deadline we must now achieve? Well, even the the world's leading authority on global warming (the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC].) is currently advising every government around the world that we only have about 10 years left to radically cut fossil fuel use to be able to still prevent a chain of horrendous and soon-arriving global warming catastrophes.

Unfortunately, in the past, the IPCC is also infamous for politicizing and lessening the required fossil fuel reductions as well as grossly underestimating global warming consequence timetables on a usual basis of about 20 to 40%. (Click here to learn about the IPCC's dangerous politicization of science and underestimation of coming global warming consequence timetables.)

After making the necessary adjustments for the IPCC's gross underestimation bias as well as for new data from more current analysis, we absolutely have to hit the above 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines, because it also will keep us from breaking through the ultra-dangerous atmospheric carbon tipping point range of carbon 425 to 450 ppm. (We are at about carbon 411 ppm right now.) 

When we enter the very slippery and steeper slope between carbon 425 ppm and 450 ppm we also will be crossing additional: 

a. global warming tipping points,

b. points of no return, and

c. triggering more positive feedback loops within our climate system and subsystems.

This will cause us to reach a key new threshold level. This is the threshold level where we continue down an even steeper and more slippery slope at a significantly faster pace toward average global temperature increases of 3°, 4°, 5°, and 6° Celsius (5.4°, 7.2°, 9°, and 10.8° Fahrenheit.)

These temperatures levels would soon lead to the extinction of as much as 70-90% or more of humanity in as little as the next 30 to 50 years. When we cross this carbon 425-450 ppm climate cliff, in addition to leading us into likely mass extinction, its horrible consequences on any surviving future generations will be irreversible for centuries to thousands of years. 

After we cross the carbon 425 ppm level, stopping this increasing global temperature momentum will be like trying to stop a gigantic boulder from rolling faster and faster down a cliff drop-off that keeps getting steeper and steeper.

In case you're still thinking technology will save us at the last minute, no new carbon removal technologies (what we call magical carbon sucking unicorns,) will be able to save us in time. Even those who believe this technology might save us are projecting that the needed technologies will not even be available at the earliest until sometime after 2050. This will be long after the damage is done and long after anything can be done for the billions of people who will suffer and die! (For more about the correct developed nation and developing nation fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines, click here.) 

The terrifying thought and deadline that is critical to burn into your mind is that, as much as 70 to 90% of humanity will suffer and die in as little as 30-50 years, and our ability to have any real or meaningful control over this looming emergency ends around about 2025 when we enter into the carbon 425-450 ppm range. The good news is that these horrible consequences will only occur if we once again fail to execute the required radical global fossil fuel reductions described here.

Because of the preceding imminent and catastrophic risk, we have no other rational alternative other than to never cross into this ultra-dangerous carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point range. This also will be a very very difficult deadline to meet requiring the immediate mass mobilization of all nations to take radical actions.

Maybe you still don't believe we are telling you the truth about how severe our global fossil fuel use reduction targets and deadlines need to be? Here are the links to two important videos on the new research and analysis on the correct fossil fuel reduction levels and deadlines. It was made by the leading English climate Prof. Kevin Anderson and presented at Cambridge University.

Click here for the first professor Anderson video.

Click Here for the second professor Anderson video.

Click here to see the 13 challenges that make this a nearly impossible target and deadline to meet without an immediate mass mobilization of ALL the world's governments and resources.

Deadline 2: 2026-2030, the time of emergency preparations, preemptive migration and warning others about the now unavoidable coming global warming consequences. We cross the carbon 425-450 ppm tipping point.

If we failed to reach the 2025 developed nations fossil fuel 75% reduction target and we have crossed above carbon 425 ppm, we will lose meaningful control of global warming for at least 30-50 years. We will also fall further down a slippery slope closer to creating all of the other conditions necessary for triggering average global temperature increases of 3° to 4° Celsius (5.4°, 7.2° Fahrenheit.)

We also will move even closer to the next inevitable cataclysmic tipping point of carbon 500 ppm. Consequently, we will need to prepare ourselves, our families and our businesses for ever-escalating and worsening global warming-related consequences and crossed tipping point related disasters. 

We all should start emergency preparations because by this time many Global warming consequences will be unavoidable even if we do manage to hit the super-challenging 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. If you live between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south (see illustration below,) well before 2030 you also will want to give serious consideration to preemptively migrating to areas that will be safer from escalating global warming-related consequences.

If you wait to migrate past this 2030 date nation safer nation borders will likely be closed or prices will be so high in the safer global warming zones you will not be able to afford anything within them. (Click here for more information on global warming emergency preparation and migration. 

By 2026 to 2030 the number of global warming deniers and those who do not think global warming is as bad as it really is will drop significantly. This is because those individuals will have seen or personally experienced the dramatic increase in the severity, frequency, and scale of global warming-related consequences such as:

1. record-breaking hurricanes and wildfires,

2. "worst in centuries" droughts, floods and dust storms,

3. alternating cold and warm winters and other out of character seasonal instabilities,

4. extreme storms,

5. rain bombs, where weeks or months worth of rain falls in a few hours or a few days,

6. lower food crop yields, increasing food crop failures, rapidly rising food prices and increase global starvation.

As more people witness all of the above, smart individuals will start to plan how they're going to deal with things as they continue to get worse. They will also start to warn those closest to them as well.

Click here for exactly what is meant by losing meaningful control of global warming for as long as the next 30 to 50 years and why we will lose this control if we miss our 2025 targets.)

Deadline 3: 2032-2050, global warming consequences intensify dramatically and all ice on earth begins melting, many hundreds of millions suffer and die. We cross the carbon 500 ppm tipping point.

If we miss start 2025 fossil fuel reduction deadlines for the developed nations, it is all but certain we will soon cross the carbon 500 ppm catastrophic tipping point because of numerous momentums in our climate systems and inertias in our human systems. Once we cross the carbon 500 ppm level ALL ice and ALL glaciers on Earth will begin the process of a complete meltdown! Yes, you read that right!

Worse yet, if the ice shelves around the world keep sliding off the land that they are currently sitting upon into the oceans at faster and faster rates as they are doing now and their tipping points are crossed, cities like San Francisco could very well experience as much as a 2-10-foot sea level rise over a several decade period.

Crossing the carbon 500 ppm threshold has, in fact, happened repeatedly in Earth's geological history. When this has occurred, the sea level inevitably and eventually rose to the 70 meters (230 feet) range. At our current annual carbon ppm emission rates, we will reach this catastrophic carbon 500 ppm range without crossing any additional tipping points as early as 2032-2050. If we cross any major tipping points it will likely happen even sooner.

Take a moment to watch this beautiful two-minute annimation video which will show you what will happen to the earth and its major cities when all of the ice melts.

When we cross that critical battle line by passing the atmospheric carbon level of 500 parts per million (ppm), our average global temperature will soar to about 4°C (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit). At 4°C, a large portion of humanity (hundreds of millions to billions) will die of starvation (or of increased heat's other related consequences) and, many governments and societies will collapse in many areas of the world between the 35th parallel north and the 35th parallel south.

Even though it will take many centuries for the seas to rise 230 feet, there will still be sea level rise spurts within those centuries where sea level rise by 10 feet or more in just a few decades as it also has done repeatedly in Earth's past. 

Take a moment to visualize the seas eventually rising 230 feet and what this will mean to the generations that follow us. Take a moment to visualize massive crop failures around the world because of the increased heat and the consequent mass suffering of slow starvation as we reach and pass the carbon 500 ppm level (an average global temperature increase of 4°C [7.2 degrees Fahrenheit])

Hundreds of millions of people will become climagees (climate refugees) and migrate toward the northernmost countries. Hundreds of millions will die. 

Deadline 4: 2045-2074, billions are suffering and dying, the extinction of humanity and the end of civilization accelerates.

The moment we passed carbon 500, we entered upon an ultra-slippery, super-steep slope which will take us rapidly to the carbon 600 ppm tipping point. If we keep adding more carbon into the atmosphere at faster rates and we cross just a few more major global warming tipping points, we could be looking at carbon 600 as early as 2045. 

This new carbon 600 ppm level will raise the average global temperature to very near to 5°C (9 degrees Fahrenheit.) This will begin the process of releasing amounts of massive methane from methane clathrate trapped on our coastal shelves. (Please click here to watch a short video that brilliantly explains and illustrates the methane extinction process once we start releasing large amounts of methane clathrate from our coastal shelves.

Because methane is 86 times more potent than carbon as a greenhouse gas, this will again rapidly spike average global temperatures and rapidly accelerate the already underway extinction of most (if not all,) of humanity and the end of civilization as we know it. This is not theoretical.

Several past mass extinction events possibly linked in this way to ocean coastal shelves suddenly releasing massive methane clathrate amounts are the Permian-Triassic extinction event and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal MaximumNew research shows we actually begin this massive methane clathrate release process once we reach 5°C and by about 6°C, it is in full bloom. (Large amounts of methane are already being released from polar areas and permafrost already.) 

When we reach carbon 600 ppm as soon as about 2074 (or much, earlier if we keep crossing more global warming tipping points,) we will also greatly accelerate the process of crossing even more global warming tipping points at a faster rate.

This will again spike the average global temperature up to and beyond 6°C.

At about 5°C, a large portion of humanity (6-7 billion plus,) will die of starvation (or of increased heat's other related consequences) and even the strongest governments and societies will collapse in many areas of the world between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south. 

As we reach the carbon 500 ppm and carbon 600 ppm levels, we will also cross into the later and most dangerous phases of the Climageddon Scenario extinction model with all of its additional unconscionable consequences.

Take a moment and think about the reality that if we do not achieve our 2025 carbon reduction targets for developed countries, at carbon 600 ppm as soon as about 2050, we trigger the final processes that will complete the extinction of 70 to 90% of humanity if not more. Billions of people will become climagees and migrate toward the northernmost countries. Billions will die. 

At this atmospheric carbon level, civilization will collapse and any unlucky survivors will enter into an ecological and climate hell and social dark age that will make the survivors wish they were dead.

The following is a 1,000-year methane graph (found at in which you can see how total atmospheric methane levels from all sources have exponentially skyrocketed particularly during the last 50 years.

What this all means and what you can do 

1. You need to do your part to help all of us meet the critical fossil fuel reduction goals as described here and in the Job One for Humanity Plan to have anything close to a chance for stable and normal life. Click here for a quick overview for where to start the Job One for Humanity plan. 

2. Sign the global warming extinction emergency petition to let your politicians know we need them to act now. Click here for this critical petition.

3. Sign up as a member subscriber of this website and our organization so you can get all the updates as they come out. Do that by putting your email address in the subscribe box at very the bottom of this page.

4. Please share this blog article and our other Job One for Humanity blog posts and web pages on global warming anywhere and everywhere you think they will help educate people as to the imminent life and death threat posed by our global warming emergency. We still have a chance to save the future, but at this point, there are strong arguments that to do it, we will have to shock people out of their denial, distraction, and delusions and, into action. If we do not act, we will have no chance at a livable future and inhabitable planet. Our organization absolutely depends upon you to help spread the word!

5. After doing the above four steps above, enjoy your life as much as possible today and don't delay doing important things for you and your loved ones. We are still in a highly dangerous situation. As things continue to deteriorate as described in greatm detail in the Climageddon Scenario Extinction Countdown, the best it may ever be, might just be right now! 

And finally, because of all of the preceding, we truly have no other rational alternative other than to never cross over into the dangerous transitional range and the tipping point of carbon 425-450 ppm. 

What we do know with certainty is this. In spite of all of the difficult challenges and bad outcomes that are possible and, in spite of the possibility of failing to hit our 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets, no matter what, the single constant and greatest truth for the best possible outcomes for humanity's future is that --- the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use:

a. the larger the number of people will be that will not suffer or die over the next 30 to 50 years, and

b. surviving future generations will suffer far less from an escalating chain of worsening global warming consequences. (This is described fully in what is called the Climageddon Scenario Extinction Countdown.)


Do you still have doubts if the carbon 425 to 450 ppm tipping point range safe to enter? Here is some other research that is worth reviewing so you know it is not just us warning you how bad this 425-450 ppm range is. (Please note that this additional research still suffers from the politicizing and underestimation errors and the lack of factoring in any acceleration or amplification due to the crossing of any tipping points during the period from now until we reach carbon 450 ppm.)

Click here to learn more about how 10 climate scientists view the serious dangers of crossing the 425 to 450 carbon ppm range.

The OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050: Key Findings on Climate Change” summarizes predictions by climate scientists’ models for future temperatures if we keep concentrations of CO2 under 450 ppm.

A November 2013 report by PwC, Busting the carbon Budget, says that at our current rate of fossil fuel usage in the global economy, we will exceed that limit by 2034.

Click here to read about the 5 most important global warming facts relevant to helping resolve any remaining doubts you might have.


Written by the Job One for Humanity research team

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