Was the Dubai International Climate Conference a Farce or a Tragedy?

If you judge the Dubai COP 28 climate conference by the central core of their closing summary statement, It was a tragedy --- and a farce and a disaster!

A lead minister from Dubai and conference spokesperson said that --- continual global fossil fuel use will be an essential part of the transition to clean energy.

Isn't that just about the craziest doublespeak you have ever heard? The way we go green is by continuing to use fossil fuel.

If you read nothing else below about the international Dubai COP 28 climate conference disaster, please click here (or on the image below) to read about how the global fossil fuel cartel is spending billions and billions of dollars in climate change disinformation to make you and your politicians so climate change STUPID that:

a. no one can think accurately about the REAL climate change facts. And,

b. no one can understand they are already in a climate change extinction danger. 

As long as the fossil fuel cartel is allowed to keep us "climate change stupid," with billions of dollars in continuous global climate change disinformation campaigns nothing effective will be done about the climate change emergency and our growing extinction threat.

And, the cartel will keep raking in 28 trillion dollars a year.



Why the COP 28 Dubai International climate conference was a climate action disaster and what we can learn from it!

The article below describes the many problems and pitfalls of not only the Dubai COP 28 but the whole UN and IPCC-controlled international climate conference process. 

1. COP 28 like many previous conferences used the 30-60% grossly underestimated IPPC Summary Climate Change Reports. That meant from the start of the conference they were not even negotiating with the correct data.

2. The promises and climate restitution pledges made at COP 28 had absolutely no enforceable deadlines or punishments for not being met! They were no different than the greenwashing "fancy talk" promises and pledges that have been made at the last dozen previous COP international climate conferences that have still not been fulfilled.

3. COP 28 was not turned into an climate change public "wake up call" and global climate education event by doing the following:

A. demand that the IPCC at COP 28 use the correct climate sensitivity amount and immediately redo all of its 30-60% underestimated climate change consequence severity and timeframe calculations and its global fossil fuel reduction calculations and target dates. (For verification on the decades long 30-60% gross underestimation of climate consequence severity and timelines and correct global fossil fuel reduction amounts required by the IPCC see this page and its climate research and links.)

For decades, the IPCC has been using a fossil fuel-favoring grossly underestimated climate sensitivity amount. See this article for a full explanation of why this climate sensitivity underestimation by the IPCC is so critical to your future survival, and why new IPCC summary reports must be re-calculated with the correct climate sensitivity amount and reissued immediately! And,

The IPCC gross underestimation of climate sensitivity in its summary reports has some powerful immediate impacts:

1. The world's citizens, governments, corporations, and media must demand that the IPCC's latest climate change summary report is immediately re-done and re-issued using the correct climate sensitivity constant, that all other known errors and omissions are also fixed, and that all fossil fuel favorable conflicts of interest are removed. Until this corrected new climate change summary report is issued, we strongly recommend discounting everything in the existing uncorrected report by 60%.

This IPCC underestimation crisis means that IPCC-predicted climate consequences can be viewed as being 60% worse than we are being told and will arrive 60% sooner than the IPCC has predicted. This underestimation crisis also means that the IPPC calculations for global fossil fuel calculations are 60% too little and must be achieved 60% sooner than the current IPCC fossil fuel reduction deadlines.(Please see this page, which summarizes the many decades of severe IPCC underestimation issues, critical calculation issues and omissions, and other IPCC methods to "cook" and distort the climate change calculations to allow the global fossil fuel cartel to continue selling even more fossil fuel amounts and avoid meaningful government regulations to reduce global fossil fuel use.)

If the IPCC does not immediately re-issue corrected climate change summary reports resolving its known conflict of interest, underestimation, and other issues, then the IPCC must be bypassed and discarded as a credible, trusted source of climate change information. Then, to get honest climate information to corporations, governments, the media, and the world's citizens, a new climate change research authority must be created independent of all fossil fuel or governmental conflicts of interest.

2. Because the IPCC's Climate Change Summary Reports have been widely, conclusively, and repeatedly shown by numerous peer-reviewed climate studies to be grossly underestimated by 60% and additionally politically compromised by fossil fuel interests having undue influence over the IPCC, any corporation or government who has used (or continues to use) the IPCC's Climate Change Summary Reports has a severe legal liability exposure in any climate change risk disclosures used in any of their purchase agreements, insurance policies, investment disclosures, or anywhere else their legal or agency documents discuss climate changes consequence risks. For example, this new liability exposure applies to zoning agencies that have issued future flood plain ratings based on IPCC Summary Report predictions. 

This now means that all corporations and governments that used the IPCC's Climate Change Summary Reports in any of their risk disclosures for property purchases, insurance, investments, etc, must immediately update those disclosures with notices to their clients of the correct new levels of climate risk based on the corrected climate change consequence calculations that are not underestimated by 60%. This climate change-related risk and disclosure update may not shield the corporations and governments from past climate change consequence liabilities because, proper due diligence by their chief executives and law firms should have discovered the well-documented and widespread prior challenges to the inaccuracy of IPCC's Summary Reports by the climate change science community.

Maybe you think we are exaggerating about how'd the fossil fuel cartel has be behaving. If you do, click here to read a shocking article by a trusted investigative global media newspaper that vigorously supports what we are saying about the global fossil fuel cartel. After reading this you will never doubt that you have been systematically lied to by the cartel and its controlled parties about our actual climate change condition and its real risk and urgency.

The obscene amount of money that the cartel is willing to spend to make you and your politicians "climate change stupid" (described in the link above) makes the cigarette companies disinformation expenditures look like a child's piggy bank.

B. call attention to and focus on the fossil fuel cartel's crimes against humanity and our biological systems.

C. call for thousands of new worldwide lawsuits against the fossil fuel cartel where the cartel is held liable for full financial restitution for all the climate change damages its products and actions have caused.

What better time to call the world's attention to the crimes of the cartel and initiating more lawsuits to collect restitution for climate damages against the cartel? In fact, every media opportunity and climate conference that occurs going forward should be considered another opportunity to encourage all of the victims of climate change consequences to sue the fossil fuel cartel for financial restitution and publicly charge them for their ongoing crimes against humanity.

D. if you were planning on going to any future IPCC climate conference, please boycott them until at least, the IPCC reissues it climate change summary reports re-calculated with the correct climate sensitivity amount.

Fossil fuel cartel members like the United Arab Emirates are not good-faith partners. We recommend these actions for everyone except those:

a. attending any future COP event to either report on or document the fossil fuel cartel's bad faith Machiavellian efforts to co-opt or control the climate change educational movement, their disinformation, their crimes against humanity, orto promote climate damage restitution lawsuits against the cartel.

b. seeing it as the best annual chance to publicly register and spread the climate change restitution demands of the developing world, which has been useful in forwarding climate change justice. The undeveloped world in general is and will suffer more climate change consequences than almost any other area.

If climate activists attend, any IPCC COP or other international climate conferences, we hope they will vigorously educate those at the who do not yet understand the global fossil fuel cartel is not a good faith partner or legitimate sponsor of climate change education or legitimate climate change regulation because of what they have done for the last 40 years, are doing now, and will continue to do.



Beyond what has already been said in this article, here is a short list of reasons to either boycott future IPCC COP conferences or create a new annual Global Climate Change Forum where truly independent climate scientists, researchers, NGOs, think tanks, and activists can meet to speak "climate truth to power" and where the global fossil fuel cartel and its cronies will be excluded.

Here is why:

1. The cartel's infiltration of the environmental and climate change movements is widespread. This bad faith infiltration is designed to secretly and slowly co-opt the missions of these organizations and dilute and distort their climate change messages so the cartel can continue "business as usual" and keep selling even more fossil fuels for longer.

2. Naively optimistic green environmental staff and organizations have not yet learned the painful evolutionary lesson that not all cooperation and partnering is good. Legitimate cooperation is only wise cooperation with actual win/win outcomes and balanced reciprocal benefits.

Many hopeful and desperate climate activists who will attend IPCC COP conferences will look directly into the eyes of lavishly paid cartel executives, lobbyists, PR firm staff, shilling climate think tank staff and believe that their nice-sounding, very agreeable statements or that their fake negotiations are factual and can be relied upon when the whole purpose of these cartel personnel being there is to control the fossil fuel reduction message by subtly diluting it, delaying, it confusing it, or killing it. They seem to forget that for some nations, fossil fuel sales are the only or main income they have. Allowing anyone to require them not to sell as much fossil fuel would be unthinkable.

They can not go home to their cartel's bosses and expect to get paid (remember, the fossil fuel cartel is all about money) if they do not tell their bosses that they once again got the results of diluting, delaying, confusing, or killing the "radical global fossil fuel reductions now" message with more disinformation or other near invisible thwarting tactics. They can never let the genuine climate change radical fossil fuel reduction message go public. They must hide the correct global fossil fuel reductions of about 75% to meet the 2025 targets, or far more than half of the post-2050 surviving population not already condemned to death because of past fossil fuel tactics will also die.

These naive, optimistic, or uninformed activists will continue to believe that everything is going well when the cartel's personnel are smiling at them with their eyes shining. But their happy, cooperative appearance only means the cartel's personnel are laughing at the gullible activists and mentally counting their lavish next cartel bonuses.

3. Unfortunately, many environmental and climate organizations have also wrongly equated lavish cash sponsorships and huge donations from cartel members with true climate change progress. (True climate change progress now only means immediate, radical global fossil fuel reductions to meet the 2025 global targets now at about 75% because they have been missed for decades.) 

4. Recent cartel internal projection reports on future global fossil fuel production indicate that the global fossil fuel cartel fully expects to sell considerably MORE fossil fuel globally in 2050 than it is now. If that is not the precise dictionary definition of bad faith and a bad faith partner for a COP conference, I do not know what is. And,

5. Of course, no cartel member would ever give the environmental and climate change educational movements any cash if those nonprofit organizations demanded a genuine wise win/win partnership and that the global fossil fuel cartel fully comply with the real 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

6. And finally, there is a famous quote by Golda Meyer, one of the co-founders of the state of Israel, that truly has applicability in this situation.

She said,

"You cannot negotiate with someone who is coming to kill you."

The cartel is killing us and will continue to do so until we act.



After reading everything above and in these three powerful Climate Justice Now program articles we just finished, it would be beyond being a COP climate change conference farce --- if legitimate climate change researchers and climate change remedial organizations went to future COP conferences thinking or believing it will make a real difference. 

But if they do go to future COP conferences, they should use the event to call public attention to the cartel's decades of crimes and the need for thousands more worldwide lawsuits and restitution awards against the cartel for climate damages.  

At worst, turn the COP into a highly public global indictment of the fossil fuel cartel. That would be a worthy future COP goal.

Happy New Year do not miss these three powerful Climate Justice Now program articles we just finished.



Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity & Universe Spirit


PS: And if you're feeling very brave,

We just completed a major update of the current uncensored climate condition found on this page. This is the one page of climate facts the fossil fuel cartel NEVER wants you to see.


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