What climate strategies most likely will NOT work in time to get our governments to end the runaway global heating extinction emergency?

Last updated 10.23.23. 

Important Update: The following was produced by the independent and 100% publicly funded Job One for Humanity climate change think tank. It is an much older climate strategy that, while it could at some point eventually to contribute to resolving the climate change extinction emergency. It has thus far been ineffective in actually reducing fossil fuel carbon and methane emissions going into our atmosphere.

Additionally, it is still an indirect and very slow method of influencing politicians. Unfortunately, indirect methods have proven over many decades to be far too little, far too late, especially with so little time remaining to get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

We strongly recommend you focus first on this new direct protest strategy if you you want to survive what is coming.

(Special Notice about something powerful, that may work better to end climate change than anything tried previously: If you have been harmed by climate change consequences, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Climate Justice NOW program, which helps the victims of climate change consequences get financial restitution.

Obtaining legal restitution is a very powerful way to make the global fossil fuel cartel pay for the damages it has caused worldwide and to inhibit its future ability to harm millions more people with the toxic atmosphere-polluting poison from its products. Click here for our Climate Justice Now program.)


Special prologue regarding this climate and runaway global heating strategy page 

The runaway global heating and climate change strategies below on how to execute effective climate and runaway global heating actions were dropped from use at Job One for Humanity in early 2020. The cancellation of the following strategies and actions was because they were ineffective or they could never work in time (within th 2025-2031last action window) to save us from near-total extinction.

(If you have any doubts about either the 3-9 years left urgency (2025-2031) or the critical importance of why you need to work on the effective Parts 1-4 of the Job One Plan at this time, please click here and review the ten most important facts about global heating and our destabilizing climate; before continuing with this page.) 

The actions below except one of them have little chance of ever getting even close to the extinction-preventing and last chance climate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction deadlines within the 3-9 years that we have left to prevent crossing key climate tipping points that will lead to our extinction. (Click here to see why we have only 3-9 years left {2025-2031} to save ourselves. from climate extinction.)

We have left this page up only for educational reasons and as lessons for other climate education organizations on:

1. what has not worked to reduce climate change and runaway global heating for decades and why. Or,

2. because those strategies will not work in time to save us from near-total extinction. 

We strongly recommend reviewing this only after you finish reading Part 4, Of the Job One Plan. Part 4 is our most realistic last hope of getting the 1% world's wealthiest individuals and corporations to get the world's politicians to execute the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions.)

Please do not forget that at this very late stage of needed global fossil fuel reductions, only government-enforced actions to reduce global fossil fuel use to close to the required 2025 global target levels can save us from the near-total extinction nightmare. 

This article on what does not and will not work on how to save us in time from runaway global heating extinction also contains vital climate change strategic information and a sobering message for our prominent environmental organizations as well as key global warming activists like Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, Bill McKibben, etc. 


Illustration by Jean Arnold


This article is currently being sent by Job One for Humanity volunteers to board members and executive management to some of the world's most prominent environmental organizations educating about global warming (Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Extinction Rebellion, Fridays for the FutureSunrise Movement, 350.org, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club Foundation, National Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, Worldwide Fund for Nature, and The Earth Day Network to name but a few. (If you would like to help us with this effort, click here and let us know you want to help.)

There are many remedial climate and runaway global heating tactics and strategies being forwarded by well-intentioned and honorable non-profit environmental groups not listed in the tactics below that are making some incremental progress on climate change and runaway global heating. Their progress cannot be denied, but we also are in the 11th hour for preventing humanity's near-total extinction!

Making some climate progress that looks and feels good to the hard climate-science unsophisticated is easy to promote and keeps the troops happy. But, putting resources toward feel-good incremental improvement that is not focused on the most critical path deadlines is no longer enough if humanity wants to survive.

We must discipline ourselves as a movement and complete thees or silimar deadline prioritized government-driven climate actions to prevent climate extinction before it is too late (in about another 3-9 years, 2025-2031.) We must focus and put all of our resources onto the critical path of what must be done by specific critical deadlines! We cannot lose our focus on "nice to have" or feel-good non-critical smaller pieces of the overall climate extinction solution or, we will all be dead soon. 

So, it is now up to our climate and runaway global heating leaders. Will they continue allocating valuable resources on the many nice-to-have" and feel-good tactics that do produce some progress but do not get us anywhere even close to what we need to do to preserve humanity!

All of the off-critical path feel-good and nice to do tactics being pushed by the climate movement will be meaningless no matter how much incremental progress they make if we fail to prevent near-total extinction. Unfortunately, this critical path, deadline focus seems challenging for many climate organizations and leaders to get.

And finally, many bottom-up public actions and generalized protest actions also will not work because of the Overton Window. Before reading further, every activist should understand the Overton Window effect.

The following are tactics and strategies that our Job One organization was not able to do by ourselves, or may not work in time to save humanity from the runaway global heating extinction emergency

The key question for humanity's runaway global heating future now becomes:

"What will it take to get the governments of the world to finally enact the real global fossil fuel reductions needed to end the escalating global warming nightmare?"

If we do not answer this question correctly and soon, there will be no livable future for any of us. 



Several solutions and strategy scenarios are presented in this article to answer the above "what will it take" question. The most straightforward strategic solution is found in Scenario One below. It is easier to do and digest because it does not have to come into being because of the runaway global heating consequence catastrophes found in Scenario Two.

Scenario Two will be very painful precisely because of the unconscionable mass suffering and death that will have to be endured if we have to wait for the Scenario Two global warming solution to naturally unfold. 

"Only the governments can slow down global warming enough to save some of us. Only the elites have the most power who can get to the governments in time to get them to act to save us!" Greta Thunberg

Scenario One: How to get a major portion of the national and global population protesting the runaway global heating extinction emergency at the same time to finally force our politicians to act! 

(Please note: As of May 26, 2022, our small nonprofit organization has not yet been able to adequately educate or motivate any of the world's major environmental organizations to successfully work together on Scenario One or Two. If the world's major environmental organizations could yet complete Scenario One below, there is still hope that we can avert near-total extinction and only suffer a near-total extinction event of a loss of about 60% to 90+ % of the world's population. But they would have to execute Scenario One with a very high percentage of the world's population, including many people from generations X, Y, and Z.

They are mostly indirect tactics and strategies in that their participants have only indirect influence over their politicians and governments. )


Scenario One is not only possible but is critical due to the urgency of this neat-total extinction emergency. Scenario One has two important parts:

Part 1. Scenario one starts with us, the world's environmental organizations, global warming activists, (like Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, Bill McKibben, etc,) and our politicians solidly understanding that we must get close to reducing all global fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025. Yes, you read that right, 75% is the needed amount!

The current global fossil fuel reduction numbers that we have been given by our governments are WAY, way OFF, and horribly wrong. We as individuals (as well as the world's environmental organizations,) first need to understand that we have been systemically and continually deceived by the fossil fuel industry's lobbied government authorities!

Our government authorities have cleverly hidden or muddled the real global fossil fuel use reduction targets by continuing to release new, different, and still grossly incorrect reduction targets.

This wrong global fossil fuel reduction target issue is not a small matter. If we do not meet the real 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we are in a life and death extinction emergency. This is because if we fail to reach these targets, we will rapidly go over four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points explained in detail along with this extinction process's critical dates here.

You do not have to take our word that you have been systematically and continually deceived by well-financed national and international fossil fuel vested interests buying our politicians. You do not have to believe that this situation is much like the endless lies by the cigarette companies concerning the dangers of their products allowed by previous politicians for decades. You can read precisely how the "trusted" global warming authorities and our governments have "cooked" the fossil fuel global reduction numbers with shameless accounting tricks and omissions to benefit the fossil fuel industry here. 

Once you have read the above "cooked books" link, next if you have not done so already, please read the critical details of the real 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets here. By the time you have read these two documents above, and about the four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points here, you should have no remaining reasonable doubt about:

1. the near-total extinction-level seriousness of the runaway global heating emergency,

2. how far away we are from fixing it, and

3. why what you are about to read in the next part of Scenario One that is absolutely necessary for our success!



Part 2. Because of what you have just read, (especially about these four extinction-accelerating and soon-arriving tipping points,) you now know why it is critical to get a large portion of humanity (from about 4-10% and realistically a far higher percentage if you want to ensure success) into the streets protesting and demanding that our politicians immediately make the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions to save us before it is too late. These massive public protests are needed because only government-driven and government-enforced actions will be able to make the changes in time to save us! (This urgency is also in part, due to our have having ignored 60 years of neglecting valid scientific warnings squandering the time during which we could have made the required reductions more gradually and easily.)



If we do not get large numbers of protesters ( particularly generations X, Y, and Z) into the street now, there is literally no chance we can not go over these 4 major tipping points.  If we go over these tipping points, there is no realistic way remaining to save humanity from a rapidly unfolding mass extinction event occurring over the next 30-50 years.

The really, really bad news here is that --- we have only a small window of time left (from 2025 to 2031 if we are lucky) left to prevent the coming mass extinction event by reducing global fossil use by 75% by 2025!  (Here are the multiple actions that our governments need to enact immediately in a mass mobilization to reach the 2025 targets.)

You are probably wondering, how can we get more individuals and the biggest environmental groups to help us get up to 10% or even far more of the world's population into the streets protesting and demanding political action at the same time. 


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