If Climate, Environment, or Sustainability Concerns You, You Must Get this New Book ASAP!

We take our climate book recommendations very seriously. Currently, only two books must be read by everyone seriously concerned about the climate, environment, or sustainability. 

The newest one is An Inconvenient Apocalypse, Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis, and the Fate of Humanity by Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen. It has only happened once before that we have come across such an immediate must-read book in the climate area, but today there is a new one. Most of the Job One team and our advisory board are reading it now, but why?

This new book (like no other we have seen in decades) asks the challenging questions about the climate, environment, and sustainability that few others would dare propose. It then also offers potent insights into the direction of new and challenging solutions to healing in these survival and future-critical areas.

Few books can shake up and awaken long-time climate activists, environmental activists, and sustainability activists to expansive new levels of understanding of the big picture of our major crises, but this is one of those books.

This book is not just essential. It is critical to helping thousands of Job One members (and many others)make the intellectual, emotional, and attitudinal transitions to the new world we will soon inherit.

Special book warning

This book will challenge your current climate, environment, and sustainability beliefs no matter how long you have been interested or concerned about these topics. This book will make you uncomfortable many times over, but it does so in essential and necessary ways to help you evolve and prepare for what is required for you, your progeny, and the future to have some level of survival and eventually thrive.

This book contains some classical Christian metaphors, but neither author is religious. At times I and others had to look over and beyond these religious metaphors, but the points they were making with them were worth the discomfort.

On a personal note 

As the Executive Director of Job One, I took time off to finish the book quickly. I have read many books on climate, environment, and sustainability. However, this is one of the two best books I have read over the last six years. 

I could hardly put it down. It was disturbing and enticing at the same time.

If you're serious about getting prepared for the future as our climate and environment worsen, get this book today and plow through it till you're done. If you courageously take the time to face and think about the many unpleasant ideas and concepts being presented, you most likely won't be the same person after reading it.

You will be far better prepared for what needs to be done for a realistic, survivable, and better future. You will more likely also become someone others would want to work with within those communities with a better chance of navigating the difficult times ahead. 

We unequivocally recommend this book to everybody joining our community. We will soon be making it required reading for all new volunteers and all individuals wanting to become part of our global warming safer communities project. 

We also will update our website shortly with the latest information from this book.



To get An Inconvenient Apocalypse on Amazon, click here or click on the image above.



Lawrence Wollersheim

Executive Director, Job One for Humanity

PS: The other must-read book for anyone who considers themself to be serious about the climate, the environment, or sustainability that I mentioned above is called Overshoot, by Willian Catton. It is a must-read to understand the dynamics of the future in front of us.

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