Why Major Intelligence Agencies Must Immediately Re-Do the UN IPCC's Climate Chang Calculations, Consequence Predictions, Deadlines, and Global Fossil Fuel Reduction Requirements and More?


Job One for Humanity is not the first to recommend that the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) be replaced by a reliable source of climate change information. Other government officials and some attendees at the international climate conferences have echoed the same request.

To prevent humanity from accidentally committing climate change suicide, our governments and politicians need accurate climate change information. This article discusses a new source for far more reliable climate change information and remedies. This new resource will also have far more influence and credibility over national politicians and governments than the world's current leading source of climate change information, the IPCC.


The United Nation's IPCC is the currently recognized world authority on climate change consequences, timeframes, and remedial actions. It has consistently:

a. politicized the climate science and, 

b. grossly under-estimated the actual climate change consequences, time frames, and corrective actions. 

The most significant danger with this gross under-estimation is that the world's governments, intelligence agencies, national reserve banks, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, global corporations, think tanks, risk assessment firms, hedge funds, investment bankers, and insurance companies all use the IPCC's grossly underestimated summary reports for their climate change planning, strategies, projections, rates, remedies, etc. 

This widespread use of the IPCC's seriously unreliable climate change consequence prediction, timeframe, and remedial action recommendation information means:

1. these critical organizations (and the rest of us) are in for a series of unpredicted, massive climate consequence shocks within our many economic, political, and social systems, and 

2. the major organizations of the world have grossly underestimated the real climate change threat, risks, and timeframes of a climate change-driven system collapse and extinction event. 

Because the IPCC's climate consequence underestimation and other errors are so large and consistent and, so many of the major organizations we rely upon for our long-term economic, political, and social stability are using that flawed climate information, humanity and our global society now face an expensive, painful, and chaotic ride that will lead us well beyond national and regional collapses into widespread mass extinction.

Therefore, it is now necessary for our major national intelligence agencies to first redo and then take over regular updates of the climate calculation work of the IPCC. Only this will remedy this extreme national and global climate change risk situation. 

How did the IPCC's climate information get so unreliable and, what can we do?

In the links below you will learn precisely how the IPCC constructs and calculates its climate consequence risk scenarios, timetables, and recommended climate change remedies. Unfortunately, you also will discover that there are many serious climate change calculation problems and IPCC administrative process problems going on within the IPCC.

The IPCC problems listed in the links below question both the reliability and the risk analysis usefulness of the IPCC's current climate change consequence prediction scenarios, timeframes, and climate remedies. By the time you finish the links below, you will have few remaining doubts as to why we urgently need to have the world's largest intelligence agencies immediately redo all IPPC climate calculations and eliminate their gross underestimation and other errors.

The immediate survival of humanity is now at stake  Humanity can no longer rely upon the IPPC's climate calculations to survive. (Please note: In the links below, we are not attacking or criticizing any of the thousands of hard-working and honest volunteer scientists worldwide who submit their climate research to the IPCC. Instead, we call attention to the IPCC's administrative processes and politicized leadership. They are the ones who alter and contort the real climate science received by these scientists into 5-7 year climate summary reports. Before they are released, these 5-7 year summary reports must get the line-by-line sign-off of the IPCC's major funders, the fossil fuel producing nations, and the fossil fuel-dependent nations.)

The following linked material will make it painfully clear why the world's major intelligence agencies must immediately redo and correct the IPPC's faulty and misleading current climate calculations:

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more.

Click here to see precisely how the IPCC literally "cooked the books" and grossly skewed the current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations far lower than they should be by including unproven and non-existent "carbon sucking unicorn" technology into their projections. This corruption and falsification of the global carbon reduction calculations allowed the major fossil fuel producing nations and fossil-fuel industries to continue to do "business as usual." 

Click here to see the IPCC's Perfect Day problem with its computer climate modeling. This alone will significantly lower the accuracy of all of the IPCC's consequence predictions, timetables, and fossil fuel reduction remedies.

Click here to see the eleven key climate change tipping points that have been almost entirely excluded from the IPCC calculations for how much fossil fuel use we must reduce each year globally. 

Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 26 global climate conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to see the IPCC's huge atmospheric methane calculation problem. This again produces a huge drop in the reliability and usefulness of the IPCC climate prediction and remedy work.

Click here to see the latest 2022 IPCC climate change summary report on the critical climate sensitivity error. Because of only this ongoing climate sensitivity error, the IPCC's newest climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information will be underestimated by as much as 25% or more. (This 25% does not include the effect of the other IPCC errors described in the links just above.) 

Click here to see a new study showing that the IPCC does not include many critical climate system factors in its computer climate modeling. Those missing factors equal wrong and distorted results. This Feb 2022 paper strongly refutes the absurd IPCC claim that the Arctic sea ice melt-decline is reversible. It is not reversible, and that is a monster problem for humanity's weather, seasonal climate, and future!

All of the decades of IPCC calculation and politicization problems conclusively prove that the IPCC is an unreliable partner for accurate climate change information. Their climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information are consistently and grossly underestimated by as much as 25 - 50 %+ and possibly more!

Whenever an individual or organization provides critical error-ridden critical information in an urgent survival-level matter, it is the duty and obligation of those affected by that critical failure to bypass the failing individuals or organization. Their duty and responsibility then becomes to find a new resource capable of providing the accurate information needed to re-evaluate the current actual risks and illuminate effective remedies.

Because of the IPCC's extensive history of major calculation errors and gross underestimation, it is time to change who should be doing the climate change evaluation work before it is too late for the very survival of humanity!

The logical solution to the IPCC's history of continuous, serious climate calculation failures putting the world’s survival at risk is:

Step 1: Demand world political leaders require their respective national intelligence agencies and national security agencies (CIA, MI6, Mossad, the Russian FSB, The Chinese Ministry of State Security, the German and French agencies, etc,) to take immediate and full responsibility for re-analyzing current global warming research and rapidly reporting the updated climate-related security threats, predicted climate consequences, and new timetables. They would also monitor their nation's fossil fuel reduction progress as well as the accurate fossil fuel reduction progress of other nations.


It's time to stop engaging in the false hope that the highly politicized and underfunded Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change of the United Nations (the IPCC) can or should be taking on the lead research and analysis responsibility for the whole future of humanity or producing accurate climate change reports which include critical climate tipping points! The IPCC has consistently politicized the climate science and grossly under-estimated the actual climate change consequences, time frames, and corrective actions. 

Because of the above information on the IPCC, it is time to recognize and publicly “reassign” the full final responsibility for creating a complete and accurate risk analysis for the current and future security threat levels of the climate change extinction emergency to our respective national intelligence agencies and security agencies. There are many other good reasons for “transferring” the critical climate change analysis responsibilities besides that the IPCC has failed to carry out its mandate effectively.

Those reasons are:

a. Escalating global warming is the one common security threat to their nation as well as all nations, which if not managed correctly, will eventually destabilize and end national stability and our global civilization. Intelligence agencies also have the best and brightest staff analysts. They understand that if they continue to fail to properly inform their politicians about accelerating climate change threats, they also fail to protect their nation and their own families, and the world!

They already know escalating global warming is the ultimate no-win game where we will all come to a painful end if their politicians do not have all of the non-politicized facts and then act effectively to protect and preserve our national and common well-being. Our intelligence agencies already know that if the climate change extinction emergency continues as it is accelerating now, it is the beginning of the end of civilization itself! (Click here to see the 80+ step-by-step unfolding actions of a climate change-triggered global collapse and extinction process.)

Because of the sheer power of national and individual self-preservation, it is realistic to believe many courageous individuals within our intelligence agencies will sooner or later fight through whatever bureaucratic or political resistance exists to ensure their respective politicians fully understand that climate change and global warming is the largest single and escalating security threat the world faces in the 21st-century.

b. Intelligence also agencies have the mandated first and final legal responsibility to speak truth to power. Excluding global thermonuclear war, escalating climate change and global warming is the single most serious risk to both national security and humanity. Therefore, the responsibility for accurate climate change and global warming risk analysis and reporting to our political leaders must be “re-assigned” to respective national intelligence agencies and national security agencies. These intelligence agencies are ethically and legally obligated to present this critical climate security information clearly and simply enough to their respective politicians so that they fully understand the scope and scale of all risks, time frames, and consequences involved.

c. Intelligence agencies of the world have the budgets, resources, research capabilities, and expert analytic capabilities to do these annual risk analysis updates far better than an easily politically influenced and grossly underfunded agency like the IPCC. Our well-funded intelligence agencies are far more capable of accessing and hiring the best climate scientists and related researchers to review and re-quantify the escalating security threat of global warming than any other existing entity or organization. 

d. The politicians of any nation whose intelligence agency has produced such reports and briefings will tend to give those reports and briefings more credibility and legitimacy than any presented by an underfunded, under-resourced, and expertise-challenged UN agency. Consequently, it would be immeasurably more difficult for our politicians to ignore these credible dire warnings.

Having climate change and global warming reports produced by national intelligence agencies would also help to educate and motivate the public. The key issue today is “believing” the simple truth that we are already in the middle of a climate change extinction emergency of the scope, scale, and urgency presented fully here.

e. Intelligence agency climate change factual support would help get our politicians to mass mobilize the needed climate change remedies. In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt used this as the catalyst to engender a US mass mobilization for warfare. Most people don’t recall that Roosevelt had begun planning and preparation for this mass mobilization and the military was ready to swing into full-scale action. Business was also ready to support the effort.

Currently, with our fractured political system, and with mobilization to leave the fossil fuel era remote and still only a suggestion, the first issue is to provide the optimal credibility mechanism so that the US and the nations of the world, along with their citizenry can “believe” that immediate mass mobilization is truly necessary. Our national intelligence and national security agencies can best substantiate the reality of the dire crisis we find ourselves in as described here and that they are the most likely organizations and entities that can be “believed.”

Having these highly credible sources also help educate the public on why radical fossil fuel reductions must take place immediately is critical. This public education factor could also have the beneficial side effect of creating a more accurately informed citizenry, which will better hold their politicians to account for any delays in taking immediate action to resolve the climate change extinction emergency.

(Our government-level mass mobilization strategies to fix climate change are found here.)

f. Regular climate change update reports and briefings from respective national intelligence agencies will be crucial to continue motivating political systems and their respective publics. For some time to come, it will likely be necessary to both combat and neutralize the anti-science, climate denial propaganda machine abundantly financed by a dying fossil fuel industry. These continuing intelligence agency update reports would also serve to validate and confirm good climate science, as well as accurate consequence prediction models and time frames. This near-continuous validation and credibility factor will be indispensable to politicians as they ask their citizens to make the many costly, difficult, and radical sacrifices now needed in order to save humanity and civilization.

Despite the military entanglements and extreme nationalism that pervades the histories of national security and intelligence agencies, these intelligence agencies are still the best mechanisms for persuading the world’s political systems and the public that the common enemy the escalating climate change extinction emergency is real. 

While climate scientists and related disciplines have provided the complex information basis that asserts that the climate change extinction emergency is actually at the scope, scale, and urgency explained on the Job One for Humanity website, the unfortunate reality is that even the “relatively” uncomplex information related to the climate change extinction emergency is actively disputed and obscured by vested financial interests. Trillions of dollars are at stake for the dying fossil fuel industry, and it will be defended!

Therefore, the world’s intelligence agencies are one of the best last remaining options for both correcting the IPCC’s gross underestimations and their other fossil fuel reduction target and climate consequence deadline flaws as well as for establishing high credibility for the correct climate change and global warming information.


STEP 2: Have the world’s political leaders demand annual climate change and global warming updates from their respective intelligence agencies, which going forward will always include deadline-based projection scenarios that include crossing more tipping points.

In spite of the escalating climate emergency, update reports are far too infrequent (about once every 5 to 7 years from the IPCC). Carbon ppm levels are rising about 3 parts per million (ppm) each year when they should be dropping dramatically. Each increase in carbon ppm in our atmosphere tolls another warning bell of IPCC failure.

By continuing to rely on the IPCC for accurate global warming information, we are doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result—the classic Einsteinian definition of insanity. Our tipping point-prone escalating climate emergency is far too dangerous and moving far too fast to not have annual updates by the most qualified parties with the greatest resources and vested security interests.

We must also create a comprehensive climate change and global warming annual risk report that must at least include all of the deadlines for the consequences of crossing global warming tipping points. By having every major intelligence agency in the world produce an annual national update on the current state of the escalating climate change extinction emergency for both politicians and the public, we would also be creating inherent checks and balances against underestimation, errors, or intentional deceit by rogue intelligence agencies, outlier governments, or conflicting nongovernmental or privately funded organizations.

These multiple annual reports coming from many different intelligence agencies would quickly expose any nation hiding critical global warming information for their own temporary financial or other benefit. In time, these national intelligence agencies and the individuals within them would also see the many benefits of cooperating on research and sharing confirmable and comprehensive climate change risk analyses.

Similarly, it would be against the interest of rogue national intelligence agencies to be caught hiding critical information or falsifying information for a perceived temporary national benefit when the other nations’ intelligence agencies publish their contradicting annual global warming reports.

As an extra safeguard against deceptive practices, once the multiple intelligence agency annual global warming reports have been made publicly available, leading climate scientists from around the world can review them, looking for common patterns, omissions, or errors within and between these multiple intelligence agency reports. This would be similar to the way the scientific method works in advanced scientific systems, peer review and consolidation by non-intelligence community scientists would reveal additional valuable information that single intelligence agencies might miss or misrepresent, as well as reveal omissions that could serve to inequitably benefit any single nation.

Additionally, the intelligence agencies that produce the most accurate annual global warming reports will gain prestige around the world and become the standard for credibility and reliability. For the best agencies, this will likely result in increased funding and budget discretion. 

To help the many intelligence agencies worldwide catch up on more accurate climate change analysis and prediction information (which compensates for many, but not all of the IPPC's errors,) see the links below.

The climate risk and threat analysis links below result from an extensive, continuous, and dynamic 11-year analysis that was based on:

a. classic logic and climate research-based on scientific methodology,

b. complex adaptive systems theory,

c. tipping point theory, and the 11 key climate tipping points.) and,

d. a dialectical meta-system theory-based analysis of ongoing climate research and the world's current fossil fuel reduction actions. A meta-systemic analysis method allows us to look at a situation from 28 unique dialectical perspectives relating to the contexts, relationships, processes, and transformations taking place or possible within that situation and its relationships. 

In general, we have estimated that the IPCC consequence severity and consequence timeframes predictions were underestimated by an average of 20-40% and in some areas even more. When it comes to the IPCC calculations for how much the world must reduce global fossil fuel emissions, we discovered that the climate science and their calculations were so politicized that we had to completely re-adjust their recommendations based in part upon the work of respected climate scientists like Kevin Anderson. 

Click here to see our re-adjusted 2025 global fossil fuel reduction calculations for far more accurate levels of required global fossil fuel use reductions to prevent humanity's total extinction beginning as soon as 2070. At the end of this article are the technical notes showing the many adjustments and calculations needed to compensate for the many IPCC errors.

If by chance, you have found this article and are a member of an intelligence agency, only assign the reading and analysis below to an analyst who is one of your absolute brightest and has had the essential training listed above. The many interacting complex adaptive systems and subsystems within the climate are super-complex and multi-layered.

Without most of the above training, the normal analyst will only grasp a portion of the immediate global survival danger we are in because of the mistakes and omissions in the decades of climate reports from the IPCC. On the other hand, if they have all of the above-prementioned skills and do the necessary analytical deep dive into these links, they too will soon experience the sheer terror that only a few scores of multi-system climate change researchers fully understand. (If our agency does not have analysts trained in dialectical meta-system theory, your agency is way behind the advanced analysis curve and at a severe disadvantage.) 

Hopefully, once your intelligence agency analysts fully understand the actual and rapidly escalating climate change threats, they will explain this extinction emergency to their agency heads and not stop until they get it. Those informed intelligence agency heads will then bring it to their politicians.

Unfortunately, as this updated climate information goes worldwide, there will no doubt be some very embarrassed intelligence agency heads caught flat-footed because they have been and are still using the IPCC's grossly flawed climate change consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial recommendations. 

Here are the critical starter links for qualified agency analysts:

Click here to see the four major global warming extinction-evoking tipping points and how close we already are to crossing them. The first tipping point of carbon 425-450 parts per million (ppm) will explain precisely why climate change consequences will start growing exponentially in about 3-9 years.



Click here to see a detailed "big picture" catastrophic meltdown of our global warming consequences and tipping points. Their interactions with our other 11 major global crises will produce starvation and extinction for much of humanity by mid-century and near-total extinction beginning as soon as 2070.

(Read the following large illustration from the bottom up!)

To see the essential mass mobilization actions our governments must now take at this 11th hour to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and save humanity from near-total extinction, click here.

If we fail to control the climate extinction emergency within the next 3-9 years, there is a Plan B. 

Please forward this article to anyone you know who falls within any of the following categories

The world is in a climate change-driven nightmare. Unless those with credible influence (like our intelligence agencies get to our politicians and educate them, our politicians and their families also will not survive this nightmare unless they enact and enforce the needed climate laws in time. If our politicians fail, they and all of the rest of us will suffer a slow and painful path to total extinction and global collapse.

Please do your part and forward this article to:

1. Anyone you know or has direct connections to anyone in a vital position in any world intelligence agency.

2. Anyone you know or directly connects to a senior position in national reserve banks, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, our largest global corporations, think tanks, risk assessment firms, hedge funds, investment bankers, big insurance companies. And, 

3. Anyone you know or has direct connections to a national-level politician.

4. Anyone you know who is a billionaire or directly connected to a billionaire because they have vast political influence as well. (See this link for more information on how billionaires can do their civic duty and help end the climate change extinction nightmare as well.)

All four of the above types of individuals and organizations, if properly and fully informed about the urgency of only having 3-9 years left to prevent total human extinction, have the potential to act in the ways that will help avoid the soon-arriving climate change nightmare.

And finally, please also sign our new intelligence agency petition to get them to take over climate change research and resolutions!

Click here to sign our petition to get the world's intelligence agencies to take over producing and monitoring climate change consequence predictions, timeframes, and climate remedies that will work in time. We need them to take this work away from a failed IPCC. We need them to produce credible climate reports for their politicians and citizens.

We will send this petition to leading intelligence agencies around the world.


Once the information on this page makes it into the world's major intelligence agencies, there will be significant embarrassment and heads rolling in the climate analysis and prediction departments for relying upon and being so thoroughly deceived by the out-of-agency IPCC climate research. There will be a screaming urgency to get the calculations redone right as fast as possible. 

Once done, we can only hope our intelligence agencies will bring the horrible reality of the correct climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedies to their politicians and then the public as fast as possible. 

Let's hope those brave intelligence agency analysts who do the honest climate change redo work do not let their voices be stopped until their national politicians understand just how dire our climate situation is and that immediate mass mobilization is our only path to survival.  





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