The Dirty Secrets Behind the Gargantuan Failure of the 2022, COP 27, International Climate Conference

Did fossil fuel-dependent industries, fossil fuel-producing nations, and their lobbyists and climate greenwashers co-opt or secretly control COP27? You be the judge.

Here is the Job One for Humanity climate think tank analysis of the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference Success

1. World leaders at COP27 failed to do the most important thing to prevent soon-arriving global climate catastrophes. They were unable to include a fast, just, and equitable phase-out of all fossil fuels.

Beyond the gargantuan and glaring failure to include a fast, just, and equitable phase-out of ALL fossil fuels, COP 27 also once again failed to present the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets to the world.

Instead, COP 27 foisted upon the world the fossil fuel industry profits friendly, severely underestimated global fossil fuel reduction targets (like the current target of a 40% reduction in global fossil fuel use by 2030.)

Click here to see the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets now required to save humanity from near-total extinction.


2. COP 27 was a massive showcase for the "big lie" that the only way to fix the climate change emergency is --- to do it in a way that does not harm the economy and uses market-driven forces. 

Biden's proposal that the only way we can fix the climate change extinction emergency is if it doesn't harm the economy and we use market-driven forces is nonsense. It is equivalent to England, the US, France, and other Nations at the beginning of World War II saying they couldn't save their citizens from Nazism and the extinction of their nations unless it didn't hurt their economy and they only could use market-driven forces.

Whenever one faces a soon-arriving, highly-certain mass extinction event as we are now, you do whatever you must do. You go into debt; you borrow; you do whatever you need to solve the threat and prevent near-total human extinction.



3. COP 27 was also a gargantuan "climate justice farce" where the polluting wealthy fossil fuel nations created a climate change damages restitution fund for the polluted undeveloped nations, which will never be adequately funded. 

The northern developed nations of the world (mainly above the 35th parallel) are responsible for the majority of the atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution causing the current runaway global heating. Yet, the poorest undeveloped nations between the 35th parallel north and the 35th parallel south will continue to experience the worst climate change consequences.

The big COP 27 injustice upon the poorer nations was the creation of a future fund to compensate them for climate damages. The developed countries did this without any firm climate restitution payment commitments. Without clear terms and obligations, this fund is another distraction for and false appeasement of the poorer countries most affected.

If the poorer nations ever get anything from the more affluent countries from this new fund, it will take a long time and be so tiny that it will likely not cover 5% of the total climate consequence damages they will suffer.

The nations who created the damages have no real intention of accepting full legal liability, which will run into hundreds of trillions of dollars. Even though their legal systems uphold the rule of law where adequate and fair damages are typically paid to those harmed, they will not extend that same legal fairness principle to those they have injured outside their nation.

Additionally, the northern developed nations of the world are dangling a false hope of receiving adequate and just payments to keep these poorer undeveloped nations from uniting and taking aggressive actions to collect restitution for the climate harm they will continue to suffer. The funds poorer countries expect will not trickle down from the wealthier northern developed nations. They will not even dribble down.

The poorer nations will be lucky to even get nano-crumbs of justice and the tiny droplets of financial restitution from the wealthier developed countries.



4. At COP 27, they did not openly discuss or promote the most critical climate change facts that every global citizen should know and understand. 

COP 27, like its 26 predecessors, would not honestly talk about the near-total human extinction of accelerating climate change and the fact that there is no single entity effectively managing and slowing the climate extinction process. If there ever was a moment to stop nonsense and irrational thinking and act collectively based upon rational climate facts to prevent climate-driven human extinction now is that moment! This moment has come because Humanity also faces a  widespread climate change-driven collapse of our economic, political, and social systems. 

The following are the climate change emergency facts that should have been openly discussed and presented to the public after the COP 27 conference by COP 27 and the global media. The citizens of the world need to hear the following highly probable, near-certain facts about our current climate change condition in simple, easy to understand language. 

An honest COP 27 post conference press release on our current climate condition should have looked like the following: 

"Due to our governments squandering six decades and failing to resolve the climate change emergency, we have locked ourselves into the first phase of runaway global heating. According to James Hansen, the world-renowned NASA climate scientist, this first phase of runaway global heating was entered in 2015 when we reached the atmospheric carbon level of 386 parts per million (ppm.) 

If you imagine a train barreling down a mountain with no brakes and, out of the engineer's control, you would have a good idea of what runaway global heating will be like for humanity.

If we keep going as we are now, sometime between 2025 and 2031, we will cross the atmospheric carbon threshold of 425-450 ppm. This is the level where humanity enters the second phase of irreversible runaway global heating. Entering the second phase of runaway global heating will also cause the inescapable climate consequence of about half of humanity dying by about mid-century. 

When we pass the carbon 425-450 ppm threshold we accelerate the processes of human extinction even faster because:

a. The primary and secondary consequences of climate change will radically increase in frequency, severity, and scale.

b. We will trigger additional amplifying climate feedback loops at faster rates. 

c. We will soon reach the second (of four) extinction-accelerating climate tipping points.

Unfortunately, our governments and the media are still hiding the above climate extinction facts, partially because of the highly effective fossil fuel industry lobbyists' climate disinformation campaigns.

But, we can still save the remaining portion of humanity that will survive past mid-century from near-total extinction (occurring about 2050-2080.)

To protect the post-mid-century surviving remnants of humanity, our governments must act now and get close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. These legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets require ALL developed countries (including China and India) to compel their citizens to reduce ALL fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025. 

The honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target is so high solely because our governments squandered sixty years when the required reductions could have been gradual and more manageable. 

When you hear the media or politicians tell you we only have to reduce global fossil fuel use by 40% by 2030, or 50% by 2040, or 2050 they are dead wrong. If our governments use those grossly underestimated global fossil fuel reduction targets, billions more of us will soon be dead

Within about three years (at best eight years if we are very lucky), our governments must mass mobilize and enact an effective climate plan covering ALL of the best possible options and worst possible outcomes, and reduce global fossil fuel use in all developed countries by 75% or more

Plans similar to the Job One for Humanity Climate Emergency Plan will help to mobilize our governments, protect individuals and businesses, and help individuals safely prepare for and adapt to the many catastrophic climate consequences which we can no longer avoid. 

Many positive possibilities will occur when our governments finally fix the climate change runaway global heating emergency. If we are successful, humanity and our nations will experience many surprising benefits and possibly even a Great Global Rebirth.

Never forget we have only 3 to, at best, eight years left to reduce all global fossil fuel use in all developed nations by 75%. When we pass the carbon 425-450 threshold, we enter the second irreversible phase of runaway global heating and into an accelerating human die-off that not even the smartest scientists from Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, University of California Berkeley, and MIT will be able to stop until almost all of us are dead. 

What are you doing to prevent this from happening?"



It appears that the fossil fuel industry and its media connections ensured that no official conference or media releases scared the world's population into urgent and necessary climate survival action. Therefore, one can legitimately ask if COP 27 was a fossil fuel industry orchestrated ruse designed to drain off and diffuse real and urgent public action with false hopes and empty words. 

The many COP conferences have done a great job of draining the the legitimate climate fear, anxiety and anger of world citizens by creating cleverly underestimated solution hopes and by making global citizens believe that enough progress is being made to keep them save from the coming climate chaos when the exact opposite is true. 

The history and dubious "success" of the previous 26 COP international climate conferences are well demonstrated in the illustration below. In this damming illustration, the most critical global heating factor of carbon in the atmosphere is continuing to rise but even faster than ever before.



Undoubtedly, some good may have come from COP 27, especially in that climate scientists from around the world got to meet each other. But does the many harms caused by this "false hope" conferences outweigh its good?

It is clear to many that the COP conferences have been co-opted and taken over by the world's largest single conglomerate, the 28 trillion dollars a year global fossil fuel industry (fossil fuel producing countries and the fossil fuel dependent industries.) This powerful conglomerate and its minions are working tirelessly behind closed conference doors to dilute, diffuse, and diminish any genuinely effective action or public statement that would correctly reduce global fossil fuel use and profits or get the public screaming for real change.

This fossil fuel conglomerate understands that to keep the global population pacified, quiet, and under control, doing what it wants them to do, it must lie to them about the nature of the fundamental climate problem and the real catastrophe deadlines they are facing. But even that is not enough to exert a high enough level of necessary control. They must also give us false hopes about the progress on inadequate solutions to the currently understated climate conditions and solutions which they are presenting. Thus, a perfect double whammy. 

Maybe the only way for future COP conferences to redeem themselves would be for them to bar all fossil fuel lobbyists, fossil fuel producers, fossil fuel-dependent industries, and politicians from attending. But instead, the better idea could be to use these conferences only for concerned citizens and climate scientists to express and widely publish in plain language the uncensored truth about climate change extinction consequences.

If this was done, it could legitimately scare the world's population so much that they would immediately elect politicians to fix the climate nightmare. Of course, they would also need to throw out every politician who would protect their next four years in office instead of saving humanity from near-total extinction, social chaos, and widespread climate change-driven political and economic collapse.

To add further insult to injury, the next COP 28 conference has been scheduled for the United Arab Emirates. That's exactly what future COP conferences needed to reduce their credibility even further. Scheduling the next COP international climate conference in a petro-nation that depends almost 100% on fossil fuel exports for its finances was beyond stupid and openly informs the world who is paying the bills and controlling the message.

The definition of climate insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. At Job One for Humanity, we believe it is now time to step beyond the current form of the COP conferences and we are far from alone in our belief on this issue. (Click here for the Naomi Klein article on this.)

It is also time for Plan B for fixing the climate change extinction emergency. This is because the 27 COP conferences (and our governments) have proven themselves entirely ineffective for the last 60 years. Additionally, we are also 3 to 8 years away from the second irreversible phase of runaway global warming leading to the unavoidable extinction of most of humanity. It is time for the citizens of the world to act.

As always, you get to be the final judge. Did you think COP 27 did far more harm than good toward resolving the urgency of the climate change extinction emergency?


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