March's Global Warming and Covid19 Update

I have kept our March monthly newsletter short, consisting only of the most important articles for March.

Enjoy this reading while you shelter in place and stay safe!

March's news updates:

1. How Pandemics Like Coronavirus (Covid19) Are Caused by the Hidden Global Warming Emergency

2. The Global Warming Genius Challenge

3. Windfall pandemic profits for a few corporations and massive suffering, sacrifice and financial ruin for the many.              Is it fair?

4. COVID-19 and Changing the Climate: “Climate Change Brings the Specter of New Infectious Diseases”

5. The next article is just for the management at the world's largest environmental groups and our leading global warming activists!

What will it REALLY take for the governments of the world to fix our next global warming extinction emergency which will unfold over the following decades?

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