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Welcome to June's global warming newsletter.

It is hard to hear about another threat beyond the current COVID-19 pandemic and our global recession. Despite that truth, if we do not address the next global threat while we still can, it will become far worse than the pandemic and the global recession.

Most of our daily lives are being changed and limited by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic restraints. During this restricted time, stress and pressure will naturally build-up. Luckily, many of us are also finding ways to use and convert this stress and physical restriction into something positive. We are making our stress into a powerful motivator leading us to rethink how the world is managed and how it could be.

It is unfortunate that while we are working our way through the current mess, we need to simultaneously face and manage our next mess. The simple truth is that if we don't get global warming under control before we run out of time, we will experience a series of unthinkable consequences. These consequences will make all of the sufferings and sacrifices we will encounter during our current pandemic and recession seem like a day at the beach. 

This month temperatures soared to an unheard of 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the Arctic Circle, and we just had a massive dust storm from Africa blot out the sun and sky in the southern US. These are two more signs why we can't let up on managing the next far more dangerous emergency while we are dealing with the current emergency!

The good news here is that there are four things in which we can always be sure. Despite all of the challenges and adverse global warming outcomes possible, the single constant truth for the best possible outcome for humanity is that; the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use toward meeting the 2025 targets:

a. the more people that will survive longer to carry on humanity, life, and our beautiful civilization, (See Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan for how to do this.)

b. the surviving future generations will suffer far less from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming consequences and catastrophes, 

c. we will "buy" ourselves more time to prepare and adapt to what we can no longer avoid or change, (see the Job One Plan parts 1 and 2.) and, 

d. the more likely we will be able to resolve these 12 other major global challenges.

More people surviving longer and having time to get themselves, their families, and their businesses prepared for what is coming is an undeniable good! This is particularly true when you weigh it against the unavoidable consequences of doing nothing or failure to make the needed sacrifices to get the global warming emergency under control. 

Never forget, we still have some time left to:

1. make the required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets,

2. complete the necessary emergency preparations, and

3. adapt to soon-arriving global warming consequences that we can no longer avoid or change.

Here is a quick summary of the June newsletter contents found further down this page:

1. The big win at Job One.

2. The best Global Warming Blog articles from June. And,

3. New things on our website with a surprise for dedicated global warming readers. 

Enjoy the June newsletter.



Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity

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1. The Big Win at Job One

 Last month, we told you we did not qualify for any of the 350 billion dollars of COVID -19 financial relief offered by the US government. This denial was because we are an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization, and have no paid employees. We also said that since the pandemic began, our tax-deductible donations had dropped off radically.

Well, many of you who still had an income magnificently came to our aid with enough donations to almost get us back to where we should be. Thank you all for your needed and generous support! You know who you are.

For those of you who are still laid off or have had other unexpected COVID related expenses, don't worry! We know you cannot help us at this time and that you would if you could. Others who can help us are stepping up until you get back on your feet.

For everyone else that missed last month's opportunity to help and still has the means, please support our vital non-for-profit mission with your secure tax-deductible donations.

2. Here are our new Global Warming Blog articles for June:

The planet is primed for runaway global heating

As the Arctic goes, so goes the planet. On 23 June 2020, a new record high temperature was recorded in the Siberian Arctic. The northern Russian town of Verkhoyansk hit a stunning 38°C (100.4°F), which is 18°C (32.6°F) higher than normal. Climate experts were shocked, as this Arctic heating was not predicted by models to occur until the end of this century. With this, the planetary climate emergency has reached a far higher level of “dire,” increasing the threat to our future survival. The reason is runaway...

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Black Lives Matter — Must-See Film: 13th

The other day, deciding I needed to know more about Black Live Matters, I watched the Netflix film 13th

There was so much I did not know.

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The Many Surprise Benefits of Climate Change & Global Warming



There are many climate change and global warming benefits that will help you create or maintain a balanced and healthier perspective about any sad, angry, or other negative feelings you might have about this challenging issue.

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Black Lives Mattering Can Remind Us that All Life Matters

The global public outpouring of compassion and horror at the police killing of George Floyd Jr. in Minneapolis reflects the best of humanity.

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A Climate Change and Global Warming Caused Collapse of Civilization is the Most Likely Outcome: From Top Climate Scientists.

The Job One for Humanity organization has been telling you about a global warming caused collapse of civilization being closer than you think for years. Now more climate scientists and researchers from places like Stanford and various research institutes from around the world are joining the chorus and helping us sound the warning bell that in just a handful of years...

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3. Our new website work and a surprise for dedicated readers

We have been busy adding to and upgrading our website: 

a. We refined our mission message to bullet points on this page.

b. If your a dedicated global warming reader, if you click here, you will get to see something that is the first of its kind, and we have been working on for quite a while. It is not complete yet, but we would love to hear from you about it. And,

c. We have upgraded an important action pledge for those of you ready to commit to saving the future from the global challenges in front of us. Click here to sign this critical updated pledge! 

And finally

If you make a tax-deductible donation of $15 or more, you also get a free ebook copy of Climageddon (an $8.95 value.) We have it in all three most popular ebook reader formats.

You will also get 1-year of access to the secure members-only area of our website. 

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