Insurance Industry Demands Action On Climate Change!

The wraiths of climate change — floods, winds and fires — have finally hit a major pain nerve in our...

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Why a Monster Third Wave of Climate Change-Driven Insurance Cancelations and Skyrocketing Rate Increases Are About to Happen Worldwide?

The coming new insurance cancelations and skyrocketing rate increases will significantly change financial conditions for many. It will also cause...

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Are the Climate Change And Social Equality Revolutions One Cause?

 The Climate And The Commons: The Case For a Great, Green, Society

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Uncensored Climate Change Preparation, Adaptation, Recovery & Solutions from a 100% Publicly Funded Climate Change Think Tank

Who Are We?

Job One for Humanity is a nonprofit climate change think tank that is 100% publicly funded. We provide independent and uncensored climate change analysis. We also provide an effective plan for preparing for, adapting to, and recovering from the climate change emergency. Our plan is based on the most current climate change science and provides practical, prioritized, and effective steps to start today.

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  • Disasters aggravated by global warming and climate change are growing more severe, occurring more often, and covering bigger areas. Learn more here.
  • How bad global warming will get is not being disclosed in the media or by our governments. Learn more here.
  • Actions to manage our accelerating global warming are not working fast enough to prevent widespread and global biological, economic, and political system catastrophes! Learn more here.

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