Technical Notes on Where the Key Principles for Sustainable Prosperity Come From

The basis that creates and informs the Sustainable Prosperity principles includes the following. They are arranged from the most complex level of derivation to the less complex:

  1. the meta principles of progressive evolution.

  2. the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

  3. the creative interpretation of optimal actions derived from the meta-principles of progressive evolution, or what we call the new Universe Principles Part 1. Click here for all of these optimal actions.

  4. the creative interpretation of the optimal attitudes or what we call the new Universe Principles Part 2. Click here for all of these activism success attitudes.

Each of the above levels will take you into the concepts, derivative reasoning, and evolutionary science upon which many of the core ideas and principles of Sustainable Prosperity have been constructed.

Using the above optimal actions and optimal attitudes of the Universe Principles both creatively and wisely will shift the attitude, perspective, and actions of the environmental movement. It will help shift it away from often reactive or piecemeal activities driven by polarization, impending crisis, and fear consciousness. Using the above optimal actions and optimal attitudes of the Universe Principles will move us into a more proactive, big picture, and unifying process-focused consciousness. This would be far better suited to creating the optimal sustainability and environmental results in the most effective and efficient ways.

Click here to go to the new page we just added to the Sustainable prosperity booklet called, The New Economic Laws of the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit,) and Full Cost Full-Cycle Accounting for All Businesses

After you have finished the following Sustainable Prosperity booklet, please also review the following link to Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Climate Resilience Plan. It will provide additional essential lifestyle and livelihood adaptation steps aligned with the principles and processes of Sustainable Prosperity. These detailed how-to additional adaptation steps also will help you better manage the threats of the global warming emergency and the other 11 global crises we are now facing. (We  strongly recommend reading the book Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William Catton.)

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