Recognize That All Physical Growth Contained on Earth has limits!

Personal Action Step 2:

All physical growth contained on Earth has limits! There is simply no such thing as infinite economic growth or infinite substitutability in any closed physical system such as the earth.

Resources in a closed planetary system are finite such as in peak oil to name just one critical resource. The current theories of growth economics are founded on a core foundational false premise.

Individuals, organizations, nations, and a civilization can not keep growing indefinitely on closed system, finite and limited planetary resources --- if that growth is focused primarily on non-sustainable physical growth. No natural systems continue growing forever without losing their dynamic balance or creating other problems (population collapse, resource or energy starvation etc.) that inevitably limit their growth.

On a social/cultural level we need to embrace the new, deeper, and broader evolutionary definition of sustainable prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism, and growth. One creates a sustainable prosperity, sustainable economics and sustainable consumerism though the recognition that prosperity is not just (or primarily defined by) endless things or more material things that fulfill life's basic physiological survival and safety needs from the Maslow Needs Hierarchy.

A truly sustainable prosperity also expands upon attaining the many attainments, meanings and satisfactions of the higher level needs ofMaslow’s Needs Hierarchy and the needs of evolution in the universe once one's basic physical and material survival and safety needs have been met. This means that growth, thriving and prosperity also need to be seen not just in physical and economic material terms, but also in terms of non-physical and non-material evolution, growth and development such as in the deeper and broader satisfactions and meanings that come from maturing and learning, wisdom, and having meaningful experiences and relationships (Maslow's higher needs), and contributing to the evolution of life and humanity in the universe.

Growth can also be seen and well-served by viewing it like the developmental process of the human body in life. The body does not continue physically growing forever, but mentally and emotionally (and spiritually, for those so inclined). We can continue growing and maturing indefinitely along the higher non-material needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.

Moving from a view of growth, thriving and prosperity nearly exclusively in material terms to a view of growth, thriving and prosperity that also includes and values achieving the higher non-material needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy and the needs of evolution itself is both a critical and essential part of Sustainable Prosperity. (It is also part of the objectives of Job One for Humanity and the newUniverse Evolutionary Worldview, which you will learn more about later.)

Just like individuals and organizations and civilizations can also be seen as seeking to achieve the various levels of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.  They too can grow and thrive in many other important ways beyond just physical growth.

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