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The Universe Institute is a non-profit think tank and a sister organization to Job One for Humanity. It was founded in 2011.

It researches the world’s most critical issues from evolutionary and universe whole-systems meta-perspectives. It uses the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking methodology designed for understanding and managing the interacting complex adaptive systems within our lives and external environments.


Resolving Planetary Challenges from a Universe-Scaled, Evolutionary Systems Perspective...

Our core mission is to help ensure the survival of our planetary environment and humanity as a whole through our unique meta-systems research and educational evolutionary perspectives.

We research in an integral manner the most critical issues that humanity must manage if we want to survive as a species. Topics include:

  • credible conditions or predictions for the collapse of critical systems
  • environmental sustainability particularly, global warming and climate destabilization

  • the stability of our economic systems and financial markets

  • war prevention and political stability

  • planetary resource management

    • marine protein depletion

    • freshwater supply

  • human population management

  • social justice

  • cultural and educational development

While researching these issues, we seek to define the ways in which we must act in order to survive current challenges and contribute to the successful evolution of life in the universe, creating a just planetary civilization, sustainable prosperity, and high quality of life for all.

We achieve the educational part of our mission through publishing articles, papers, and books in collaboration with Job One for Humanity. Through these articles, papers, and books we outline the steps that are necessary for effectively solving our planetary challenges and avoiding the collapse of our planetary systems.

An important aspect of our educational framework is the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, which provides individuals with a whole-systems scientific understanding of life in the universe, and the course of its progressive evolution over the last 13.7 billion years. It also provides insight into the ways in which life will most likely evolve successfully in the future.

The Universe Institute has a unique and important role to play at this critical evolutionary juncture when humanity is faced with overwhelming planetary-scale challenges that are already adversely affecting the quality of life of most and threatening the very existence of all life. When its mission is fully executed, the Universe Institute will do its part to inform and empower humanity to resolve the greatest challenges we are currently facing.

Here is some of our most recent research:

Click here to see the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to see what will happen if we fail to get global warming under control. (Contains an analysis of the 12 most critical global challenges.)

Click here to see the information we provided for resolving the global warming emergency.

Click here to see our analysis and predictions regarding a likely global extinction and collapse process.

Contact Information

For the fastest response to all inquiries please email Lawrence Wollersheim at

Messages and Phone -     (415)-332-2301.

Mailing address:  

Universe Institute, 

454 Las Gallinas Ave # 202

San Rafael Ca. 94903

Universe Institute is a nonprofit educational organization and think tank committed to creating solutions to global problems that create a better, safer, and just future for all.

The Universe Institute is a DBA of Factnet. Factnet is a 30-year-old US, IRS-recognized, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Factnet has received the highest possible nonprofit trust rating of Platinum Transparency from Guidestar/Candid. (GuideStar is an independent organization that examines and rates other nonprofit organizations' financial and administrative effectiveness and ethics in executing their missions).

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