Why the New "Adapt to Global Warming Extinction" Slogan for 2020?

The global warming emergency is much, much worse than we are being told by our governments and by the world's media.

Because of the newest research and analysis of our current global warming condition, threats, and risk levels, on December 13, 2019, we were impelled to once again update our website shortest form slogan to:

Adapt to Global Warming Extinction

Why a new slogan for Job One for Humanity in 2020?

"If you can't call a thing (or name) a thing for what it really is, it is highly unlikely you will be able to manage or fix it." Lawrence Wollersheim

Our new slogan reflects the most probable future reality for what is currently true about global warming and what we can really still do about the accelerating global warming emergency. That new reality is:

We can no longer avoid a global warming-caused mass extinction event. We can only adapt to it! Worse yet, after ignoring 35 years of scientific warmings, we also may not be able to prevent a total extinction event from occurring.

This certainly is a lot very bad news for anyone to digest about global warming. It flies in the face of what we are told by our governments about current success in reducing global warming. Unfortunately, what our governments are telling us is not valid. The global warming emergency is much, much worse than we are being told.

In many places on our website, we have laid out the global warming science, which solidly indicates that we are already facing an unavoidable global warming-caused mass extinction event within our lifetimes. One huge reason why this mass extinction event will occur is that we have ignored 35 years of scientific warnings. 

Over and over we missed the opportunities to fix global warming when we could have easily made the needed gradual changes to keep escalating global warming from reaching our current catastrophic point. (This coming mass extinction event could cause the deaths of as much as 70-90% of humanity within as little as the next 30-50 years. Such a massive die-off will be due to the combined future consequences of global warming particularly, mass starvation due to global crop failures of the most climate-sensitive crops.) 

The coming mass extinction event is also unavoidable because soon we will be unable to stop ourselves from crossing the three most dangerous global warming tipping points. We will be unable to stop ourselves because we will be unable to achieve the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! (If you do not believe that we are already in a mass extinction process, click the previous unavoidable global warming mass extinction link. After you read that page, please read about the major global warming-caused tipping points we will soon cross at this link. This second link will make our step-by-step unavoidable mass extinction process painfully clear!) 

More regrettably is the fact that the mass extinction of a vast portion of humanity is not the worst global warming future consequence we are facing. If we do not make or come reasonably close to the radical 2025 global reduction targets for our global fossil fuel use, we will also face the very beginning stages of a very real total extinction. 

A total extinction event could begin in as early as 50-70 years in the form of very high temperature and very high atmospheric carbon levels, which support initiating the final runaway-global warming process, aka the runaway greenhouse effect. (Runaway global warming is also referred to as runaway greenhouse effect or extinction-level global warming. Run-away global warming describes the circumstances in which the climate destabilizes catastrophically and permanently from its original state—similar to what happened on Venus when the planet lost its atmosphere out into outer space. Runaway global warming is thought to have occurred to Venus 4 billion years ago, because of a very high carbon-rich atmosphere and exceptionally high average surface temperatures.)

Runaway global warming will create a literal Climageddon meltdown where nothing will survive because there will be no atmosphere. This total extinction event could enter its first phase as soon as our average global temperature rises above 6 degrees Celcius. 

At a 5-6 degree Celcius increase in average global temperature, the massive additional tipping point releases of methane from coastal deposits and permafrost will skyrocket atmospheric carbon levels and average global temperatures. This will accelerate the earliest phases of runaway global warming.

Here is how this happens. At a 5-6 degree Celcius temperature increase, the costal deposit and permafrost "methane time bomb" goes off. This will take us from the 5-6 degree Celcius atmospheric carbon level of 500-600 parts per million (ppm) far too quickly to the atmospheric carbon levels of carbon 800 ppm, carbon 1,000 ppm, carbon 1,200 ppm and even to carbon 1,600 ppm and beyond. (For reference, our climate was stable for hundreds of thousands of years at about carbon 270 ppm. We are currently at about carbon 415 ppm. This carbon 270 to 415 ppm increase has occurred since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which was power by burning fossil fuels.) 

There is also another way we could enter into a global warming-caused total extinction event. That would be as global average temperatures reach a 3-6 degrees Celcius increase. At those temperature increase levels, there will be increasing mass starvation and a mass migration of desperate climagees (climate refugees.) 

To survive, countries in the many unsafe zones will demand land and resources from countries in the safer zones. Regional and international conflicts and wars will break out over the safer land areas and remaining resources. 

These wars will be of ultimate desperation and will undoubtedly include chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons. Any weapons available will be used to force those governments in the global warming safer zones to open their borders to the billions of desperate climagees. Because there will not be enough resources available in the safer zones to support the billions of climagees, the most vicious wars the world has ever seen will likely be fought over the safest remaining areas on Earth in humanity's last fight for survival!

What is also essential to keep in mind when viewing our potential for a runaway global warming total extinction event beginning in about 50-70 years, is that a mass extinction event is already unfolding at an accelerating pace and, it will come to full realization throughout the next 30-50 years. But, we have only about 6 years left to reduce global fossil fuel enough (by coming as close as possible to the 2025 targets,) to prevent crossing the three most deadly global warming tipping points and bringing about the beginning phases of total extinction.

Preventing total extinction will also be very difficult for us to achieve. Therefore, because of the above as well as the fact that you must be able to call a thing what it actually is in order to deal with it, we have updated our slogan and mission statement to reflect the current reality that the best we will most likely be able to do is:

"to help the world adapt to unavoidable global warming mass extinction while still doing everything we can to prevent total extinction."


We do not expect new visitors or individuals unfamiliar with the current global warming science or our current emergency to believe the above nearly-unbearable news of what they have just read. But, if they take the time to look at the documentation links in the copy above (and the links to follow,) we believe, that they too will come to understand that the mass extinction vs total extinction dilemma which humanity now finds itself in is 100% real!

The REAL crisis, challenge and ultimate global warming question for our individual and collective futures is...

"How do we prevent a global warming-caused total extinction event from occurring, while we are simultaneously adapting to an unavoidable mass extinction event, which is already occurring?"

The above is the most important global warming question that no politician or global warming education organization is currently addressing! Yet, there is no more critical question for the survival of humanity that must be faced and managed or, there will be no more humanity!! 

This is the central question at Job One for Humanity which we are facing and managing in an honest, adult manner. The truth of this question has forced us to update our slogan to "adapt to global warming extinction." This is also the question that forced us to add this slogan explanation page.

In facing the global warming emergency over the last 11 years, we have been continually forced to create and update a science-based adaptation and preparation plan that if honestly executed, even has a reasonable probability of preventing the total extinction of humanity. 

This new plan is ultimately practical in that it also helps individuals make the critical emergency preparations and adaptions needed to deal with our steadily unfolding mass extinction process while also still forwarding and promoting all of the key actions and adaptations that must be done by our governments to prevent the total extinction of humanity.

The great news about our Job One Plan to adapt to the global warming emergency is that...

if we can get our governments to act effectively on this emergency and come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets within the next six years to slow down global warming enough:

a. those of you who start preparing and adapting now should be able to survive and be more comfortable as the now unavoidable mass extinction event unfolds over the next 30-50 years. And at least,

b. some of humanity and civilization might be able to survive because we have done just enough, just in time to avoid a global warming-caused total extinction event.

Click here to overview the 4 Parts of the Job One for Humanity Plan to adapt to the global warming emergency and hopefully prevent a total extinction event from occurring. Here you can learn what you can do to adapt to protect your family, business, and nation during the unfolding mass extinction event while at the same time helping to execute the most effective governmental actions required to resolve our total extinction threat and emergency.

Here are several additional reasons for our slogan update

When you read our website short version slogan "Adapt to Global Warming Extinction," we hope two additional important reactions take place.

1. You ask yourself, how do I adapt to total extinction? To most people, it will seem a bit illogical to try to adapt to the finality of extinction.

We also hope that the tremendous power of this cognitive dissonance and tension between the adapt and extinction concepts will cause you to read more on our website to resolve this seeming inconsistency. We then hope this knowledge will motivate you to learn about what you can do to adapt to an unthinkable extinction reality, until or if it occurs. And yes, there are many, many things we can do to adapt while we are trying to prevent total extinction.

2. Most people will also see some hope of possible practical actions in the word adapt. They will imagine that we still have some way of avoiding a total extinction event. That hope is correct, but the challenge of it is the greatest humanity has ever faced.

A comment from a Job One for Humanity member on our 2020 slogan change:

"I appreciate how your organization is willing to do a more in-depth analysis of the global warming extinction emergency and tell us what our governments and the media will not simply because it is so frightening or because it benefits some vested interest. After I had considerable time to process these fears, I came to realize that they are legitimate and justified. These legitimate fears have now become a dominant positive force behind me, my family, and my business changing our budgets and lifestyles to begin to adapt to what is now unavoidable. Thank you for your work and your voice!" K.R.

One last thought

The Job One for Humanity organization is currently in the process of evaluating the best places above the 45 parallel north to migrate to for its offices and staff. We are making this migration move soon so that our organization, its staff, and their families have a more extended period of relative stability and normalcy in which to serve and help others adapt to what is coming from the accelerating and intensifying consequences of the global warming extinction emergency. 

We are not alone in seeking a more stable future environment by any means. There are many climate scientists and climate researchers who also see the "writing on the wall" and have already quietly migrated or are soon planning their migration to global warming safer zones.

All over the world intelligent individuals and businesses are quietly beginning to adapt and migrate wherever necessary.

In this growing global warming migration movement, we at Job One for Humanity are "walking our talk" and adapting to global warming extinction, which is our website short version slogan.

Please also note: When we updated our slogan, we also had to update our mission

Our new full mission statement is:

"To help the world adapt to an unavoidable, ongoing global warming-caused mass extinction event while simultaneously, doing everything we can to prevent an even worse total extinction event."

To see our full 2020 mission and what our non-profit organization is dedicated to achieving, click here.


First world illustration by Jean Arnold

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