World's 2,000 Billionaires Self-Destructing and Endangering Assets and Legacies Because of Climate Inaction

The world's 2,000 billionaires are on a suicidal course of fateful inaction due to grossly underestimating the consequences of our accelerating global heating extinction emergency. Can they be helpful or trusted?

The following ten richest billionaires and the other 1,990 billionaires and their advisors are being given public legal notification in this posting.


No. Name Net worth (USD) Age Nationality Source(s) of wealth
1 Increase Elon Musk $219 billion Increase 50  United States Tesla, SpaceX
2 Decrease Jeff Bezos $177 billion Decrease 58  United States Amazon
3 Steady Bernard Arnault & family $158 billion Increase 73  France LVMH
4 Steady Bill Gates $129 billion Increase 66  United States Microsoft
5 Increase Warren Buffett $118 billion Increase 91  United States Berkshire Hathaway
6 Increase Larry Page $111 billion Increase 49  United States Alphabet Inc.
7 Increase Sergey Brin $107 billion Increase 48  United States Alphabet Inc.
8 Decrease Larry Ellison $106 billion Increase 77  United States Oracle Corporation
9 Increase Steve Ballmer $91.4 billion Increase 66  United States Microsoft
10 Steady Mukesh Ambani $90.7 billion Increase 64  India Reliance Industries


The world's approximately 2,000 billionaires and their high-priced risk analysis firms have grossly underestimated the risks, consequences, and results of not using their influence with politicians and governments to enact critical global fossil fuel reduction plans.

These billionaires, as well as their advisers and families, will not be able to escape the terrible consequences on this page, no matter how much money they have or where they create their last-stand, secret survival compounds.

These billionaires and trusted advisors still have time to save themselves and their families if they immediately intervene worldwide and use their political influence to force the currently required global fossil fuel reductions.

The world's billionaires are now playing the most dangerous no-win game ever constructed. The only problem is they may not know they are even playing this no/win game --- yet!

If the world billionaires and their advisers wake up in time, they will not only save themselves. In the act of saving themselves, they will also save the rest of us and become the famous heroes of a new era of human stability and prosperity.

The biggest questions remaining are:

1. how to get them to act and then cooperate, and
2. how do you keep from getting caught in all the many negatives of the world's billionaires?

Several of the links below go into great detail on the positives and negatives of attempting to get the billionaires to solve the climate emergency to save themselves, their assets, and their legacies.

Are Musk and Bezos, the world's two richest persons, running away to hide in space while the Earth dies?

Some of the above billionaires may even believe they are so special and wealthy that they can escape the Earth's climate extinction consequences by fleeing to the moon (Jeff Bezos) or Mars and beyond (Elon Musk).

Please do not miss reading about the wild, extreme, and very world’s most dangerous philosophy of Longtermism, which Elon Musk and other super-rich Silicon Valley and Venture Capital types have adopted. Musk has allegedly donated 1.5 million dollars to help forward the twisted values and bizarre ideas of Longtermism to help them be the new values guide to humanity's future.

If you know someone who works at Tesla, Starlink, or Twitter, please also forward this posting to them. They have a right to look deep into the mind of their boss, Elon Musk, and better understand what appears to be his Longtermism philosophy and what may well be his real long-term agenda for the future of humanity. Find out what Musk really means when he says he wants to “help humanity” with the elitist philosophy of Longtermism.  

Documentation and links for the Practical Pros and Cons of Getting Billionaires Involved in Saving the World From Accelerating Climate Change

Click here to see what the world's billionaires must do to get the world's governments to enforce the necessary global fossil fuel reductions.

Click here to see what will eventually happen to the world's wealthiest people and their secret survival compounds as global heating destroys global civility and stability.

Click here to see today's critical climate facts, which the world's billionaires and their advisers either do not know, or are ignoring at the peril of their lives, assets, and legacies.

To see more about the climate change consequences that even the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations will not be able to surviveclick here.

Click here to see the currently correct and required global fossil fuel reduction amounts vital to come close to to save as much as 50% of the human population.

The Billionaire Project Rationale Based on Evolutionary Theory

The billionaire project to save humanity from climate change was developed after careful thought and based on sound evolutionarily theory. The first document below covers all dialectical pros and cons of working with billionaires and shows a clear path for how the world's billionaires could be motivated and organized to cooperate and help evolve us through the climate extinction emergency and other emergencies. The documents below were created by John Stewart.

John Stewart is an Australian-based evolutionary scientist and member of the Evolution, Complexity, and Cognition (ECCO) Research Group of the Free University of Brussels. Much of his work on the directionality of evolution and its implications for humanity has been published in peer-reviewed papers in international science journals.

A number of his recent papers have focused on psychological development, including the future evolution of consciousness.

He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book 'Evolution's Arrow: the direction of evolution and the future of humanity. More recently, he has finalized The Evolutionary Manifesto, which outlines an evolutionary worldview and explores its relevance to humanity. It demonstrates the potential of an evolutionary worldview to provide meaning and purpose for human existence.

  1. Click here for the most updated and current evolutionary theory on how to organize billionaires (and the 1%) to save us from the climate extinction emergency and other global existential threats. (This link also contains a candid discussion of the pros and cons of getting billionaires to work together from an evolutionary perspective. We do not hide the many negatives that can be anticipated when you try to get billionaires working together on a worthwhile project.)  
  2. If you want to see the original evolutionary theory behind the principles of the 2,000 Billionaires Plan above, click this link. 

John Stewart's recent work also focuses on the evolutionary imperative for humanity to organize itself into a cooperative and evolvable planetary society that is underpinned by appropriate global governance. His latest paper on these issues is The Self-Organizing Society: A Grower’s Guide, which is freely available at

More about his work is at

To help do something about the climate change and global warming emergency, click here.

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