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a unique, new eco-community being built on a large island with a hot spring in a global warming safer zone. 

This unique and large island on a lake in a progressive Northwest US state has a hot spring and has enough tillable land and grazing land to support and sustain about 16-20 people. It is also close enough to necessary hospital and other important services but not too close to any major metropolitan area. There is also land near the island available for purchase to expand the community directly off the island.

This island location is far safer than almost any other global warming safer site that we have reviewed over the past three years for creating a successful eco-community to deal with the global warming extinction threat and emergency. The island is above the 45 parallel within the US somewhere in the western US. This global warming safer island is a very rare future living opportunity in its size (well over 100 acres,) its generally favorable weather conditions and, where it is found. and would also participate in creating this new eco-community project with staff and its new offices on the island. Housing would be several individual homes for families, a community kitchen and center and individual connected rooms or dorms for singles.

Key participants and co-creators must have from $500,000 to 2 million in readily available capital to buy the island and build the necessary buildings, solar, geothermal, greenhouses, etc. for themselves and others in this new eco-community.

Please note that having liquid capital is not the only qualification to participate in this rare eco-community development possibility. It is only the first qualification as there are many individuals without liquid finances who are already more than willing to put in sweat equity to become a part of it.

If you know someone with the financial resources who might be interested, please get them this notice. 

Interested parties should contact our organization at [email protected] Please give us a brief overview of why you would like to participate and any qualifications or skills that you will bring to this project in addition to your financial ability to add to the project.

Please describe in detail how the purposes and values of this new eco-community align with your purposes as values. (The guiding value principles for the new eco-community are found on both of our websites in the Job One Plan parts 1 and 2 and in the Master FAQ at

We will get back to you after we carefully review your submission. We will provide more details at that time to qualified individuals.


The Job One for Humanity team


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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2020-01-27 16:31:24 -0800
    Dear Anne,

    There are people like yourself making both similar and different decisions. We are planning a meeting of similar minds in March In Marin county in San Rafael. Here is the link to sign up.


    The Job One Team
  • Anne Moore
    commented 2020-01-24 21:19:06 -0800
    This looks like a lovely undertaking and I wish you the best with it. If I were 30 years younger, with the assets I have now, it is the kind of thing I would love to do. However, I am 70, my husband 76, and have lived in the SF North Bay Area for 40 years, and have loved it. We realistically question whether we have the time left or the resilience to move and start all over again – could all that disruption possibly be worth losing the time to be with loved ones here and live and love to the fullest while we can? I wish there was someone who was leading a discussion for people my age- without families we feel driven to make a new place for – who are grappling with weighing the pros and cons and choices, helping us come to our own decisions – including possibly validating the choice to stay in place and create as much resiliency as we can where we live, while knowing our lives may overlap with some dire events when we are in our 80’s. I just can’t see ourselves wanting to get into defensive gunfights, or seeing any point at that age to try to survive. Is anyone else out there our age going through the same evaluation process? I’d really love to participate in such a discussion.
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