Interactive maps for how global warming consequences and migrations will reshape many US States

US Global warning caused migration is already happening. It will soon get much worse. See the NY Times and what another trusted source has to say about migration in your regional area!


The following linked article by the NY Times paints contains a very good interactive map showing the coming global warming consequences. It also paints a bleak future picture for the US and for millions of people migrating from their current homes because of accelerating global warming and its 20 major consequences. 

Unfortunately, even this gloomy article grossly underestimates the numbers of Americans who will be displaced by global warming and be forced to migrate over the next few decades. 

Our organization estimates it will not be the NY times estimate of 4-5 million Americans who migrate. It will be tens of millions of Americans who will leave their current homes and move to areas safer from the 20  rapidly escalating consequences of accelerating global warming and climate change. Click below for the two great articles with interactive maps showing where the worst future global warming consequences will hit in the US.

Start with the NY Times article first.

Click here to read the NY Times article on global warming migrations.

Click here for the second interactive article by ProPublica.

Additional useful information: 

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