Key information about the petition to declare a global warming State of Emergency

Because of the endless bad news in the media on escalating global warming and its consequentclimate destabilization, it should not come as a complete shock that we are, in fact, already in an undeclared global warming State of Emergency. It is now vital to have the world publicly and formally declare this emergency.

After you sign the petition, you will have the opportunity to Share it on social media. You will also receive an email allowing you to forward the complete petition to your friends. This petition will be sent electronically to the people in power who are responsible for addressing the global warming emergency. (At Job One for Humanity our mission is to be a cooperator and an igniter, helping any and all parties overcome the emergency that escalating global warming and its consequent climate destabilization present.)

If any of your friends need to be informed about why this global state of emergency is being declared, or if you have not already read the detailed science about the urgency for why we need to immediately declare a global warming State of Emergency, please send them or go yourself to this Global Warming State of Emergency Summary.

How this petition will be used to help end the global warming emergency

When we reach the required number of petition signatures, we will submit the petition with all signatures to:

1. The President and the members of both houses of the United States of America Congress, and

2. The governing bodies of your nation (if you provide your nationality).

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