What is the "Hidden" Climageddon Feedback Loop? Will It Cause Mass Human Extinction?

The Climageddon Feedback Loop is why global warming consequences will be far worse than you are told.

The following article illuminates the three critical and interacting climate change factors and forces that will facilitate and then accelerate the extinction of much of humanity over the following 3-5 decades. These three critical climate calculation factors are collectively and woefully missing from almost all climate change calculations done by climate researchers with a single specialty, such as glaciers, water vapor, forest carbon absorption, sea ice coverage, ocean temperature, carbonization, currents, etc.

These three interacting factors and highly disruptive forces will be explained shortly, but first, it is necessary to illuminate the hidden danger of already accelerating climate change. Most people will acknowledge that global warming is accelerating. Over the last two decades, it has accelerated by about 50% from one decade to the next. This acceleration in global warming is in perfect lockstep with the key atmospheric greenhouse gases (carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide), as shown in the graph below.


This massive 50% acceleration in global warming over the previous several decades contradicts everything you are hearing in the media from our authorities telling us that we are making progress on fixing global warming. (In case you still do not believe the 50% increase, James Hansen, the world-renowned climate scientist, recently verified this dangerous 50% acceleration in global warming over the last two decades. Click here for this new verification 2024 study by James Hansen.) 

The following Climageddon Feedback Loop process explains the powerful and regularly unaccounted-for climate system forces that, behind the scenes, are rapidly accelerating global warming temperatures and intensifying climate change consequences. The effects of the Climageddon Feedback Loop process also explains why the climate change emergency has now grown beyond humanity's effective and practical control.

For decades, most of the world's single-specialty climate scientists have overlooked, hidden, denied, ignored, or grossly underestimated the effects of the Climageddon Feedback Loop as a major factor in the accuracy of their climate change calculations. Almost all of our single specialty climate scientists have overwhelmingly failed to include within their calculations the critical cumulative and synergetic effects of ALL other interacting and interdependent climate change systems and subsystems probable, likely, or potential:

a. crossed climate tipping points,



b. inherent or interconnected feedback loops, and

c. non-linear reactions commonly found within the systems and subsystems of complex adaptive systems.

The following illustration helps to demonstrate nonlinear reactions in complex adaptive systems like the climate. In the illustration, system A in the climate is connected to system B, but because they are complex adaptive climate systems, they can and will produce nonlinear, highly unpredictable effects in climate system or subsystem C.





The above three climate-related factors and forces inherently feed into and fuel each other to create the Climageddon Feedback Loop process.

There are about a dozen major climate change systems and subsystems that are interconnected and interacting in most normal climate change transactions. They are glacier melting or glacier break-off status, sea ice coverage, ocean temperature, ocean carbon absorption, ocean currents, methane and carbon release from permafrost, methane release from coastal ocean areas, atmospheric water vapor, the albedo effect, and soil and forest carbon sequestration or carbon release factors. (There are other climate factors and subsystems, but these are the major ones.) 

If all of the climate's probable, likely, and potential crossed tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions are not accounted for in climate change analysis and forecasts designed to give us accurate climate change consequence timetables and climate solutions, any real chance to fix the climate change emergency before near-total extinction will slip through humanity's fingers before our leaders and humanity ever realizes its last climate-fixing opportunity is gone.

The illustration below shows what happens before a tipping point is about to be crossed. Just before the collapse, it will start to oscillate faster and faster to higher and lower oscillating levels.




Understanding how the three factors and forces of the Climageddon Feedback Loop interact is critical to humanity's future. The Climageddon Feedback Loop occurs whenever more crossed climate tipping points, feedback loops, and triggered non-linear reactions interact and accelerate each other's effects in what can become a near-endless feedback loop.




The three factors and forces of tipping points, feedback loops, and nonlinear reactions interact in the climate to create a new and much larger or mega feedback loop (the Climageddon Feedback Loop) of and between themselves. This now-activated Climageddon feedback loop will continuously fuel and accelerate new levels of rapidly increasing heat and intensify climate change consequences.




In the Climageddon Feedback Loop, more tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions are pushed into being crossed or activated at faster and faster rates. This once again triggers or accelerates other and more climate tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions in other climate systems and subsystems. This, in turn, fuels and creates the Climageddon Feedback Loop extinction spiral of ever-increasing and ever more severe climate change consequences at even faster rates!

As the Climagageddon Feedback Loop continues to expand and accelerate as described above; eventually, all that Humanity will be able to do is prepare and adapt and hope that you can live as comfortably as possible under the extreme climate change conditions never seen before by humanity.

The monster climate crisis and extinction threat are hidden by ignoring the Climageddon Feedback Loop in current climate change analysis and predictions.

Today, most climate scientists have not simultaneously included calculations, algorithmic values, or reasonable allowances for ALL or even most of the probable, likely, or potential crossed climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions from the dozen most important climate systems and subsystems in their final climate change calculations. This dangerous and gross underestimation issue helps to create a delusional climate change "Perfect Day scenario," with no nasty climate tipping points, feedback loops, or non-linear reactions to ruin their "Perfect Day" climate change forecasts. 

Consequently, our current real climate change risks and threats are not accurately provided to those with the political and financial power to act. Because of this, governments, businesses, and the world's citizens have not been informed of the accurate and real climate change consequences and time frames we currently face. They have been grossly misinformed about their climate future! 

The widespread failure of climate scientists to include the Climageddon Feedback Loop process and scenario in ALL of their climate change calculations explains why the current global warming temperature predictions and time frames that humanity is being given are so far off from what is already occurring and will occur. (We appear to be regularly meeting or exceeding our current worst-case climate change scenario predictions precisely because, in part, of the omission of the Climageddon Feedback Loop in those predictions.) 

The undisclosed and uncompensated for Climageddon Feedback Loop is the main reason that humanity has already passed into phase 2 of runaway global warming. Phase 2 of runaway global warming is really bad because it means half or more of humanity will perish by about 2050.

If we do not make radical worldwide fossil fuel reductions immediately, as much as 95% of humanity or more will likely not survive past 2070. Global temperatures will be in runaway mode along with the climate change consequences, and we will be living in climate hell.

To help you understand the global warming-driven side of the coming "Great Global Collapse," leading to mass human extinction, review the following runaway global heating illustration starting from the bottom up! 

Starting from the bottom, this illustration reflects the unfolding natural progression of ever-worsening and interacting consequences with climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and nonlinear reactions included in the projections.

The top of the illustration shows you the later phases of the Climageddon Feedback Loop extinction model processes and consequences. The bottom of the illustration shows you the earlier consequences.

For now, get a general idea of all the runaway global heating consequences, tipping points, feedback loops, and potential non-linear reactions that will be interacting and colliding as well as amplifying and multiplying each other as the Climageddon Feedback Loop extinction scenario unfolds over time in phases and waves. 

Remember to review tahe following illustration from the bottom up, beginning with the heating effect of escalating global warming!



(Full explanations for climate tipping points, feedback loops, potential nonlinear reactions, and consequences are here, and in the next link for the 20 worst global warming consequences.)


Points of no return 

Tipping points also have a point of no return that, when crossed, will always lead to the particular tipping point being crossed and a system crash. Today, you hear very little about the points of no return in some climate change system tipping point. This is another area of high risk and deep concern for humanity's climate future. Unless we also understand these points of no return for any particular climate change tipping point, we will keep crossing more and more dangerous climate change tipping points.



What to do:

Click here to review the most important climate change information and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family from rapidly accelerating climate change consequences.

More Supportive Information

1. The Climageddon Feedback Loop process also invisibly accelerates and significantly distorts the committed and "baked-in" future temperature warming calculations the public is being given. To see far more accurate calculations for future committed global warming temperatures and timeframes that do include values for the many forces of the Climageddon Feedback Loop, click here.)

2. Please click here for a full explanation of the obscene "Perfect Day" climate change calculations distortion that has plagued the climate information being given to the public about their climate change futures. Then please click here for even more on how the public has been denied the necessary truth about our horrible current climate situation.

3. There are at least 11 major climate change tipping points. There are also many factors about tipping points that most people do not understand. To learn more about these two critical issues, click here.

4. Job One for Humanity does include many calculations, algorithmic values, or appropriate allowances for probable, likely, and possible crossed climate change tipping points, feedback loops, and non-linear reactions from the dozen major climate systems and subsystems in their final climate change calculations, consequence timeframes forecasts, and recommended solutions as seen in the ten facts and links found on this page. (Our research and analysis methodology can be found on this page.)



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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2024-06-17 18:30:59 -0700
    I recommend you start by reading the following page and following its links. It covers many of the areas of errors and omissions involved in the Climageddon Feedback Loop. See https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/why_35_years_of_reduction_failure. Next, I recommend you read the book Climageddon, which was published in 2017. It has many more of our research analysis charts and study references relating to this feedback loop.
    It’s important to note that the IPCC worst-case scenarios, which we are already regularly hitting and exceeding, did not account for the factors and forces of the Climageddon Feedback Loop. This underlines the urgency and gravity of the situation we are facing.
    We anticipate publishing more details on the calculations and values assigned to the three elements of the Climageddon Feedback Loop once we have secured supercomputer access. This will allow us to further refine and test our analysis and run many more scaled variations of the current values we are using.
  • Larry Tallman
    commented 2024-06-14 23:12:23 -0700
    Most often I am the one in the room who is the most dystopian. It’s nice to meet someone even more so. I do like the overall theory of us requiring more of an integrated approach rather than each specialty doing its own, and only its own, work. But the conclusions you draw may or may not have substance. We’ll only know when you publish the integrated research. Or have you done so already? Or are there scientists who you are relying on to provide it? Please tell us more.
    Larry Tallman
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    published this page in Blog 2024-06-14 14:43:06 -0700
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