Your 2020 Global Warming Predictions

Here are our most important global warming predictions for 2020:

1. 2020 will be the year that media, many other environmental groups as well as large philanthropies will start talking about the global warming extinction emergency in earnest! 

2. We predict that the first brave politicians and governments around the world will also begin openly telling the world that we are now facing nothing less than a global warming-caused extinction emergency.

3. An additional 100 million to 500 million of the young people around the world will link together in frustration and desperation and they will angrily protest the global warming extinction emergency shaming their national politician's inaction! It will be the youth of the world who will rise up and demand that their lives are not cut short and made horrific by our politicians' inaction in fixing global warming.

4. 2020 will become the first year of a vastly broader public awareness of the global warming extinction emergency as well as its consequences and remedies. (If you want to know more about how humanity has come to this global warming-caused extinction emergency, click here. It will take you to the new webpage that also discusses why Job One for Humanity just changed its organizational slogan to; prevent global warming extinction.)

5. Unfortunately, 2020 will also be the worst year ever for global warming-related catastrophes.

6. The world will become more aware that the global warming fossil fuel reduction targets and global warming consequence timetables being promoted by the UN and other authorities are grossly underestimatedClick here for more on this.

7. More insurance companies will cancel the insurance of homes and businesses in global warming high-risk zones. They will abandon previous 100-year floodplain charts for the new 1,000-year floodplain charts which will better compensate for the many accelerating consequences of global warming.

As 2019 ends, here a few of Job One for Humanity's most important educational successes that have helped shape the cutting edge of the global, global warming conversation.

1. Almost eight years ago, we began using the term "global warming emergency" to describe the real crisis we face. This term is now regularly used in the media and by other global warming environmental groups around the world.

2. For over the last four years, we have been challenging the false fossil fuel reductions and the false global warming consequence timetables given to the public by the UN's leading authority for governmental programs. This has resulted in some media and more environmental groups also speaking out publicly that we have been given dangerous and grossly false global warming estimates that benefit the politically powerful, developed nations and the oil exporters.

3. Over the last two years, we have forwarded the new reality that global warming has now evolved into an extinction emergency. Several large youth protest groups that we have been in contact with us have also began using protest slogans asking their politicians to save them from global warming extinction. Some of them are also now calling the global warming emergency, the global warming extinction emergency.

The above education accomplishments would not have been possible if it was not for you helping to support the ongoing research, analysis, and current free publications of Job One for Humanity.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year,

Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity

[email protected]

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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2020-02-21 09:36:38 -0800
    Thanks for your kind words…

    The Job One team
  • Rolf Hofl
    commented 2020-02-20 04:54:33 -0800
    I am really glad people like you exsist I cant believe the ignorance of people bigger is better consume consume bigger carbon foot print
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-12-31 11:11:41 -0800
    Dear Ed,
    Thank you for your insightful thoughts on the dilemmas of our global warming extinction emergency. I would suggest you also check out this Plan B link;


    The Job One team
  • Ed Cockrell
    commented 2019-12-30 07:50:14 -0800
    I admire the Job One effort in bringing this discussion to the public. When I first started reading about the climate emergency I thought maybe actions would be taken to reduce carbon emissions. But that is not happening. Then I thought about Plan B, and the possible strategies of trying to wiggle through the warming catastrophe to live a little longer within the ravages of a hot world. But the coldest parts of the world right now are having the biggest changes. Where I live in North Carolina there are warming effects, more flooding and so on, but the state overall is not as dramatically impacted as say Greenland with its melting glaciers (as one example). Anyway, it’s probably not possible to out maneuverer such dramatic and chaotic change. Plus changes are happening faster than were predicted just a few years ago. I’m coming to the conclusion that I’ll just have to act locally as seems best and live through or die in whatever hot mess is to coming this way. Maybe, in the long run, some little pockets of human society will continue to exist here and there on Earth. Or, we will just be gone as an advanced technology species because we could not figure out how to coexist with our living planet.
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