How to put the global warming emergency into an appropriate urgency

Escalating global warming creates a potential threat and risk level similar in severity and potential destructiveness to that of global thermonuclear war. Yes, that is a jarring comparison, but it is an applicable and relevant one. Moreover, the threat in the global warming emergency is accompanied by an undeniable immediacy.  Unlike a threat of nuclear war that is, at this time 70 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only potential and speculative, the threat in global warming is real and already currently evident and increasingly impactful.

Most people already know the nuclear powers of the world go to unbelievable lengths to achieve 100% risk and threat management for all possible global thermonuclear war risks. This is because the consequences from a global thermonuclear war would likely be billions of people killed, eventual extermination of the human race, and the planet made a living hell for centuries to millennia for any survivors and descendants.

No nation or rational political leader would ever allow even the minutest level of risk for global thermonuclear war to go unmanaged and uncontrolled. They would never allow any of their staff who manage or control nuclear weapons to be inadequately trained or unprepared for any nuclear weapons threat or freak security situation. Far too much is at stake to not take every aspect of this threat and risk seriously.

Additionally, because of the near certain extinction-level consequences of a global thermonuclear war, nations possessing nuclear weapons employ vast numbers of people to plan and prepare for every possible scenario where nuclear weapons could be used, damaged, mistakenly fired, lost, stolen or in any way activated in any possible scenario (including tipping point, fat tail, outlier andBlack Swan scenarios.)

When it comes to protecting us against global thermonuclear war threats and risk, no amount of national time and treasure is spared and no stone is ever left unturned. In this threat and risk area no excuses are ever accepted for less than 100% threat and risk management.

What is not generally understood outside of a small group of climate scientists and those individuals who have read the Job One Plan descriptions of the global warming emergency, theglobal warming tipping points, the global warming consequences, and the basics of irreversibleclimate destabilization, is that our current escalating global warming emergency has reached an extreme threat and risk level that now parallels the levels of threat and risk similar to the consequences of thermonuclear war. But the urgency is even more compelling for global warming because the catastrophic consequences of global warming are not off in the future. They are already occurring, and global warming tipping points can now be crossed at any time.

We have not in any effective or adequate manner mobilized to manage and control the rapidly escalating global warming threats and risks such as we have done with any and all aspects of nuclear weapons and nuclear war. After 30 years of warnings by our best scientific minds, when it comes to our global warming emergency we have thoroughly failed to develop  the necessary 100% commitment to executing effective threat and risk reduction actions when so much is also at stake.

Maybe in part we have not acted because we haven't been able to effectively quantify the global warming tipping point risk level for the general population. To remedy that situation, the following will help you understand the global warming emergency and its tipping points from a risk management perspective.

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