What to do about the escalating global warming emergency

If we take the following steps in the shortest possible time, we can still give ourselves a window of hope before it’s too late:

  1. Publicly declare an international and national global warming State of Emergency. With this formal declaration in place, the world and all its nations, corporations, organizations and individuals will be fully authorized and obligated to allocate sufficient personnel, expertise and resources to resolve this emergency before it is too late.

  2. Publicly declare that the international and national main goal criteria to use for planning and implementing the specific policies necessary to resolve this global warming emergency are:

    • To do only what is both critical and essential in the properly prioritized sequence to keep us from crossing any critical global warming tipping points. (Crossing any critical climate tipping points could quickly produce irreversible global warming and/or extinction-level climate destabilization.)

    • To immediately begin a global warming temperature stability maintenance program once the current  global warming emergency has been eliminated. To get atmospheric carbon pollution in parts per million (ppm) back down to the safe temperature and climate stability maintenance level we will need to reduce atmospheric carbon to 325 to 350 ppm. (a. and b. above are the same goals as the goals in the Job One Plan to end global warming.)

  3. Publicly set the critical subgoals for global warming reduction actions to:

    • Reducing global fossil fuel use 10% or more each year for the next 10 years. This will ensure achieving carbon neutrality (net zero carbon) by February 23, 2026.* (Some exceptions would apply for military, airlines, space travel and other critical plastic and chemical uses of fossil fuels.) This subgoal will require keeping 80 to 90% of all existing carbon and methane fossil fuels in the ground and never burned. This is mostly carbon and methane in the forms of coal, oil, natural gas, tar sands, etc. This targeted reduction in fossil fuel use also means that if we miss the 10% annual reduction goal for any one year, that missing percentage amount is added onto the remaining years of the must-achieve 10-year goal. (* February 23, 2016 was chosen as the 10-year start date for this subgoal because of the urgency of beginning to address the emergency and because it is also the 10-year anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award winning movie on global warming, titled An Inconvenient Truth.)

    • Phasing out all non-carbon-neutral and toxic carbon and methane fossil fuels use by 2026. This will require new and existing green energy generation technology to come online or to full capacity at a speed of infrastructure transformation, deployment and mobilization never previously achieved in human history. (Please note that the Job One Plan way of achieving carbon-neutral by 2026 does not endorse current Cap and Trademethods of arriving at carbon-neutral. Cap and Trade methods are too often a disguise for “business as usual” and will not get us to the true reduction levels we urgently need in time to keep us safe.)

  4. This is now possible because of improvements in green energy generation technology such as solar panels dropping significantly in price each year with improved efficiency and wind and other green energy generation and storage technologies also making significant technological and pricing reduction advances.

Why do we urgently need to reduce our global carbon and methane toxic pollution to net zero carbon as well as transition to 100% renewable green energy generation now?

Here are the key reasons:

  • Assuming you have had a chance to carefully and completely read our critical climate tipping points information, the major consequences of escalating global warming, and our materials on the levels of climate destabilization already taking place, by this time it should be painfully apparent to you that we are already at unconscionable levels of extreme risk to the ongoing stability and functionality of our current economic, political and social systems as well as imperiling the future of humanity itself.

  • It also should now be at least partially apparent to you that because of current social and political inertia and the current known and unknown global warming tipping point momentum factors inherent in the natural processes of the 11 developing global warming tipping points, one of the following cataclysmic things may have already happened, or will soon happen:

    • We have already crossed one or more global warming climate system tipping points. We just have not discovered it yet.

    • We are very near to crossing one or more global warming tipping points. We just have not discovered this yet either.

    • We will eventually cross one or more of the global warming tipping points if we do not immediately do something radically different than we have been doing over the last 30 years.

      • “We need to come to the collective realization that there is no such thing as an ‘allowable’ carbon and methane emissions amount anymore, or any remaining carbon budget that we can burn safely. Today there are only polluting carbon and methane fossil fuel burning emissions injurious to our health and more injurious to our future. Today at just 1 degree Celsius of temperature increase, climate catastrophes are already occurring with increasing frequency, scale and severity. We must eliminate all non-carbon-neutral fossil fuel-related carbon and methane emissions within 10 years, and even that may not be enough to keep us safe because of the possibility of still crossing critical global warming tipping points during that 10-year period.”    - - - Lawrence Wollersheim
    • We have crossed the line into irreversible global warming.

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