Our Goals and Mission

Last Updated 1.18.24.

Job One for Humanity, founded in 2008, is a non-profit, 100% publicly funded, independent climate change think tank. It provides a holistic "big picture" climate overview and uncensored dialectical meta-systemic analysis of the inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems and sub-systems creating our current climate change and runaway global heating emergency. 

Job One For Humanity is also active in researching climate change justice issues, particularly concerning helping victims of climate change get financial restitution from the global fossil fuel cartel perpetrators of the climate change emergency. Job One also maintains a list of worldwide law firms and lawsuits filed against the global fossil fuel cartel members for climate change damages.

Our organization supplies research-grounded climate change consequence analysis, timeframes, risk assessment, and solutions to educational, climate, and environmental organizations worldwide without charge. We also provide a fee-based climate analysis, risk assessment, and solutions service to insurance companies, governments, and businesses affected by climate change emergencies.



Our Climate Change Think Mission

The Job One for Humanity Climate change think tank offers information to understand the climate change emergency and effectively fix it by providing:

Priority 1. Science-grounded, uncensored and un-politicized climate change causes, facts, tools, and analysis. (Click here for the most current climate facts.)

Priority 2. A science-grounded realistic hope for our climate change future based on honestly facing our current climate change conditions and using effective, prioritized, and deadline-driven remedial actions

Priority 3: Education on climate change justice and restitution for the victims of climate change by bringing effective lawsuits against the creators of the climate change emergency in what we call our Climate Justice Now program. This is the program we feel will be the most effective in saving as much of humanity as possible.

Click here for a full explanation of our Climate Justice Now program, who is creating the climate change emergency, and how to best get climate justice for climate change-related deaths and financial losses.

Priority 4. Education on effective climate change resilience-building, preparation, adaptation, and solutions. Our climate change resilience building, preparation, adaptation, and solutions will also help individuals prepare for and lessen the impacts of many of our other 11 major global crises.

The main way we are educating and promoting change resilience-building, preparation, and climate change adaptation is through ClimateSafe Villages, a nonprofit organization that partners with us in this work. Click here to learn more about Climate Safe Villages.

The widespread sharing of our uncensored climate analysis and solutions will help slow and ultimately prevent a near-total human extinction event. Individuals who discover and use our information will also need to do the following to preserve and protect as much human and biological life as possible from the primary and secondary consequences of climate change. They will need to:

1. create a widespread and uncensored awareness of the current climate change emergency,

2. create a widespread willingness to engage in immediate and effective climate change remedial action plan within individuals, groups, businesses, and nations (our PLAN B.)

2a. This would also include educating about effective climate change justice and restitution for the victims of climate change by bringing lawsuits against the creators of the climate change emergency. (Click here for a full explanation of who is creating the climate change emergency and how to best get climate justice for climate change victims.)

3. work toward minimizing climate change-related suffering and death while simultaneously maximizing the well-being of all human, biological, and ecological systems that we can do within our extremely difficult current and future climate change conditions.


Our prioritized educational and action goals for 2024 and beyond

Currently, we have two major educational priorities for 2024 and beyond:

1. Educating people about the uncensored nature of the climate change emergency (not the grossly underestimated "keep the population ignorant, quiet and not demanding change" manipulated reports from the government and the media. More people will start preparing themselves and their businesses with an accurate climate change analysis of what we can no longer avoid. 

Hopefully, in that group of people we help educate, there will be people with direct influence on politicians who can voice the actual climate change truth to them. If we are fortunate, eventually, our politicians will act to fix the climate nightmare. But the odds do not look good for that to be done anytime soon.

Our climate research indicates that politicians will not act until climate change's human suffering and financial costs are many times beyond what they are now. Unfortunately, that point is probably a decade or longer from 2023, when 70% to 95% of humanity is already doomed to extinction by about 2070.

2. Getting lots of the new ClimateSafe Villages set up worldwide. This way, we save as many people as possible because our governments and politicians will not do this until there is a horrendous population collapse, economic losses, and social chaos.

Here is how we will get the above two priorities done:

A. educating about preparing for, adapting to, and building enhanced human and biological resilience to survive climate change's ongoing catastrophic or unavoidable consequences while time remains to do so.

This getting prepared step also means that it is time to educate and prepare humanity for the many huge sacrifices we have to make to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And it is also time to start preparing humanity for the unimaginable and unavoidable, soon-arriving suffering. (The new ClimateSafe Villages will be especially helpful in completing this action step.)

while simultaneously working to prevent the worst consequences by educating individuals who will,

B. compel our governments hard and continuously to enforce radically cutting global fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets to slow down runaway global heating sufficiently so that we can avoid near-total human and biological extinction and more of humanity can live a little longer and more securely. (We can no longer save half of humanity, but we still have a chance to save much of the rest of humanity.) 

C. Educate about effective climate change justice and restitution for the victims of climate change by bringing lawsuits against the creators of the climate change emergency. (Click here for a full explanation of who is creating the climate change emergency and how to best get climate justice for climate change victims.)

D. press our governments to create an effective global climate change governance mechanism that has the power to make effective global climate law with the full ability to verify, enforce, and punish any violators. Without effective global climate governance managing the global climate change emergency, we will never be able to:

1. slow down the current climate-driven extinction and collapse,

2. manage the coming and now unavoidable climate-driven population collapse and sudden global economic decline, and 

3. wisely and equitably create and manage the post-climate change collapse recovery processes.  

Worldwide citizens must quickly force our governments to create effective global climate governance that has the power to make effective global climate law AND the ability to verify, enforce, and punish violators! Without this empowered global governance mechanism, we can not adequately reduce the climate risks and threats to minimize the effects of near-total extinction.

Runaway global heating is a global emergency that only can be fixed globally. If we do not get this global climate governance working soon, humanity will suffer far more than ever needed and worse than can be imagined.  

E. And, if we do not get close to the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, with the hope that a good portion of the human population will survive, we will educate:

1. to help younger individuals and families migrate from high-risk global heating areas to safer areas before it is too late to make these moves, (We forward the position that younger generations (X.Y Z, and A) who did not create or ignore the runaway global heating extinction nightmare have a far greater right to occupy the remaining global heating safest lands and to survive longer.)

2. to help support building many urban, rural and virtual new ClimateSafe Villages (ecologically sustainable communities) worldwide for our younger generations that:

a. might also allow at least some small part of our younger generations to survive where they are currently living, through the coming climate-change-propelled global collapse, extinction, and possible rebirth process and cycle, 

b. might learn from and apply the many hard lessons of runaway global heating and the other ecological, economic, and political consequences which will happen to us because of the ultimate consequences of our current overconsuming, highly unsustainable, and inequitable lives.

If there are survivors in these eco-communities, they and their eco-communities would serve as "beacons of light" modeling critical new ideas, values, and behaviors for an eventual Great Global Rebirth. To see what these new ideas, values, and behaviors might look like, click here and look at Benefit 1.

(Please be aware that the continuous pain and suffering any survivors will go through is so immense and unimaginable that many survivors will wish they had died in the Great Global Collapse. For most, survival will be closer to a subsistence existence. Because surviving runaway global heating will be a living hell, we must lessen that hell for survivors by getting as close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as is possible.)

3. to help our governments develop Plan B climate crisis management plans for handling the sudden and massive loss of life and unfolding social and economic chaos from now until mid-century from the unavoidable runaway global heating consequences. 

Because of our 60 years of inaction and ineffective action on the global heating emergency, the informative creative destruction that will occur as half the human population unavoidably goes extinct is unconscionable and the greatest horror in human history. Yet, it is also an equally powerful opportunity to create a better world and even a great global rebirth. (To learn more about the many benefits, improvements, and new societal values that could emerge for humanity from this unsought-after evolutionary challenge and opportunity, click here.)



Humanity's future depends on how fast we can slow and lessen the worst effects of the runaway global heating extinction emergency. Our next 2 to 8 years will determine the future viability and survival of humanity. (If you would like to see the analysis of many factors that bought us to the realization that, at best, climate change is only 2-8 years away (2025-2031) from going out of our control for centuries to millenniaclick here.)

We understand that the above is a distressing and problematic climate update. But, the good news is, if our governments mass mobilize and get us close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we still will be able to save as much as half of humanity! We will also be able to save many of the plant and animal species and other living systems of our beautiful planet. 

So, let's get busy and work together to save and salvage what we need to survive and what we dearly love.

(Please note: The above climate and runaway global heating facts are currently being censored or altered by the actions of powerful fossil fuel industry lobbyists upon the media and our governments. Yet, widely visible climate and runaway global heating consequences and current climate science-based predictions support the above statements as accurate.)


An Important Explanation for Our Updated Mission and Goals

Our overall mission strategy is always based on the principle of working wholeheartedly toward the best possible climate outcomes while simultaneously being aware of and preparing for the worst possible climate outcomes.

In March of 2022, Job One For Humanity once again reviewed the climate science and updated its position on climate change and the runaway global heating emergency. It concluded that:

As a result of ignoring 60 years of valid scientific warnings and our not resolving the climate change and rising global heating emergency, we have already locked ourselves into the beginning phase of runaway global warming and the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. Mass human extinction is now inevitable and unavoidable because we have already gone over the runaway global heating climate cliff when we reached the carbon 386 ppm level. Unfortunately, at our current carbon 420+ ppm level, we are making our extinction occur faster because we will cross even more climate tipping points and amplify climate feedback loops at faster rates. 

The good news is that we can still save much of the other half of humanity, but only if we get close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as soon as possible. The even better news is that when we finally fix runaway global heating, there will be many positive benefits and possibly a Great Global Rebirth

(The above is also our core message.)

This first mass extinction-level event of about half of humanity by mid-century will result primarily from mass starvation due to climate change-related crop failures, low crop yields, and soaring food prices. It will also be caused by growing resource shortages and increasing regional and national conflicts as tens of millions of starving climate refugees seek to find new homes.

If humanity does not get close to making the required and radical 2025 global fossil fuel use reductions (as described in detail on this global targets page,) humanity will also face an even worse second extinction-level of near-total extinction beginning as soon as 2070. (Click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity could possibly experience is near-total extinction (about 50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.)

Accordingly, we have had to update our prior mission and goals because of the preceding and increasingly severe global climate change and global heating consequences. Because the likelihood of coming close to the 2025 global targets for fossil fuel reduction is currently so low, part of our mission upgrade was to create a new Plan B for the runaway global heating extinction emergency. 

With our new Plan B, while we are still working diligently on preventing near-total extinction, we have shifted a significant amount of our mission focus to also helping individuals, families, and businesses to become aware that they now need to start preparing themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically for what can no longer be avoided; the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

We are actively educating them on how to adapt and build climate resilience (and other kinds of resilience) both in their homes and businesses and in essential local, regional, and national systems. Our new Plan B reflects our upgraded mission and focuses on maximizing all the possible human, biological and ecological good within our extremely difficult and painful current climate position.



What Job One for Humanity has to educate about to achieve the above goals for 2023 and beyond

1. Help everyone to understand the principle of accelerating extinction risk related to climate tipping points and amplifying feedback loops. A 2.0C global temperature rise is not just a little worse than 1.5C. It is exponentially worse.

2. Help everyone to understand that because of our six decades of ineffective climate action and climate inaction, the death of about 1/2 of humanity by mid-century is already unavoidable because of accelerating climate-related consequences by mid-century

3. Help everyone to understand that if we are very lucky, only for the next 2 to 8 yearsglobal heating will still be at a stage and level where we may still be able to prevent a near-total human extinction caused by it.

4. Help today's youth, environmental activists, and the world's citizens understand they need to force their governments to act now to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and produce 10, 20, and 50-year plans that have enough detail that they know how to manage accelerating climate consequences and other critical resource collapses. 

5. Help activist leaders and governments understand how to address; HOW the world will humanely deal with, prepare for and adapt to colossal population crashes and manage the many consequences of the accelerating global warming decline process. We want to help them develop their climate change emergency Plan B?


How we measure our educational success numerically

  1. by creating more runaway global heating-educated Job One members, subscribers, and citizens,
  2. by creating more global heating educator-activists.
  3. by preparing more people for the many soon-arriving and unavoidable runaway global heating consequences.
  4. by our helping to create more climate resilience and sustainability-building hubs eventually in every major city and town worldwide. (These hubs will facilitate where generations X, Y, Z, and A can meet and build their climate-resilient and equitable futures.)
  5. by saving more generations X, Y, Z, and A from the climate-driven extinction and collapse cycle.
  6. by building new (or upgrading older intentional) sustainable communities that hold the possibility of surviving the extinction and collapse cycle.

Additional reasons why we do what we do

Job One for Humanity, founded in 2008, is a non-profit, independent, and 100% publicly funded climate change think tank that provides an uncensored "big picture" holistic view and analysis of the many inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems creating our current climate change emergency and runaway global heating.

We believe that every global citizen deserves the same climate change future threat and risk information as is given to our national intelligence agencies. Every citizen should also have the same climate information purchased at great expense by hedge funds, investment banks, and billionaires from their specialty risk analysis firms. 

Unrestricted and uncensored climate change current risk knowledge is critical for all citizens to wisely initiate appropriate survival-related emergency preparations, adaptations, or relocations for the coming avoidable and unavoidable climate catastrophes. Furthermore, our free climate change facts and analysis ensure that every global can protect themselves, their families, and their businesses as well as those with political privilege, high-security governmental positions, or great wealth.

Our climate articles and climate emergency analysis are completely un-influenced and uncensored by any political agenda, political party, or other political force. Unlike many other climate and environmental nonprofit educational organizations, we refuse to knowingly take any donations from fossil fuel lobbyists, producers, or fossil fuel-dependent industries to ensure no possible conflicts of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest. 

We promise our fully-independent climate change think tank will always tell you the full climate truth and what many often do not want to hear about our current climate change emergency. Unfortunately, this IS the painful same climate change information you need to protect yourself and your future.  

More About the Job One for Humanity Organization

Job One for Humanity is an independent climate change think tank that provides a "big picture" holistic view and analysis of the inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems creating our current climate change emergency.

We do climate change analysis of existing climate research. While we do not do in-house original climate research, we use the published research papers of independent and respected climate scientists and climate research from organizations like the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA.) 

There are many climate research papers and summary materials reviewed or used by this organization in its climate analysis, prediction, or recommendations.  

Theyare found listed:

1. in this extensive but still partial master list of these related or relevant climate research papers and summaries.
2. in many available video presentations by the climate scientists or researchers describing their own research. Click here to see an example in the video of the renowned climate scientist Kevin Anderson presenting the climate emergency at Oxford.
3. in the body of many of our web pages, in the links on those pages, or in the end notes or technical notes found at the end of many pages.

We provide our climate and global heating educational information for individuals and organizations with the understanding that they will independently evaluate it and decide upon its usefulness and accuracy based on the best climate science and analysis currently available.

As an organization, we speak climate truth to power, and we always treat our visitors and members as adults who can process often painful facts. We candidly speak climate truth to power also because there is no time left to hide or sugar-cote the facts surrounding the runaway global heating emergency.

Our website pages offer an appropriate, proportional, and rational hope that we can still fix the climate and save humanity from the climate's worst possible extinction possibilities. We base this measured hope solely upon current climate science and advanced dialectical metasystemic analysis processes. 

All the runaway global heating and climate change remedial actions we recommend are provided on a self-motivated, self-organized, and self-directed, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis. Although we will answer climate questions and provide limited encouragement through our online member support system, you are responsible for spreading the word and telling others about this website's climate information and tools. Responsibility for the preparations, adaptations, and global heating remedial actions necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business from what is coming remains as it should, exclusively with you.

More About Our Climate Change Research, Review, and Analysis Processes 

Using the principles of system theory and dialectical metasystemic thinking applied to the climate as a complex adaptive system, we review and then analyze current and past climate change research and public climate summaries for:

1. errors, 

2. omissions, 

3. previously unrecognized positive or negative patterns in or between climate studies,

4. unseen interconnections or consequence connections within and between climate studies, and 

5. the unseen and hidden politicization, censorship, or the watering down of climate science by governmental agencies or other types of agents in public climate summary reports. 

The problems in 1-5 above can significantly affect the validity of current and future statements or positions concerning climate consequence timetables or the frequency, severity, and scale of climate consequences. Using system theory and dialectical metasystemic thinking applied to the climate as a complex adaptive system, we also review research papers and public statements on the climate for:

1. discernable or hidden biases, and

2. undeclared financial or other conflicts of interest.

The above two problems have recently become far more prevalent and have significantly underestimated negative climate consequences in public climate summaries and statements. Climate think tanks, individuals or groups operating as unknown fossil fuel lobbyists, and climate researchers funded by the fossil fuel-related industries have become the biggest offenders in this area. 

Instead of our analyzing only one area of specialized climate study like the oceans, glaciers, ice and snow packs, planetary temperature history, water vapor, soils, forests, or greenhouse gas factors on temperature and the atmosphere, we analyze climate research on how it holistically applies and interrelates to all different areas within and between the climate's interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent systems and subsystems. 

Using the tools of dialectical metasystemic thinking, we examine climate studies, their positions, and the related interactions of the climate system and subsystems through 28 different dialectical analysis perspectives and lenses. This allows us also to see, consider and value natural or human counteractions that may occur in response to the various primary and secondary consequences of climate change and global heating.

After that extensive analysis, we make climate consequence severity and time frame predictions and remedial recommendations for the correct global fossil fuel reduction amounts to minimize human loss and suffering. Our final analysis, forecasts, and recommendations always include all needed adjustments to compensate for any problems, errors, omissions, underestimation, or politicization which we discover in current climate research or summaries. Click here to see the many errors, underestimation, and politicization we found in a major recognized source of global climate research and recommendations. 

Unlike many other climate change think tanks, we do provide prioritized, critical-path, and deadline-driven solutions to the climate change emergency. These solutions are based upon accurate global fossil fuel reduction targets and avoiding the most dangerous climate tipping points and feedbacks deadlines that we currently face. 

Job One for Humanity is currently helping expose the current intense politicization of climate science. This intense politicization of science by the media, governments, and even the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acts to forward a gross underestimation of our actual and current climate consequences, timeframes, remedies, and condition.

Unexpectedly, our independent climate change analysis has turned us into reluctant whistleblowers exposing how popular and politicized climate data has been distorted to serve the hidden interests of those who gain financially (or in other ways) from the ongoing global use of fossil fuels and hiding the real danger the public faces from the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Please note that our education materials, because of their serious and adult nature are not meant for adolescents under 16!


We are an all-volunteer organization, which is very rare these days. Our volunteers are independent, self-organizing individuals who have a passion for fixing climate change before it is too late. 

The core of our organization is made up of think tank climate analysts and researchers who have volunteered their time. One could also think of us as a unique and partially crowdsourced think tank in many ways. 

Our volunteers self-organize to handle our social media, marketing, research, events, and even accounting. In addition, our volunteers do all of the Climate Change Blog postings as they have done for years. Click here to see a profile of our members, volunteers, and the audience of curious visitors who will most benefit from our website.

According to Google statistics, as of March 5, 2022, 4.5 million unique visitors have come to our website to review our independent and non-politicized climate change analysis and research over the last five years. Additionally, scores of Facebook climate change newsgroups regularly display, like, and comment upon our original climate analysis and articles.

Our website has easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. Our website illuminates the "big picture" physics and math-determined interactions of the climate's many complex adaptive systems. 

Our mission is currently educating individuals and businesses on preparing for adapting to the climate consequences we can no longer avoid! Our focus is to support and work with those individuals, businesses, and groups that are bravely facing our many unavoidable, severe climate change consequences. At the same time, those groups are also encouraged to work to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can.

We will do everything we can to help individuals, businesses, and groups survive this long-term nightmare so they might eventually birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society, what we call the Great Global Rebirth.

Our Advisory Board




Our Previous pre-2023 Goals and Mission (for Historical Purposes)

(The sections below will help you to see how our goals and mission have evolved since 2009 up until 2023. They will help you see back into our evolution and understand our history. They will also give you a good overview of the policies we have set for ourselves for how we will achieve our goals and mission.)

Because of the rapid worsening of the world's major global crises, our deteriorating environment, and the further acceleration of the climate change emergency, our organization was forced to update its mission once again on March 15,  2022. We have refocused our mission to serve those individuals, businesses, and groups who want to survive the coming Great Global Collapse and the extinction of much of humanity. The higher purpose for trying to survive what is coming (beyond survival itself) is to take the painful lessons learned from the many intertwined causes of the Great Global Collapse and use that wisdom to create a Great Global Rebirth for humanity's survivors.

The prioritized educational goals of the Job One for Humanity non-profit organization are:

One: To help individuals and businesses decide on one of the four critical climate change choices and personal action or inaction options found on this page.

Until there is a clear decision about what to do about climate change, there is inaction or confusion for both individuals and businesses. This short page is critical to help individuals and businesses make the best possible climate change decisions based on their current situations and resources. This page is the must-do starting point we need to get all individuals and businesses through to successfully help and support those who come to us for climate change emergency information and help. 

Two: Get far more individuals and businesses prepared for and adapting to climate change's escalating primary and secondary economic, ecological, social, and political consequences. (How to prepare for them is found in Part One, and how to adapt to them is found in Part Two of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crisis Resilience Plan.)  

Three: Work to Prevent a climate change-triggered near-total human extinction event from occurring. The climate change-triggered extinction process is, unfortunately, well underway. Moreover, near-total extinction is now a growing probability because of a series of current and coming climate change consequences worsening most of the world's 11 other major global crises

Near-total extinction is also accurate because we have waited far too long to reduce our global fossil fuel use to safe levels. Because of our 60-year global fossil fuel reduction failure, we now face an unavoidable mass die-off of about half or more of humanity by mid-century! (If such a mass die-off is not possible or pausable to you, please read this page now, which takes you through the detailed steps of the climate-triggered mass extinction process.)

At this point, we must get our governments working together to avoid near-total human extinction, which could begin as soon as 2070 or sooner. 

We only prevent near-total extinction from occurring by successfully compelling our politicians and world governments to slow down the accelerating climate change and global warming nightmare before it is too late! Because of climate consequences time lags, our governments must mass-mobilize NOW. They must immediately enforce the correct extinction-preventing 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (The precise steps of what our governments must do are found in Part Three of the Job One Plan.)

We are running out of time! In 2022, we must compel the world's governments to begin enforcing the needed 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. How to get those who do have the required real, immediate, and direct influence over the world's politicians (the 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities) is found in Part 4 of the Job One Plan. (With so little time left until 2025, only the 1% of wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities can get the politicians to act before it is too late!

Four: Support the creation of new eco-communities of Evolutioneers in climate change safer locations. We will provide critical information needed to prepare for, adapt to, and survive the rapidly accelerating climate change emergency and the steady worsening of our 11 other major global crises.

Building sustainable new eco-communities is so essential because our governments are still failing to come even close to the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Building many new eco-communities worldwide is so essential because individuals, small family groups, or clans will not be large enough or able to provide or make enough critical resources or defense necessary to make it through the later dark age-like stages of the Great Global Collapse.

These sustainable new eco-communities are essential if we are ever to experience a Great Global Rebirth!

Only those sustainable eco-communities that are well-prepared, well-defended, and have the deepest emotional, philosophical, and shared spiritual ties will have the physical, psychological, and spiritual resilience needed to survive the horrors and difficult daily survival decisions they will be forced to make to survive.

Both Job One for Humanity and its sister website Universe Spirit will help to provide critical physical, psychological, and universalized spiritual information these new eco-communities need. This information will help give these new Great Global Rebirth communities the best chance to make it through the Great Global Collapse to build a better world from the painful lessons learned. (Job One will focus on the physical and emotional aspects of being well prepared and adapting to what is coming, and Universe Spirit will focus on the possible philosophical and universal spiritual common ties and vision needed in these new communities. 

Job One for Humanity will provide critical information to help you understand the multi-threat global emergency we all now face due to global warming worsening with the world's other 11 major global crises. Hopefully, many individuals and businesses will use our warnings and information to help slow global warming and prepare for and adapt to it so they can survive and learn from the coming harsh lessons.

If the hard and painful evolutionary lessons of the Great Global Collapse are learned, those lessons can become the new foundation of a new and Great Global Rebirth. (Job One and Universe Spirit are both also focused on forwarding the possibilities of the Great Global Rebirth.

(See this link for more about our eco-community vision.) 

Five: Collect, envision, and promote the structures, processes, and policies needed to support and maintain the post-collapse Great Global Rebirth. These will be the structures, processes, and policies required for the new surviving population level to be sustainable and always limited by and to the Earth's carrying capacityClick here to start discovering some of those structures, processes, and policies of the new sustainable prosperity the survivors will create from the painful lessons learned from the Great Global Collapse.

The Great Global Rebirth would eventually include evolving a new form of a global country for ALL of humanity or an empowered global or world federalist-style government that would always first work for the collective wellbeing of ALL world citizens. If we already had a valid, empowered, and working global government, the global warming emergency and the other 11 global crises causing the Great coming Global Collapse would be far easier and more likely to be resolved. 

The Great Global Rebirth would also include evolving new forms of economics. This new form of economics would allow all working citizens to have a living wage and not concentrate dangerous, excessive, or extreme levels of power or wealth in the hands of any individual or company. 

Six: As a last resort, educate more governments worldwide to begin the steps and parts of the Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan B options.

We must also have a Plan B backup plan in motion because our governments might fail to meet the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. In that case, we must have a national Plan B in process with the needed nationwide emergency preparation, adaptation, and migration actions. Governmental level Plan B actions will be required to save and salvage whatever we can of humanity and civilization before it is too late. 

If we successfully execute the Job One Climate and Global Crisis Resilience Plan B, there is a chance that some of humanity will survive. If some of humanity survives the Great Global Collapse and learns from its mistakes, humanity will have a new opportunity to usher in a Great Global Rebirth. 

Having a Plan B in place directly deals with the harsh reality that humanity faces a highly probable near-total extinction, and there are no guarantees our governments act in time! 

In summary of these short term goals, our initial and primary focus is to support the preparation and adaptation work of those individuals and groups that are bravely facing our many unavoidable and severe global warming and our 11 other environmental and social global crises, while at the same time, they are working to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can. We will do everything we can to help individuals, groups, and their children survive this long-term nightmare so they may eventually birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society. 

To achieve the above goals our mission must inform and inspire individuals and businesses to:

1. make their decision on one of the four critical climate change choice options found on this page.

2. work to prevent a global warming-caused near-total extinction event. This means getting the world's governments to mass mobilize and radically slow down global fossil fuel use and get close to the real and honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets so that, even though we currently can't avoid a mass extinction event by mid-century, at least, we can avoid near-total extinction." (Click here to see how we must and can slow down the global use of fossil fuels to prevent the complete extinction of humanity.)

In 2022. the key way we will try to get the governments of the world to enforce the needed 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets is described in Part 4 of the Job One Plan.

And while you also do your best to,

3. prepare for and adapt to the now unavoidable global warming-related consequences and a global warming-triggered mass extinction of much of humanity by mid-century.

(Because global warming consequences are getting worse so fast we have shifted much of our focus to this step. The prepare and adapt actions found within the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crisis Resilience Plan also will help you prepare for and adapt to the growing consequences from the world's other 11 most critical challenges.) 

The above needs to be done while you simultaneously 

4. work to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as you can for as long as you can. (This "save and salvage" survival action is necessary as a backup plan because as it looks now, our odds are all but impossible for successfully managing the accelerating global warming challenge to avoid the mass die-off of much of humanity by mid-century.

Even though much of humanity will be lost and the road ahead will be painful beyond anything humanity has ever endured, avoiding near-total extinction and saving and salvaging some of humanity and our civilization is far better than saving and salvaging none of humanity and our civilization! To meet this avoid near-total extinction and save and salvage something for the future goal, we must at least come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) 

5. learn and enact the principles of Sustainable Prosperity in your lifestyle and livelihood. While we work collectively using the Job One Plan to slow down accelerating global warming and the worsening of the other 11 global crises as much as possible, we also need to build a thriving and sustainable future for those who do survive. (Click here to see what you can do to live more sustainably. This also includes creating new eco-communities where you live now or in new safer locations.)

And finally, if we survive the mess we have created for ourselves,

6. evolve effective global governance with the needed legislative, judicial, and enforceable executive powers to solve all of the global challenges that cross national borders. If you think about it deeply, you will discover that this critical evolutionary failure of not having yet developed effective global governance is a core structural cause of why most of our current 12 biggest global crises have not been resolved, and they continue to worsen. 

Even though it looks like someone is managing the well-being of the planet as a whole from the United Nations or our international treaties, this is an illusion! No one governing body is effectively or responsibly driving our global "car," and this collective "car is speeding toward a cliff without any single and empowered organization in the driver's seat. 

Our organization will provide knowledge and as much support as possible, but it is you who will need to put in the hard work to turn your part of this mess around! 

And finally, all is not bleak, bad, and lost, just starting the process of working on fixing our mess we will also receive many surprise benefits as we work toward success and creating a Great Global Rebirth. (Please click here at some point to read The Surprise Benefits of Global Warming, the most-read page on our website.) 

"We can no longer avoid many of the worse consequences of global warming interacting with the 11 other major global crises. Therefore, our goal for dealing with the accelerating near-total extinction threat must be to save as many people and as much of our civilization as we possibly can---while we still can!" Lawrence Wollersheim 

More About the Global Warming Extinction Emergency

The global warming emergency is taking place within a larger context of 11 other serious global crises. We focus on the global warming because accelerating global warming represents the greatest imminent extinction threat other than a nuclear war.

Global warming IS also the greatest multiplier, disrupter, and threat amplifyer for most of our 11 other global crises

We also focus on global warming because of the principle of "first things first." 

If the statement that we are already in a process of a global collapse fueled by accelerating global warming converging with and amplyfing our other 11 other serious global crises seems untrue to you, please click here. This page will discuss the most dangerous global crises we currently face and how they are worsening. 

The great news is that the steps of the Job One Plan for resolving the global warming emergency will also help slow down or mitigate many of the world's 11 other growing global challenges

The harsh reality is --- if we do not resolve the global warming extinction threat on a "highest-priority first" basis, we will not be able to fix it later, much less resolve the world's other 11 worsening global crises which also are fueling the global collapse process.

At Job One for Humanity, we will show you how to survive and thrive through the global warming extinction emergency and many of the other 11 global crises.


Welcome to the greatest evolutionary challenge and opportunity in human history; how to prevent or survive the Great Global Collapse!

Simply stated, our collective challenge is:

1. how well can humanity manage the accelerating global warming extinction emergency and our other 11 major global challenges at the same time, and,

2. how can we save and salvage as much of humanity and the best of our civilization before it is too late. This is the bitter reality because we have waited too long to reduce global fossil fuel use. (A die-off of much of humanity by mid-century is now all but unavoidable.) 

The good news here is that if we are successful with our survival-critical global warming reduction tasks and we act as one human family, we also will be able to eventually create a thriving, sustainable, and equitable future for all."

Resolving the global warming emergency while the world's other 11 critical crises are also getting worse will be difficult and painful to the extreme, but in doing so, it also will be tremendously rewarding. This is because engaging in this great challenge will also increase the meaning, purpose, and joy of our lives. Also by getting accelerating global warming under control, we also will significantly improve many of our other 11 other global crises.

More About How we will achieve our mission, (Part 1)

Within another 3-6 years of 2019, we will, unfortunately, cross the carbon 425-450 parts per million (ppm) climate cliff. This is the first critical extinction-evoking global warming tipping point. This climate cliff will occur without fail when we miss or do not come very close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

It is a matter of simple math and physics. The cycle of more fossil fuel carbon going into the atmosphere equals more heat, which equals continually escalating global warming consequences. (Click here to learn about those escalating consequences.) 

When that happens, we will rapidly pass the next two extinction-evoking carbon 500 and 600 ppm tipping points with all of their additional unthinkable and unavoidable consequences.

Logically, what our organization must now do is to promote actions that will help us survive the consequences of crossing those three extinction-evoking tipping points and the coming mass human, animal, and biological extinction event for as long as is possible. The way some of us will survive this traumatic outcome is for Job One for Humanity to successfully achieve the following additional objectives:

a. promote the highest level of national and international cooperation and mass mobilization in human history to combat global warming. We either cooperate at the highest levels and scale, or most of us will eventually die together. If we die together, it will be in an ever-worsening meltdown of global warming consequences and crossed tipping points. (As volunteers and resources allow.)

b. shock politicians awake to the global warming extinction emergency and the new threat of near-total extinction with the scientific evidence that global warming is far, far worse than they have been told. (As volunteers and resources allow.)

c. warn society they must start preparing and adapting to survive the current out-of-control state of global warming (for as long as the next 30-50 years.) Our governments must start adapting to and preparing for what is coming and immediately reduce fossil fuel use to achieve or come very close to the 2025 targets. 



d. respectfully disrupt any politicians, individuals, or organizations that do not educate or create effective policies and programs about the real global warming extinction emergency. This policy of disruption is especially valid for those individuals or organizations that present false or misleading information as to the accurate targets and deadlines needed for global fossil fuel reduction. (After focusing on politicians, this disruption would also include disrupting some of the world's most prestigious environmental organizations. If we can't get the world's leading environmental organizations working as one focusing on the correct fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines, there is scant hope that humanity will make the correct fossil fuel reduction targets and survive. (Click here to see our respectful disruption policy.) (As volunteers and resources allow.)

e. Utilize this crisis and emergency as a great opportunity to build a smarter, better world, however, and whenever we get through this mass extinction emergency. (See this link for all the good that can still come out of our current horrible global warming situation.)

f. work to restore the carbon ppm level in the atmosphere (now at about carbon 414 ppm,) back to its original preindustrial human-safe level of about carbon 250 to 270 parts per million. This return to carbon 250-270 ppm is only possible if we can meet or get very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. and then begin a secondary program to make the additional global fossil fuel reductions to bring atmospheric carbon levels all the way back down to carbon 250-270. (As volunteers and resources allow.)



How we will achieve our mission, (Part 2)

  1. We use the best and most up-to-date climate science available.
  2. We work toward achieving our mission in a way that embodies cooperation, empathy, and justice. 
  3. We promote honesty and realistic global warming hopes. That hope is, that there is a real opportunity for a part of humanity and civilization to survive, learn from our mistakes, and build a much better and more equitable world. But this new world is ONLY possible if, we cooperate and prevent or long delay crossing the carbon of the carbon 600 ppm extinction-level tipping point. 
  4. We vigorously promote that there is no other way to survive the near-total extinction emergency unless we come together immediately and work together. (As one human family, we must reach or come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction goals.
  5. We promote a global mass mobilization and governmental actions for radically increasing green energy generation. This mass mobilization will not solve the fossil fuel problem, but it will help slow down the coming consequences a bit more to save more individuals.
  6. We promote doing what is deadline and effectiveness prioritized, and only in the proper sequence to save as much of humanity and civilization as we can. (See the Job One Plan here.)
  7. We provide honest global warming consequence prediction timetables and a new model called the Climageddon Scenario. (This is critical and continually updated prediction information will keep you from being surprised so that you have adequate time to prepare for and better adapt to the unavoidable coming consequences.
  8. We use the new Job One Plan to help individuals slow and lessen what is now unavoidable, cope with the emotional implications of out-of-control global warming, create emergency preparedness, and effectively adapt as long as we can for a highly uncertain future. 
  9. We will do everything we can to get every organization, business, or nation to promote reaching the 2025 targets and the sacrifices we must now make.
  10. We foster tapping into your deepest philosophical and spiritual reserves. These foundations will help you endure, make sense of and transform the tremendous suffering and sacrifice ahead of us to the betterment of humanity and future generations.
  11. We promote utilizing this unprecedented, urgent, and challenging situation to enhance and expand the meaning and purpose of our lives, and to help us develop and broaden our character.
  12. We promote maintaining a positive perspective throughout all of the coming hardships. Click here to see a summary of the 16 surprise positive perspectives on things that can happen in this emergency that might help you sustain a positive outlook.
  13. We actively promote enjoying your life today as fully as is possible. This policy is because there are no guarantees and we may not succeed. Today may be the best it will ever be for a long time.
  14. We practice that there is no one to blame for this out of control global warming extinction emergency. For the last three decades, our current government systems have so protected or incentivized fossil fuel use as well as ever-increasing commercialism and waste, that curtailing it was all but impossible. Additionally, the climate is so complex that only a handful of individuals had the intellectual bandwidth and the climate expertise to fully grasp how global warming could become out of control so fast. Those few individuals who knew did not have sufficient governmental influence to prevent global warming from going out of control. The last thing we need to do in this extinction emergency is to polarize and waste resources in energy-depleting blame.
  15. Our organization which normally educates solely on climate change and global warming has at this time, expanded its educational blog posts to cover other areas of the other critical challenges and crises facing the world today.  Recently we have covered the pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice. In covering the wisdom or inappropriateness of the actions and policies of any politician or political party mentioned in any post on our website, we are neither endorsing that politician or political party nor are we making a statement about what a voter should do in relation to that politician or political party.

The substeps to achieving our full mission for individuals

  1. to help individuals understand and then predict and adapt to the next wave of global warming-aggravated disasters that almost all of us will inevitably experience. We will provide updated warning signs. Click here for that information.
  2. to educate individuals and groups on how to create lifestyles and livelihoods of real Sustainable Prosperity.  This sustainability, along with crucial primary collective actions by our governments will, in turn, also help slow and lessen the speed of this rapidly unfolding catastrophe. 

More About Why We Upgraded Our Mission in 2021

"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

Job One for Humanity is primarily a non-profit global warming research analysis organization. It uses well-researched materials and analysis on this website and from other reliable climate sources.

Because of these years of research many of our staff, members, and visitors have already come to the conclusion concluded that unless we make the required massive and extremely difficult 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction targets, a major portion of humanity is on its way to immense suffering and a mass extinction event unfolding by mid-century. Many are also aware that this imminent die-off threat comes from the accelerating global warming emergency crashing directly into and further worsening most of these other major global crises currently facing humanity.

Many (if not most) of our staff, members, and visitors have also realized the battle to prevent a global warming-caused mass extinction event from unfolding within our lifetimes has already most likely been lost! This is due to our wasting the last 35 years of valid warnings, crossing more and more critical global warming tipping points, and the extremely high probability that we will be unable to meet the required 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction targets for these many disturbing reasons.

Worse yet, if we do not come at least, very close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction targets near-total extinction and the end of civilization is also on the table for our long-term future. Yes, we do mean that global warming caused mass extinction is now virtually unavoidable, but we still have a little time left to act to avoid near-total extinction!

When you read our website and the often shocking facts we present, please keep in mind that our government leaders have utterly failed to see the coming pain and suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor did they adequately prepare for it! Our government leaders are also not seeing or adequately preparing for the global warming extinction emergency, which is already happening and, will be far, far worse than COVID-19!

Because of this life-critical in-action by our governments, we must find a way to compensate for that failure. Our new mission focus is our way of compensating. 

(If you still believe the battle to prevent a global warming-caused mass extinction event within our lifetimes is realistically probable, please read the following two links in the order given. You will discover why the Job One organization, as well as most of our staff, and many members and visitors have now been forced to deal with the bitter new reality of a global warming-caused mass extinction event occurring within the next 30-50 years.

1. https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/today_s_real_annual_fossil_fuel_reduction_targets and,

2. https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/irreversible_global_warming_is_here_now )

But, far more importantly, because of the above new runaway global heating mass extinction reality, there is a critical new battle we must fight:

1. This battle is to prepare, adapt, migrate (where necessary,) and become far more sustainable while we still have time. And,

2. While we are doing this, we also do whatever we can "to help slow down global warming enough so we can save and salvage what we can, while we still have time to prevent a near-total extinction event."

This is the new global warming battle as we see it now. Success in this new battle is still potentially achievable, but only if the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets are fully embraced and acted upon immediately! 

When you are ready to begin it, here is a quick overview of our detailed four-part Job One for Humanity Plan to achieve the updated mission below. Click the image below after reading the rest of this page.


Additional Mission-Related Reading:

Our new mission statement upgrade above requires that we update our current Job One for Humanity global warming plan in the priority as shown below: 

a. help individuals understand we are already facing an unavoidable global warming-caused human, animal, and biological species mass extinction event already unfolding and reaching its peak over the next 30-50 years. Our governments have once again failed us in preparing for and managing the global warming extinction emergency just like they failed us in preparing for and managing the COVID-19 pandemic before it became a worldwide catastrophe!

We can no longer avoid these mass extinction consequences but at least, we can prepare for them, adapt to them, become more individually sustainable, and, where necessary, migrate away from them and maybe, slow the global warming emergency down if, we act quickly and wisely! It is also time for us to get our Plan B emergency survival preparations in place. And lastly,

b. however, and whenever we get through this extinction emergency, if we get through it, help build a more sustainable, smarter, and more equitable world. We will also help people see that this greatest of all emergencies in human history is also the greatest of all opportunities for whoever can and will survive it. (See this link for all of the good that can still come out of this catastrophic situation.)

If we have the staff and resources at a later date we may also: 

c. offer tools and information to help individuals deal with and process the tremendous emotions of anger, anxiety, and depression once they fully realize the already unfolding extinction emergency and dilemma that we have created for ourselves. (See this link for more on this.) Also, see our UniverseSpirit.org website And,

d. help to educate other environmental groups on what they can do to slow down and ultimately prevent the unfolding of a near-total extinction event (see Job One Plan Part 3 and Part 4.) (Preventing near-total extinction can only be achieved by coming very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction targets!) 

The above mission mainly means that today is also the day to begin your global warming extinction emergency Plan B to prepare, adapt or migrate to save and salvage whatever you can while you still have the time to do so.

It also means that the combined efforts of the world's environmental groups must slow down global warming enough (by getting sufficiently close to the 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction targets,) fast enough to have enough time for humanity to prepare for, adapt to, or migrate to survive what is coming and to avoid near-total extinction.

Never lose sight of the fact that if we get very close to reaching the 2025 targets, more of humanity will survive longer and more comfortably, and that we can still prevent a near-total extinction event so that some of humanity and civilization might survive.

Please see the Job One for Humanity Global Warming Extinction Adaptation Plan here for the specifics on how we will achieve our mission.

(Please note: In its most abbreviated form on our website, we shorten our new mission statement to the slogan; To Prevent Global Warming Extinction. 

A mini-summary of good news!

If we can slow global warming down to at least, come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction targets and we get prepared and adapt:

a. more individuals will survive longer and more comfortably and, 

b. some part of humanity and our civilization may continue to exist.

Here is our Most Detailed Version of Our Mission Statement (Part 2)

The following full and expanded mission action steps are done in the given priority order (or simultaneously if enough staffing and financial resources allow.)

Our primary mission actions:

A. Help individuals prepare for and adapt to surviving in a world where most of humanity will suffer and die by mid-century from crop failures, starvation, resource shortage wars, and the many other horrible global warming consequences within our lifetimes while simultaneously working to prevent near-total extinction and run-away global warming.

At this point, we have to face the fact that all we may be able to do in response to our accelerating global warming is to save and salvage whatever we can to prevent the complete extinction of humanity and the end of civilization. (Information on how to prepare and adapt so more of us live longer and suffer less is contained in Part 1 of the Job One Plan and Part 2 of the Job One Plan.



B. Motivate our politicians (and their governments) to slow down global warming enough to come as close as possible to the 2025 targets to allow us more time to prepare and adapt so we can save and salvage more of humanity and civilization for a bit longer. These actions could also help prevent near-total extinction from run-a-way global warming. (Job One is primarily a global warming research analysis and global warming solutions-engineering organization.)

This is done by getting very close to the last chance 2025 targets. To get close to the 2025 targets, our politicians have to create and enforce new global fossil fuel reduction laws quickly. (See Parts three and Part four of the Job One plan for the government-driven actions needed to do this. This action is a secondary action because Job One's few resources do not give us much political influence.)



C. Help individuals or groups create sustainable lifestyles and new eco-communities in global warming-safe locations so some of humanity and civilization survive. 

This would help ensure that enough of these new eco-communities are established and prepared enough to survive the escalating onslaught of an unavoidable chain of global warming catastrophes.

These experimental eco-communities will also be essential to help carry forward the survival of humanity, human culture, and civilizationPlease see the Universe Community sections of our sister website for the information on why these new eco-communities are essential to our future. You will also find the information you will need to create a sustainable eco-community in a global warming-safe zone.



D. Do what we can to support a government-driven migration, infrastructure transfer, and emergency backup a "Plan B" for the world.

We need to begin to save, salvage, and protect whatever we can of humanity, civilization, and animal and biological diversity by transferring as much of them as is possible to global warming safer zones. We need to put a "Plan BP into place immediately. Click here to see our current Plan B. (Also see Part 3 of the Job One Plan in Section 2 for details on these government-driven actions. See the heading called, "How to Prevent Mass Human Extinction: The World's Emergency Backup Plan." This action is a secondary action because Job One's few resources do not give us much influence in this area.)



E. Once (or if) we have survived this extinction emergency and we have learned the painful lessons it will teach us, Job One and the new eco-communities mentioned above will promote a new survival-proven understanding of equitable and sustainable living to all the mass extinction event remaining survivors.

These new eco-communities also will help transform the trauma and unthinkable losses of the coming Great Collapse and Great Die-off into a springboard for the Great Rebuilding and for a better-informed more sustainable and equitable world. 

This temporary evolutionary regression and later Great Rebuilding experience described above also will create a better and more equitable world for ALL that could thrive for hundreds of more generations. If the Great Collapse and Great Die-off is inevitable because we continue to refuse to alter our unsustainable fossil fuel and other behaviors, then at least, the Great Collapse and Great Die-Off can be used as a launching pad for a new, better beginning for those parts of humanity that survive. (Click here to learn about that the new ideas of a Sustainable Prosperity for all.) 

F. To help slow down the global warming extinction emergency, get governments, NGOs, and other environmental groups educated that they need to stop using the United Nation's incorrect global fossil fuel targets and deadlines and get them to start using the correct 2025 targets to help prevent near total extinction.

The UN is still using the incorrect global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines created by their own Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC.) (The IPCC is considered the world's leading authority on global warming and what should be done about climate change.) 

IPCC's current incorrect target and deadlines for global fossil fuel reduction are as follows; we need to make a 40% reduction in total global fossil fuel use by 2030 and then reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The colossal danger with the IPCC's wrong targets is, these wrong deadlines and targets are now being used to set the correctional global warming strategies for the world's governments, NGOs, and largest non-profit environmental groups.

These wrong targets make it impossible to come close to reaching the 2025 legitimate targets because our governments, NGOs, and environmental groups are aiming at the wrong target destinations and deadlines. Click here to read the simple science for what makes the IPCC's current global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines so dangerously wrong!

The IPPC's current targets and deadlines mentioned above are entirely inadequate and will not save us from a global warming-caused mass extinction event in time. Worse yet, when you have incorrect global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines forwarded by recognized authorities, it thwarts and delays humanity's ability to understand or execute the correct fossil fuel reduction targets. 

Ironically, if we cannot get the world's governments, NGO's and environmental groups to promote the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines, realistically, how likely is it that we will ever achieve the life-critical 2025 reductions? If we can slow down the occurrence of the predicted mass extinction event by somehow getting close to meeting the 2025 targets, we will, at least, have more time to prepare for, adapt to or migrate as needed. (For the specific government-driven actions that need to be done to at least come close to reaching the 2025 targets see Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

G. Help people move through anger, anxiety, and depression once they realize that the extinction emergency we have created for ourselves is real and, our it is current global warming reality. 

We provide healing and encouraging information for processing global warming's difficult emotions, such as found on this page. Where staffing and resources allow, we also promote group discussion sessions in different locations for the same purpose.

Most importantly, we have learned that the fastest healing occurs after one accepts the correct facts as they are and then begins the process of adapting to those facts as best as is possible. How to best adapt to our current emergency can quickly occur once one gets active on the proven Job One For Humanity Plan for managing, slowing, and surviving the coming global warming consequences.

Our Best Hope to prevent near-total extinction

The best news of the Job One for Humanity mission is that our crossing of the carbon 600 parts per million (ppm,) extinction-level tipping point can still be slowed down just enough so that some smaller portion of humanity can still survive. This life-critical slowing can only be achieved by immediately enacting the greatest government-driven mass mobilization of our civilization's resources toward the singular goal of radically cutting global fossil fuel use to at least, get very close to the 2025 targets. (See Job One Plan, Part 3.) 

If we fail to prevent crossing the carbon 600 ppm level we will enter the beginning phases of run-away global warming!

Unfortunately, most of our world is presently locked into some form of global warming denial, global warming ignorance, or intentional deception. Most of the world isn't even close to realizing how bad global warming already is nor, how bad it's going to get.

Most of the world still believes the distorted and incorrect IPCC global fossil fuel reduction targets and deadlines which will fast-track us to global catastrophe and Climageddon! Most of the world also has no idea things are going to get very rough far sooner than anyone's telling us (except for this organization.)

Because of the rapidly unfolding global warming mass extinction scenario, our collective Job One is first to prepare ourselves, our families, and our businesses for what is coming. Our second job is to do our best to slow down global warming enough so that a least a few of us survive. Our third job is to enlighten those few brave and bright individuals who also will soon see, feel, or understand what is coming.

The future will not be easy.

Our world will be changing dramatically in the following decades.

We at Job One for Humanity will do our best to help inform and support those who are ready to adapt to and navigate this uncertain and dangerous future which has now become a banquet of unavoidable and, unthinkable consequences. 

A helpful and healing perspective on the global warming extinction emergency

Many individuals using this website also have come to see that humanity has entered a temporary evolutionary regression period as it has done so many times in the past. During this temporary regression, life as we usually know it will get worse for a while before it gets better. 

In this period of temporary regression, humanity will learn the necessary hard new lessons about the real price of fossil fuel pollution, poor international cooperation, and the importance of maintaining healthy ecological systems. The great news here during this temporary regression is that if we are smart and work together, we can still have full, meaningful, and enjoyable lives while we work to restore the critical climate balance to our life-supporting Earth systems and build a better world for when we make it through this mess. 

We can still maintain the perseverance needed to succeed in this monumental task by regularly reviewing the many benefits which will occur as we work successfully on this project together. Although we are now in what could be called a Great Global Collapse process triggered by accelerating global warming, this collapse process will eventually offer equal to (or even greater than) long-term benefits in the form of a potential Great Rebirth beyond the coming suffering and loss.

First on this page (that has been read almost 2 million times,) and then this other critical global warming benefit page, you will find the many often hidden surprise benefits of the global warming challenge. You also will find a framework and the possibilities for what could be called a post-collapse Great Rebirth, no matter how bad the collapse process gets.

Now that you know more about our mission, become a Job One member and supporter. Our information will be critical to protecting yourself, your family, and future generations.

Please click the secure tax-deductible donation link below or the transparency logo. Your tax-deductible donations are easy to do by clicking here.

(Job One for Humanity is part of the 25-year-old 501c(3), IRS recognized, and Guidestar Bronze Star recognized tax-deductible nonprofit organization called Factnet.)

Additional Mission-Related Reading

Our members and web visitors appreciate Job One because we tell the hard truths and we treat them with respect as adults. Those harsh new facts and additional whys behind our mission are:

a. Global warming extinction is no longer a remote possibility coming sometime after 2100 as we been lulled into believing by our government's inaction and the false and incomplete climate analysis by the IPCC. A massive human, animal, and biological extinction event will be arriving in many areas of the world as soon as the next 30 to 50 years. Again, this is because it is highly improbable we will make or even get close to the required 2025 radical global fossil fuel cuts

b. We are already in an undeclared global warming extinction emergency. (Click here to see why.)

c. Global warming will be out of our meaningful control as long as another 30-50 years or longer (when we miss or do not get very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) 



d. Many of global warming's very worst consequences are already unavoidable no matter what we do right now!

e. A global warming-caused mass extinction event and die-off will be unfolding and worsening over the next 30-50 years if we miss coming very close to the 2025 targets as it now appears we will do.

f. If we do not come very close to the 2025 targets we will be also facing a near-total extinction event.

The most important reasons why must meet or get as close to the 2025 targets as possible in spite of all the above challenges

If we do get close to the 2025 targets, as much as 50% of humanity will suffer and die due to starvation over a relatively short period (1-2 decades.) As horrible as much as 50% of humanity as well as a lot of animals and biological life suffering and dying is, this outcome is still far better than having most of humanity suffer and die by mid-century (or even all of humanity,) if we fail to reach or come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.



There are three things we can always be sure of during this global warming emergency. In spite of all of the challenges and adverse global warming outcomes that are possible and discussed above (and on this website,) the single constant truth for the best possible outcome for humanity is that; the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use toward meeting or getting as close as possible to the 2025 targets:

a. the more people that will survive longer to carry on humanity, life, and our beautiful civilization into the future, (See Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan for how to do this.)

b. the surviving future generations will suffer far less from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming consequences and catastrophes, and

c. we will "buy" ourselves more time to prepare and adapt to what we can no longer avoid, (see the global warming Plan B and survival kit here.

More people surviving longer and more people having time to get themselves, their families, and their businesses prepared for what is coming is an undeniable good particularly when you weigh it against the unavoidable consequences of doing nothing or failure to make the needed sacrifices to get global warming under control. 

In Summary, humanity may survive by achieving achieve the following objectives: 

A. Ensure the world meets (or gets very close to,) meeting the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. by getting our politicians to pass and enforce the necessary laws. This will give us the time we need to prepare and adapt. (See Job One Plan Part 3 for everything our governments must do to reach the survival-critical 2025 targets.) 

B. Educate the world about how to execute an individual, business, or national emergency backup "Plan B." 

C. Continue to present an accurate, rational but very limited hope for humanity's future wherever we offer painful facts about our current global warming extinction emergency. This rational hope is solidly based on what is still possible and practical to do. It includes presenting the great opportunity this great emergency presents, which is to build a smarter, better world for whoever might survive! And if we have the resources,

D. Educate larger and better-funded, non-profit organizations with vastly more influence than Job One. Get these organizations to use their greater influence get our politicians to meet or get very close to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (Job One is a small, non-profit organization with very limited reach and resources.)

E. The core message of our organization and this website is:

1. We have only until 2025 to act or, global warming crosses extinction-triggering tipping points and goes out of our collective human control for centuries to thousands of years.

2. If we pass beyond global warming extinction-triggering tipping points, it will be because the forces of nature (the systems and subsystems of our climate, atmosphere, and ecosystems) have seized control. This loss of human control will happen because of the immutable laws of physics relating to our atmosphere's escalating fossil fuel carbon pollution levels

3. If we fail to meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and cross the extinction-triggering tipping points within decades, there will be an unavoidable mass human extinction event and die-off (most of humanity by mid-century.) 

4. If we get our governments to act immediately to achieve the 2025 global targets using the effective fossil fuel reduction steps (described here,) we still have time to adapt, save ourselves, and thrive as well as prevent a near-total extinction event! 

5. Global warming is the greatest disruptor of the 21st century. It is also a threat mega-multiplier for these other critical global challenges.

Other than avoiding nuclear war, the global warming extinction emergency has become the prime driver for having a future for humanity and our civilization on Earth. If we allow global warming to go out of our control by missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets by a large amount, there is little hope that we can still avoid a global warming near-total extinction event or control the escalating consequences of the world's other critical challenges.

On the other hand, if we do get the climate change and global warming emergency under control, we will experience 2 great global benefits

Climate Change and Global Warming Benefit 1 - A beautiful world and having any livable future we get if we make the right choices and meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Imagine a world with clean, fresh air that did not kill us or make our children ill. Imagine a world of new livelihoods and lifestyles where former fossil fuel workers transform our transportation system. Imagine them building fast, green bullet trains and expanding universal access to self-driving electric vehicles eliminating the need for most private transportation and parking lots.

Now imagine existing parking lots and the roofs of our many buildings becoming organic gardens or parks or, solar panel farms. Imagine our cities transformed into safe and healthy places and healthy forests, soils, waterways, and oceans again helping to clean our air and water and feed us sustainably.



We still have time to fix our global warming mess by reaching the 2025 global targets and have all these good things and much, much more. We still have one last opportunity to keep the world from getting so warm that it will kill off most of us, but only if we choose to resolve the fossil fuel-caused global warming emergency. 

Imagine we make the right 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target choices, and in doing this, we also become good stewards of the world and our futures.



And finally, imagine we do we make the urgently needed 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.  We have preserved hope for both ourselves and for future generations that life will go on and that the quality of our lives will get better. By acting now we get to experience and preserve for ourselves and future generations the opportunity to survive and thrive and experience a true sustainable prosperity.

Climate Change and Global Warming Benefit 2  - When we resolve the single greatest disruptor and threat multiplier of the 21st century (which is accelerating global warming and climate change,) we will be simultaneously reducing many of the negative consequences of the world's other critical systemic challenges listed near the top of this page

As we resolve global warming At the same time we will also be making the world's critical challenges far easier to resolve! To see a detailed and expanded description of each of humanity's other critical global crises to better understand how important it is for us to manage our global warming emergency, click here

We can build a beautiful, more sustainable world and future for all, but only if we manage global warming.

Most of our best social, economic, and political values, goals, and human rights will become far easier and more probable to achieve once we get our accelerating global warming emergency resolved. (Those values, goals, and human rights are shown in the Sustainable Development illustration below)

Resolving global warming allows us to make continuing progress on addressing all of the world's other critical systemic challenges! On the other hand, if we do not get global warming fixed and the climate continues to destabilize at the current rate, there will be no way to make continued progress or ever realize most of these vital values, goals, and human rights. 

We can create a world in which we and future generations will love to live. We can build a new world of far greater peace and security!

To do this first we have to get the global warming emergency resolved. This will facilitate and expedite our possibilities for reaching all of the following wonderful life-enhancing Sustainable Development and Sustainable Prosperity Goals.



Said in a different way, here are just a few of the potential evolutionary changes in values, goals, and processes that will be far easier to improve or make once accelerating global warming is under control. We will be better able to:

1. reduce our destructive consume/pollute/waste consumerism, 

2. end critical resource depletion and create resource rebalancing, 

3. end racial and educational justice, 

4. create universal healthcare, 

5. end wealth and income equity, 

6. create housing and employment equity, 

7. allow for the return and strengthening of biodiversity because of reduced pollution and encroachment into natural habitats, 

8. create the next evolutionary economic fair exchange system beyond our current corporate greed-based capitalism. This new economic system relies upon the false fundamental principle of unlimited growth within the closed and limited Earth system. And,

9. create effective global governance based on the collective wellbeing of all planetary citizens vs. our current corporatocracy for the benefit of a wealthy few that we have now. (To begin to repair corporatocracy we would need to remove all personhood rights from corporations, hold them strictly responsible to the principles of the triple bottom line and make them pay for all pollution and harm they cause upon the public commons.) 

All of the previous items will help build a sustainable prosperity and a just and equitable future for ALL of humanity, including all biological life. All of the above things can help create a global civil society with individual human rights and responsibilities held in appropriate balance with community and government rights and responsibilities. (To learn more about the many new principles of the sustainable prosperity of the future, click here.)

Before reading on, please take a moment and visualize how much better your life and our world will be when all of the beautiful values and goals listed in Benefits 1 and 2 above are improved, stabilized, and achieved! 

(To see all of the 18 other benefits of working toward solving the global warming emergency, click here.)

(To see the expanded details on the other critical global challenges we must face and resolve to have a future, click here.)  

The above is all you have to remember for now about global warming and your future. Many of the pages on our website will show you the exact science behind these five simple statements to verify what we are saying is true. You can start that verification process here or continue reading.

The ultimate global warming question for every person, business, religion, and government on Earth to answer is...

We were grossly unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic despite repeated warnings by our scientists. We are woefully unprepared for the coming global warming extinction emergency and we have once again have ignored the warnings of our scientists.

If we continue to fail to act effectively, we face unavoidable mass human extinction for most of humanity by mid-century and near-total extinction within as little as 50-70 years.

We have already all but lost the battle to avoid global warming mass extinction by our being so far away from hitting the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

The ultimate remaining global warming question for every person, business, religion, and the government should be most concerned about at this time is:

"Will we, at least, come close enough to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets so that humanity can avoid near-total extinction?"

How to keep the difficult and disruptive facts on this page in a balanced and positive perspective

We will be able to avoid or delay some of the coming global warming consequences, while other consequences are unavoidable due to our ignorance, incompetence, inaction, or selfishness. Despite the types of consequences we now face, we can learn from their feedback and adapt and evolve. No matter what we face, we can keep working toward achieving the best possible remaining outcomes. 

We can make a significant difference and stabilize and save the future by executing the comprehensive Job One for Humanity global warming action plan. We also can maintain the perseverance needed to succeed by regularly reviewing the many benefits which we will unfold as we work successfully on this together.

While we persevere, we must never forget that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest opportunities. We must continually realize that we are engaged in the most critical and meaningful evolutionary adventure in human history! This adventure is nothing less than removing the global warming extinction threat and, in so doing, indirectly improving most of the world's other major challenges.

In Summary of our Mission

1. Our organization works to slow down global warming through governmental enforcement
2. We also focus on helping individuals and businesses execute the Plan B preparations and adaptations needed to survive the current global warming-driven mass extinction and global collapse process for as long as possible.
(Plan B is found here. The many compelling reasons for our high-urgency focus on helping individuals and businesses get their Plan B's done as soon as possible are found on this page.)


If you feel our mission is important to your future and you want to support it and see it succeed:

Click here to make a fast, easy tax-deductible online donation.

For additional areas of global warming information and news:

If you want to learn the story of our organization and more about how this just recently upgraded mission statement came about, click here.

Click here for some surprise benefits of our global warming extinction emergency. (We strongly recommend that everyone reads this good news section to help counterbalance the difficult news about our current global warming extinction emergency.)

To learn more about the full Job One Plan that will is designed to achieve the mission above, click here.

If you want to know how we got ourselves into this catastrophe, click here and go to the section How this Gross Misinformation Occurred.

If you want to learn the most accurate way that you can personally tell if we are making progress in reducing global warming, click here.

If global warming-caused extinction seems unrealistic to you, please see the phased global warming extinction process as it unfolds described in the Climageddon Scenario overview here or more fully in the new Climageddon book. You doing You doing

We are, unfortunately, already moving rapidly through the 6 phases of the Climageddon Scenario extinction model. Click the preceding link to learn more. (The timetables for global warming's 20 worst consequences and 11 key tipping points are found on our website and in the new book Climageddon.)


If you want to understand the climate science and analysis procedures we used to present the above information, click here for a technical explanation of our climate research process.

For answers to all of your remaining questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.


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