New UN Climate Report Is Dire But Still Hiding the Worst Global Warming Consequences From the Public

The UN issued the scariest climate report in its history. Find out what they are still not telling you, that's critical to your future!




While the UN's IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has done many good things, unfortunately, its new summary report is STILL seriously underestimating climate change consequences and timeframes.

But, before telling you what this scary summary report is missing, here are a few key and worthwhile takeaways from the new August 2021 IPCC summary report:

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called it a "code red for humanity." The Earth's warming has accelerated. The effects will continue for centuries into the future. And time has run out to make deep cuts to emissions. 

Further warming is "locked-in" due to the greenhouse gases humans have already released into the atmosphere. That means even if emissions are drastically cut, some changes will be "irreversible" for centuries.

Scientists know methane pollution is at its highest level in 800,000 years because of human activities like agriculture and oil and gas production. (Methane is about 80 times more potent than carbon in the atmosphere for rapidly rising global temperatures.)

John Kerry, the US special envoy for climate, commented on the report, "We can get to the low carbon economy we urgently need, but time is not on our side. This is the critical decade for action, and the next climate conference (COP26 in Glasgow) must be a turning point in this crisis."

The IPCC (and renowned climate scientists like Michael Mann) have finally admitted that the IPCC's previous climate summary reports were underestimating global warming consequences and timelines. Many climate researchers have been disclosing this IPCC underestimation problem for more than a decade. (To understand why the IPCC has a long history of underestimating consequences and time frames for climate change, click here.

The 3,000-plus-page IPPC report concludes that ice melt and sea-level rise are already accelerating. Wild weather events — from storms to heatwaves — are also expected to worsen and become more frequent.



What's FAR More Important is What the new IPCC report is Not Telling You!

Here are the 10 most important things you are not being told: 

(We have provided plenty of documentation links because of the shocking nature of the following.)

1. To save humanity from extinction at this late stage will require nothing less than immediate gigantic global fossil fuel use reductions and enormous painful sacrifices for everyone! Moreover, these huge global fossil fuel reductions must happen by 2025, and NOT by 2030, 2035, or 2050 as you are now being told! (Click here to read about a chain of global warming-related consequences driven by starvation-accelerating crop failures and crop yield reductions that will fuel this mass die-off.) 

2. Much of humanity dies by mid-century if we do not reduce total global fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025! Worse yet, if we do not get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we face total extinction beginning around 2070.

This correct global fossil fuel reduction target is now high because we have wasted almost 40 years of valid scientific warnings when the reductions could have been gradual and easier! (Click here to learn more about why the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target is now 75% of all international fossil fuel use by 2025.) 

3. We have now reached a global warming acceleration level where only a worldwide government-driven mass mobilization can save us from total extinction. Individual actions are no longer enough.

This mass mobilization will need to be far beyond the scope of the mass mobilization that occurred before World War II. (Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan will show you how our governments can complete the required mass mobilization and meet or get close to the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions to save us in time.)

4. The IPCC's numerous consequence and prediction timetable reports have been consistently off by 20-40% or more. This IPCC underestimation also means that the Green New Deal and the other US and International climate change remedial programs will be far too little, far too late! If left as they are, these underestimated climate programs will ensure that much of humanity dies off by mid-century and total human extinction begins about 2070. 

5. The IPCC's calculations and predictions make almost no allowance for the effects of crossing any of the hundreds of climate system tipping points. When crossed, these tipping points will cause a sudden and drastic worsening of that climate system and often other interconnected climate systems.

Without including tipping point calculations and their radical consequences included in their projections and consequence timeframes, the IPPC is planning for everything to go perfectly. Calling out these critical IPCC tipping point omissions are one of the best ways to fail to motivate the correct and necessary public urgency and action to fix this emergency.

Never forget that wrong targets and wrong deadlines always equal wrong results, and they also usually create catastrophes! (Click here to read all about the 11 critical climate and global warming tipping points that are all but missing from the IPCC's detailed calculations, forecasts, and timetables.)



6. Missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets means we go over the first extinction-evoking tipping point and this crossing accelerates the immutable laws of climate physics toward unthinkable climate catastrophe. Going over this first critical tipping point will also quickly trigger crossing other global warming extinction-accelerating tipping points faster and faster. (Click here to read about the four critical extinction-evoking tipping points.)

7. Once we increase the average global temperature by three to four degrees Celcius, adapting to global warming consequences is no longer possible! 

8. Accelerating global warming is by far the single greatest disrupter, global threat multiplier, and global threat amplifier of the 21st century. We are no longer only having 100-year extreme weather events every few years, we will now have 1,000 and 10,000-year extreme weather events happening every decade or sooner.

9. The majority of humanity still does not understand that we are not merely facing changes in climate (climate change,) we are now facing an imminent global warming-fueled extinction emergency. It is finally time to call this emergency what it actually is --- before it is too late.  

10. Depending on your current location, there should be no need to panic yet! You should still have enough time to prepare for and adapt to the myriad of unavoidable global warming and related primary and secondary consequences.  



What most people find so difficult to understand (or are just beginning to understand) is that --- to prevent the mass or total extinction of humanity within 30 to 50 years, we must make radical global fossil fuel usage cuts by 2025, not 2030, 2035 or 2050 as you are hearing regularly in the media! If we fail to make the critical global fossil fuel cuts by 2025, not only will most to all of humanity die, many of the worst consequences of the global warming nightmare will last centuries to thousands of years. 

Too many of the summary calculations of the volunteer IPCC scientists are dead wrong. If we continue to use those grossly underestimated summary calculations, we and our children will be dead soon too. 

What YOU Can Do Today to Help Resolve the Global Warming Emergency!

What most of humanity also still does not realize, actively denies, or is not preparing for is that global warming's many interrelated consequences will get much worse, FAR faster than we are even remotely prepared for! Once someone realizes global warming and climate change are far worse and coming far sooner than our "trusted" authorities tell us, their usual first reaction is anger.

Many individuals after the original upset then want to do something to help fix the problem. Many of these individuals also realize that when the threat of imminent mass or total extinction is accurate, we all have an ethical and moral duty to continue to act until the emergency is resolved! 



Here are the things we must do ASAP to save the future:

1. Actively share this disruptive educational post with your friends. Get it into all of the appropriate Facebook and Reddit groups and other Internet areas wherever it should be discussed. Especially get this post to generations X, Y, and Z. They have the most to lose the fastest! If generations X, Y, and Z do not get super-busy demanding a future they can survive, it is unlikely that our politicians will act in time! 

If generation X, Y, and Z climate change organizations like Greta Thunberg's Fridays for the Future and the Sunrise Movement do embrace the deeper truths of this extinction emergency and seriously upgrade their strategies to demand and get immediate action from our politicians, we are in for a harrowing, destructive, costly, and deadly future.  

2. Sign the online emergency petition to our politicians here.

3. Email or mail this post to the following list of critical influencers:

a. your local and national politicians. (In the US this especially means, Presiden Biden, John Kerry [his Climate Czar,] Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Gavin Newsome [Governor of California.] Their current fossil fuel reduction targets and plans are based on the current grossly underestimated IPPC projections.

It is time to pull our politicians' heads out of the IPPC's underestimated prediction quicksand. It is time they start dealing with the actual global warming extinction emergency with the painful facts and urgency it demands!

b. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Make Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Larry Page, Bernard Arnault, Sergey Brin, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, Steve Ballmer, Mukesh Ambani, Amancio Ortega, Zhong Shanshan, Jim Walton, Alice Walton, Rob Walton, Phil Knight and the other 100 wealthiest people in the world. If they do not start dealing with this emergency with the appropriate facts and urgency, they too will lose everything in an unsurvivable future.

Do not hesitate to call these individuals out publically for doing little to nothing effective to use their vast political influence to resolve the global warming extinction emergency. Also, do not hesitate to call them out publically for their over-consumption lavish fossil-fueled lifestyles during our extinction emergency.

(To see the horrible eventual fate of even these ultra-wealthy individuals in our dying world if they do not act, click here. To see what they must get our politicians to do, click here. The list of the rest of the world's 100 wealthiest individuals is available online.)

c. the CEO's of the 500 wealthiest corporations in the world. The accelerating disruptions and uncertainties of the escalating global warming emergency will make it impossible to do business as usual and bring most big corporations to eventual bankruptcy or dissolution. Do not hesitate to call out these CEOs out publically for doing little to nothing that is effective in using their political influence to resolve the global warming emergency. Also, do not hesitate to call them out publically for their over-consumption lavish fossil-fueled lifestyles during our extinction emergency.

(To see the horrible eventual fate of these CEOs in our dying world if they do not act, click here. To see what these CEOs must push our politicians to do, click here. The list of the 500 wealthiest corporations is available online.)

d. the world's biggest entertainment and sports celebrities. Although many are very wealthy, they are not as rich as the world's wealthiest individuals listed above. Still, they do have a disproportionate amount of influence on the public and on many politicians. These celebrities, like the rest of us, will share the same fate in a dying world. Please help them to understand this horrible fate described here.

Do not hesitate to call them out publically for their inaction or ineffective action on the global warming emergency and their counter-productive, over-consumption, lavish fossil-fueled lifestyles during our extinction emergency. (To see what our politicians motivated by activist celebrities must do, click here.)

e. your national and international environmental groups who, on the whole, also have been blindly accepting the IPCC's underestimated projections and fossil fuel reduction level recommendations for decades. They have been unknowingly supporting climate solutions that will soon render humanity and much of the biological life on Earth extinct.

f. your local and national investigative news reporters. The future of humanity is being held hostage by the general population not being told the extinction-level truths about the accelerating global warming emergency.

4. Start the Job One for Humanity Plan for actions you can do today that deal with the read climate change deadlines and tipping points. Getting into action fast will do a lot to lessen the normal anger and sadness so many feel when they finally realize what has been hidden from them. Click here to get started.

Please Do not Blindly Believe US!

Read the Following Detailed Documentation on What You Are Still Not Being Told by the IPCC

Please don't take our word that the IPCC is still grossly underestimating or hiding critical information from you because they do not want to cause a panic or overly upset their fossil fuel-producing national sponsors. Check out the science and analysis for yourself:

If you are new to the climate change emergency and do not understand the basics of how and why global warming is taking place, click here. 

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more.

Click here to see the REAL 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets that our international politicians must now enforce!

To see all of the critical mass mobilization actions our politicians must take immediately to save humanity from total extinction, click here.

Click here to see the eleven main climate change tipping points and what their exclusion from the recent IPCC calculations means for your future.

Click here to see a detailed "big picture" meltdown of our many global warming consequences and tipping points. Their interactions will produce starvation and extinction for much of humanity by mid-century and total extinction beginning as soon as 2070.

Click here to see the four extinction-evoking tipping points and how close we are to them already. 

Click here to see why new technologies or carbon capture will never be able to save us in time from the extinction of much of humanity.

Click here to see what you can do today to stay calm, carry on, and help slow the rapidly accelerating global warming-triggered extinction process.

Click here to see the many surprising benefits of a beautiful, sustainable, and just new world that we can create --- if we get the global warming extinction emergency under control.

For the steep social activism challenges of getting the public to demand their politicians act before they, their children, and we are dead, click here.

To see the 26 human reasons why it will be so hard to make the needed global fossil fuel reductions, click here.

You can see the complete and once again underestimated newest UN IPCC climate change report here.



To help do something about the climate change and global warming emergency, click here.

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  • SteveSalmony
    commented 2021-08-30 16:27:29 -0700
    If Homo sapiens is to survive or emerge from an ecological bottle-neck looming on the horizon in a scaled down and better form, the kind and extent its food production/distribution capabilities must respect the biophysical limits of earth (i.e. human limits, and earth’s limitations, This requires a different and better system for producing, distributing and controlling the total food supply for human consumption. It is something that will have to be done sooner or later if there is to be a future of life as we know it within a planetary home fit for habitation by large and small creatures of the evolving ‘web of life of earth’.
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2021-08-12 09:07:51 -0700
    Well said Ed! We certainly are facing humanity’s greatest evolutionary challenge.
  • Ed Cockrell
    commented 2021-08-12 05:59:12 -0700
    Large picture: our present day, and the upcoming future humanity has engineered for earth, holds only tumult, death, and desperation. There is no way past that reality. I’m 73 years old and I cannot envision how humanity can “science” its way out of the desperate consequences that we are and will continue to experience in every increasing amplitude. As a species “man” is not equipped psychologically, emotionally, or socially to jump out of our current way of living to stop the damage that is ongoing. We are in a trap of our own making. It’s likely that Nature will eliminate us and move on to the next iteration of its alpha life form…which may be jellyfish for a few million years…as the planet resets.
    Small picture: I cannot fathom how anything will change culturally, politically, or economically by 2025-2030. Most people will still be in denial about the horrific future that is unfolding for the planet. I also don’t think the climate path will be a straight line to “hot everywhere.” If the ocean currents are disrupted that could be a very rapid impact that will disrupt economies, politics, and institutions. Parts of the world could go into a deep freeze for some period of time. People will be in a panic. It’s difficult to game-out what happens then.
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    published this page in Blog 2021-08-11 14:35:02 -0700
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