Our March Climate Change Newsletter Has More than the Usual Climate Change Surprises

Knowing what will happen ahead of time with our climate allows you to either plan for it or wisely get out of the way before it harms you. This month's newsletter is about assisting you to see what is coming with the climate without denial or spin.

Depending upon what we do to fix climate change, this newsletter is also indirectly about how the next the 3 to 9 years will determine the future survival of humanity.

Here is the summary of the sections in this March's newsletter:

1. Heat-producing fossil fuel carbon in the atmosphere is rising faster than we can survive!

2. March's new climate change blog articles

3. If you love the environment, why you should never use or promote cryptocurrency. 

4. A new "Survive and Thrive" sustainable community participation option. 

5. Our monthly volunteer update.

6. We were forced to upgrade our mission because...

7. Did you make your BIG climate change threat and risk strategy decision yet? 

8. What to do to protect yourself from accelerating climate change. 

9. Your Reminder for the special event Saturday, April 9, 2022!

10. A new and absolutely terrible climate change consequence has just freaked out the world's climate researchers.


Section 1. Heat-producing fossil fuel carbon in the atmosphere is rising faster than we can survive!



The illustration above shows atmospheric carbon in parts per million. Atmospheric carbon is the best way of showing our success or failure in reducing atmospheric carbon levels, mostly now from burning fossil fuels.

There is no other way to say it. From the above graph, one can see that things are going terrible in slowing down climate change and removing the climate change extinction risk. (The latest carbon level for March 2022 is the dangerous carbon level of 421 parts per million [ppm].)

If we are lucky, we have only another 3-9 years,  to preserve our last opportunity to control our climate change futures. (Click here to see why this 3-9 year time estimate is painfully accurate and useful.)

If you read "Why We Have Only 3-9 Years Left,"  you will truly understand how serious this next 3-9 year window of opportunity is for your climate change planning and future. 


Section 2. March's new climate change blog articles

Why major intelligence agencies must immediately re-do the UN IPCC's climate change calculations, consequence predictions, deadlines, and global fossil fuel reduction requirements?

Only the world's intelligence agencies may now be able to stop humanity from committing collective climate change suicide. Find out why and how much time is left?

Read more



The new 2022 IPCC climate report still grossly underestimates how bad climate change is going to get---and the IPCC says the future will be absolutely horrible!

The newly released 2022 IPCC climate change report is terrifying. But, unfortunately, the IPCC is still not disclosing that our climate future is about twice as bad as they are willing to admit!

Read more


Another serious 2022 IPCC climate change report consequence prediction error raising more doubts about a survivable future

For decades the recognized world's leading authority on climate change, UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) has been plagued by climate change calculation and politicization problems with many major impacts happening decades earlier than their assessments had projected. Here is it's latest!



Section 3. Why never use or promote cryptocurrency if you love the environment!

The creation of cryptocurrency in crypto-mining is an extremely fossil fuel-dependent energy use nightmare for the environment and our climate future. Luckily, Europe and China are already starting to ban cryptocurrencies in many areas in part, because of their excessive fossil fuel energy use.

Any widespread use of cryptocurrencies will further radically accelerate the climate change extinction emergency. So please do not use these currencies or promote them in any way! 

Section 4. A new "Survive to Thrive" sustainable community participation option. 

We are allying with a new group building a worldwide network of online and offline meeting hubs to create sustainable, equitable communities both inside our cities and towns and outside of them. It will be about 5-6 months before they will be entirely optional, but Job One believes the wait will be worth it. 

Each month, we will give you more information about this exciting development and group. It aligns very well with our sustainable community model and vision.


Section 5. Our monthly volunteer update

Volunteering is more critical than ever because we are running out of time to save our climate future from worldwide catastrophe. Please volunteer to do your part, or there will be no livable climate future for you or your loved ones.

As an all-volunteer organization, we post all of our new and existing volunteer projects on this page. This month, new volunteers have been doing a fantastic job forwarding their self-chosen projects. However, we now have so many new volunteers that we urgently need someone good with people skills to put their hand up and become our volunteer manager.

Section 6. We were forced to upgrade our mission because...

of accelerating climate change consequences.

Our mission upgrade is as follows.

In March of 2022, Job One For Humanity reviewed current climate science and updated its position on climate change. It concluded that a climate change-triggered extinction event of about half of humanity by mid-century is now unavoidable! This widespread mass extinction event will be caused by the primary and secondary climate change consequences described on this page. 

This first extinction-level will result from mass starvation due to climate change-related crop failures, low crop yields, soaring food prices, and growing regional conflicts as tens of millions of starving climate refugees seek to find new homes to eat and survive.

Worse yet, if humanity does not get close to making the required radical global fossil fuel use reductions (as described in detail on this 2025 global targets page,) humanity will face the second extinction-level of near-total to total extinction beginning as soon as 2070. 

The above climate change facts are currently being censored or altered by the actions of powerful fossil fuel industry lobbyists upon the media and our governments. Yet, widely visible climate change consequences and current climate science-based predictions support the above statements as accurate. 

We have had to update our mission goals because of the preceding and increasingly severe global climate change consequences. We have shifted to helping individuals, families, and businesses move to a higher focus on preparing, adapting, and building climate resilience and other kinds of resilience in all of their and our essential life-supporting systems. 

Accordingly, we have updated our mission and goals to help individuals, families, and businesses to:

a. prepare for, adapt to, and build enhanced resilience to survive climate change's ongoing catastrophic or unavoidable consequences while time remains to do so, 

while simultaneously

b. hard pressing our governments to radically cut global fossil fuel use to meet the 2025 global targets to slow down global climate change sufficiently so that more of humanity can live a little longer and more securely. 

And, if by some very remote chance we can get close to meeting the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, 

c. we actively support the building of many sustainable urban and rural communities worldwide that:

1. might allow at least some small part of humanity to potentially survive through the coming climate-change-propelled global collapse, extinction, and potential rebirth cycle and process, and,

2. might learn from and apply the hard climate change and other economic and political consequences, which will happen to us because of the final consequences of our current highly unsustainable and inequitable lives.

Our future depends on how fast we fix climate change. Our next 3 to 9 years will determine the future survival of humanity. (If you would like to see the analysis of many factors that bought us to the realization that, at best, climate change is only 3-9 years away (2025-2031) from going out of our control for centuries to millenniaclick here.)

We understand that the above is a distressing and problematic climate update. But, the good news is, if our governments mass mobilizes and gets us close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we still will be able to save as much as half of humanity! We will also be able to save many of the plant and animal species and other living systems of our beautiful planet. 

So, let's get busy and work together to save what we need to survive and what we dearly love.


Section 7. Did you make your BIG climate change threat and risk strategy decision yet? 

If you have not decided on your future climate change strategy, climate change will soon make that decision for you! 

More people will soon realize climate change is getting much worse. Once that happens, it will be far more difficult and more expensive to make the necessary emergency preparations, adaptations, or migration. We all remember the Covid toilet paper shortages. 

Don't get caught without having a prior and reasoned climate change strategy decision. Instead, click here and read the four most common climate strategy decision options. 



8. What to do to protect yourself from the worst affects of accelerating climate change. 

We can still do many things to slow down the climate extinction emergency so that at least some of us can live longer more stable and secure lives.

Here are a few of the positive and easy things we can start today:

Start the comprehensive Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan today by clicking here.

If you have not done so already, sign the online global warming extinction emergency petition by clicking here.

Donate to keep the Job One for Humanity non-profit organization speaking truth to power by clicking here. We cannot keep this work going without your help even though we are an all-volunteer organization. We still need to pay for phones, electricity, the internet, etc.

Become a volunteer and Climate Evolutioneer and help us fix this nightmare by clicking here.

Keep calm and carry on!



Section 9. Your Saturday, April 9, 2022 Reminder:

You can be a part of the 14th annual Universe Day celebration to honor the beauty, gifts, and origin(s) of the Universe.

Universe Day also is about helping to fix the climate emergency!

Get more info here!



Section 10. A new and dreadful climate change consequence has just freaked out the world's climate researchers.

Something freakish happened this month. Maybe you saw the story reports in the news. 

For the first time, a giant iceberg about 420 Miles square in size (about the size of Los Angeles county) broke off in East Antarctica. Climate scientists think this event is terrifying because East Antarctica has always had highly stable glaciers and icebergs.

For a long time, climate scientists have been glued to the icebergs breaking off in West Antarctica and warning us all about the Thwaites glacier, also known as the doomsday glacier. If Thwaites breaks off, it could raise sea level up to 2 feet in a matter of just a few years.

And yes, Thwaites breaking off is not an if anymore. It is just a matter of time until the Thwaites doomsday glacier breaks off.

Climate scientists were caught entirely off guard by the ice deteriorating in East Antarctica. This break-off should've never happened and doesn't lie within the predicted climate models. Instead, climate scientists say the cause for this event is that temperatures were up to 70° warmer in East Antarctica over the last week.

But what does this far away event mean for you, your family, and your business? This East Antarctica iceberg break-off is another crucial very LOUD warning bell.

We have told you before that global warming consequences will grow exponentially over the next 3-9 yearsThis acceleration means, at best, you have another 3-9 years to prepare for what is coming and start adapting to it.

But, do not forget that once more people realize how bad the climate emergency is, everyone will start trying to make up for lost preparation time and do everything they need to do at the last minute.

You know what that means. Yes once again toilet paper and other critical supplies are gone, or their prices are soaring.

Even more important is that most people still don't realize that accelerating climate change will soon crash the global agricultural system. Consequently, crops will fail, and yields will tumble. As a result, food prices will soar if you can even find the food you need!

This food shortage and food price dilemma means that if you do not have a well-established garden within the next couple of years, you will experience either profound economic difficulty or wonder where you're going to find what you need to eat. (Please note that gardens that will feed a family take quite a bit of time to get going to that level.)

You get the idea. We've been telling you for years to get ready before everyone else does, and get ready now before it's too late!

to underscore this point, we know of three climate scientists and researchers who have moved their whole families to safer climate change areas or are doing that right now.

I wish I were giving you better news this month. But, unfortunately, the east Antarctica iceberg break-off has shaken us at Job One and forced us to accelerate our clarity in communicating to those who have done your research or sense something terrible is coming.

In closing

Please don't forget to donate to keep the non-profit Job One for Humanity speaking truth to power by clicking here. We cannot keep this climate analysis work going without your help, even though we are an all-volunteer organization. We still need to pay for phones, electricity, the office, the internet, etc.

Also, when you donate, you get access to the members-only section of our website. It contains invaluable and proprietary climate change preparation, adaptation, migration, and resilience-building information for a safer future.

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And finally, why isn't your name already on this new intelligence agency petition yet? Do not forget to sign the new petition to our national intelligence agencies. They really need to take over climate change risk and threat analysis and climate research for the future education of our politicians.

So here it is. We have, if we are very, very lucky, at best, just 3-9 more years left to prevent climate change from going ultimately out of our control.

Until our April newsletter,



Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity & Universe Spirit

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