Largest Global Warming Protest in History & August Global Warming Update

August was a busy month for global warming news. Here are the important updates.

1. The world's largest global warming protest will take place on Sept 20 in cities all over the world. 

Many environmental organizations, including Job One for Humanity, are supporting it. There are already 400 events planned across 317 cities worldwide. 

Click here for the latest locations and updates. If you go, please let your fellow protesters know about the correct 2025 global fossil fuel targets and the 2025 deadline for keeping global warming under our control. 

Most individuals and many organizations have been fooled by fossil fuel industry-influenced false reduction targets and deadlines. Using any of the wrong 2050, 2040, 2035, and 2030 fossil fuel reduction deadlines will result in mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes.

2. Here is our new Global Warming Blog post for August:

What to do about global warming sadness, anger or anxiety

It is a great short article. It covers the new reality that more people worldwide are having emotional and adjustment problems dealing with all the global warming lousy news and our extinction emergency.

This article covers what you can do to rebalance your emotions. It also discusses the global warming support groups popping up all over.

3. Our website now has a Cli-Fi section (climate science fiction.)

Publishers and authors are now sending us their Cli-Fi and other global warming books for their review. Click here and check out what we already have listed.

I also want to give you a head's up on a new Cli-Fi book that is just about to be published called Eat the Moon, by Portia Sykes. It is fantastic and full of inspiring facts woven into a great and steamy story. We will be doing a full review of it very soon.

4. More good news on our improving finances. 

It seems like more individuals appreciate our straight talk global warming educational work. Over the last several months, many more of you have stepped forward to help support our mission. You know who you are and you have our sincerest thanks! 

If you are not already a member/donor, please consider clicking the secure tax-deductible donation link below.

Your tax-deductible contributions are easy to do online by clicking here. (Job One for Humanity is part of the 25-year-old 501c(3), IRS recognized, and Guidestar Bronze Star recognized tax-deductible nonprofit organization called Factnet.)

5. We have done a lot of new work to make it easier to get started with the Job One Plan. 

Click here and get a quick overview of the improvements in helping you get started in the best way for your circumstances.

6. For our next newsletter, please share your personal success stories and tips from your progress on doing any of the 4 parts of the Job One for Humanity Plan! 

A few of you have already written to us about what you are doing successfully to help solve the emergency, so we decided to do was make it a regular feature in our new newsletters. If you want, you can send them to [email protected] with just initials or any other publishing restrictions you like. We have an immensely challenging task in front of us. Your successes and tips will help inspire others.

7. We have done many other new and vital upgrades on our website. 

a. We strengthened the beginning of Part 4 of the Job One Plan, so it is easier to find action steps that will fit best with your circumstances.

b. We created a page for member successes using the Job One Plan.

c. We put a significant effort into editing and simplifying the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets page because it has been read and shared with others more than ever before.

d. We just posted our official Plan B in case we do not make the 2025 targets. A meaningful portion of our members, staff, and volunteers are not confident we will be able to get global warming under control until it is too late. We felt we had to be open and honest about this outcome and prepare for it as well.

8. In closing 

We strongly urge you to attend one of the many global warming protests around the world on Sept 20 th. We must let our politicians know that 2025 is our last chance to cut global fossil fuel use correctly or, our global warming future moves out of our control. 

See this article which explains everything about the 2025 targets and what and when everything happens if we miss them!

And finally, we hope you keep making progress on the steps of the Job One Plan. Please get busy on any Job One action step you choose that works best for your circumstances!

That is all for this month.


Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity

[email protected]

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