Our last Climate Change monthly newsletter: COP 27, Climate Change Insurance Crisis, Cool Videos, Our Partnership, and ...

After 10 years this is our last climate change monthly newsletter and climate issue update, but we will not be going silent. 

Happy Holidays,

Our last-ever climate change monthly newsletter covers how the climate change emergency adversely affects acquiring and maintaining home, business, mortgage, or crop failure insurance coverage worldwide.  

We also cover the Egypt COP27 climate conference mega-failure, spellbinding videos, and explain why this is our last climate change newsletter.

If you are a property owner or farmer in a climate change extreme weather higher risk zone, you will want to read the insurance agencies versus climate change article.

Our last Newsletter

Section 1: Why Are Worldwide Insurance Companies Racing to Cancel or Deny Climate Change-Related Policies for Homes, Businesses, Mortgages, and Crop Failure?

Accelerating climate change consequences are driving an avalanche of insurance cancelations or denials for existing and new homes, businesses, mortgages, and crop failure. In part because of the new definitions of high-risk climate change areas.

Read more


Section 2: The Dirty Secrets Behind the Gargantuan Failure of the 2022, COP 27, International Climate Conference

Did fossil fuel-dependent industries, fossil fuel-producing nations, and their lobbyists and climate greenwashers co-opt or secretly control COP27? You be the judge.

Read more


Section 3: Great climate change videos and articles by other climate educators and activists

We try to curate superior climate video work and articles from the climate change educational movement when we find them.

Here are our current recommendations:

A. Greta Thunberg has a new 5-minute climate change video here.

B. World close to 'irreversible' climate breakdown, warns major studies. Click here for this chilling Guardian article. 

(Please note: Even the 50% global fossil fuel use reduction they mention in the article by 2030 is still "far too little and far too late." We need a 75% global reduction by somewhere close to 2025, or we trigger global heating to become completely uncontrollable and irreversible by about 2031.)

C. Almost Half of Earth's Vital Signs Are Now 'Code Red, Scientists Warn. Click here for this article.

D. THE BIGGEST MARKETING CON SINCE BIG TOBACCO. Click here for the shocking video story of natural gas. We have all been fed the big lie that it is the safer and wiser alternative to oil and coal. 


Section 4: We need your help protecting our independent climate change think tank and analysis!

If you value having our uncensored and constantly updated climate change condition and solution analysis, support us financially. Unfortunately, almost every other climate change think tank directly or indirectly takes significant money from the worldwide fossil fuel conglomerate. We have NEVER done that, nor will we.

We do only one major fundraising campaign each year during the year at the holidays. So, we need your support during this time.

Your tax-deductible donations will keep our independent climate change think tank alive, 100% publicly funded, and speaking the uncensored climate truth to power. 

You can donate any amount. Even a dollar helps!

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Section 5: What you can personally do to help save more lives and make a safer climate future for yourself and your loved ones. 

Click on the image below to begin exploring our four-part Climate Change Emergency and Resilience Plan. Its actions will keep you, your family, and your business safe and help slow our accelerating global heating nightmare!



Section 6: Why is this our last newsletter?

After many years of writing a monthly newsletter on current climate change conditions and solutions, we have decided to abandon this format and replace it with much shorter updates on breaking climate news or articles as they occur during the month. Today most people do not read emails longer than a few paragraphs. We reluctantly acknowledge that our longer newsletters could get much more readership if they were broken down into smaller climate updates and shared closer to when they occurred.


Section 7: We are your partners in resolving the climate change emergency, but what does that really mean?

Our role as a climate think tank is to provide unpoliticized, uncensored, and accurate climate research information and analysis. We are not information marketing people, in-the-street climate protestors, activists, or business managers. We are climate researchers, analysts, and educators only. 

Our limited research and analysis role means that ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers must share the climate information and analysis they discover on our website for us. If they do not, our uncensored climate information will not reach enough people to make a difference and save more lives. 

Without the hundreds of thousands of our annual visitors taking up their survival-critical role in distributing our climate information and analysis, there is little hope humanity can avoid near-total extinction-level climate catastrophes. So please do your part! 

So please do your part! We are running out of time.

Actively and aggressively share and spread the climate information and analysis found in our elevator pitch, our essential climate facts, and as seen on our website volunteer projects. By doing this, you will be saving lives even if, at first, sharing our current climate condition will upset those unaware of it.

Please become empowered climate educators and activists helping us to disseminate real climate solutions that could save as much as half of humanity before it is too late! 

A special holiday closing

We wish we could've given you more good climate news in our last monthly newsletter, but we also don't want to deceive you. Unfortunately, we are not making adequate climate progress on the required practical actions to prevent the soon-arriving next wave of larger climate-related catastrophes.

But even given this difficult news, there is one more important piece of climate news to share with you this holiday season.

Now more than ever, especially during this holiday season, while we still have relative climate stability, taking good care of yourself is vital. Find ways to create more happiness and meaningful relationships and experiences everywhere you can. You will need the renewal that comes from doing those things every day if you want to survive emotionally as humanity works through the painful evolutionary lessons we now all face because our governments failed to act for the last 60 years.

Until our next update to you, stay calm and carry on. Life will eventually improve for those wise enough to prepare and adapt to the coming unavoidable climate consequences.



Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity & Universe Spirit

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