What are the 7 most dangerous things most people do not understand about climate change and the global warming emergency?

Unfortunately, the most dangerous facts of global warming are the least understood by most of humanity. And, what we do not understand can kill almost everything.


Most people do not realize the following about global warming:

1. The global warming emergency and its future is far worse than the government, the media, or the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] are telling us. (Click here to see just how much worse things will become and how fast.) 

2. We are long past the point of individual actions alone saving us. Only worldwide governmental action and mass mobilization to enforce immediate, radical, and painful fossil fuel cuts can save us from extinction.

(Click here to see what our governments need to do. What limited actions we can take as individuals or businesses is found at the bottom of this page.) 

3. Because of internal climate system momentum factors, human inertia factors, and 40 years of failed global fossil fuel reductions, we have only until 2025 (or staying below the atmospheric carbon 425-450 parts per million level) to maintain realistic control of our global warming future. Unfortunately, we are already currently at carbon 420 parts per million. (There is a graph of this at the very bottom of this page.)

Unfortunately, most people do not understand this life-critical 2025 deadline simply because they do not understand the physics and mechanics behind the principles of momentum and inertia. 

This momentum factor means that even if we stopped 100% of all global burning and use of fossil fuels today, global temperatures would continue rising for the next 2-3 (or more) decades. Furthermore, this means that the radical 2025 global fossil fuel reductions we might make today also will not deliver significant benefits for about 2-3 decades. If we ever make the needed fossil fuel reductions, this climate momentum time lag will challenge the patience and understanding of most everyone. 



The graph above beautifully illustrates an exponential rise in the three critical atmospheric greenhouse gases expressed in parts per billion. Since the mid-1700s start of the Industrial Revolution, these gases have been mostly human-made from burning fossil fuels. Each of these greenhouse gases has built up considerable atmospheric momentum! 

(Click here if you need to learn more about our 40 years of failed global fossil fuel reductions.)

4. The rate of global warming consequences occurring will soon start rising exponentially. These consequences will soon stop rising gradually and linearly as they are occurring now!

It is essential to know that we will cross many more of the 11 key climate tipping points as global warming continues. As we cross more climate tipping points, global warming consequences will not just increase in frequency, severity, and scale. They also will not grow gradually and linearly. Many of these consequences will soon start growing exponentially, (Within the next 10-30 years.)

In the graph below, the red line is an example of a linear, somewhat steady, and predictable gradual global warming consequence growth trajectory. (Linear progression equals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.) The green line below is an example of a sudden, exponential, and highly unpredictable global warming consequence growth trajectory. (Exponential progression equals 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 264, etc.)



The sudden exponential growth in the severity, frequency, and scale of global warming-related or triggered consequences will eventually produce a sudden and abrupt massive global collapse that will be all but impossible to recover from for most nations. (When we use the terms sudden and abrupt, we are speaking in geological timeframes where 3-5 decades is barely a blink of the eye.)

This exponential growth factor for global warming consequences at some near point (within the next 10-30 years) means that few (if any,) NGOs, corporations, or governments will ever be able to either manage or compensate for these escalating consequences for long. It also means that unless you have made your personal or business emergency preparations long before these global warming consequences begin growing exponentially, you will probably not have enough time to do so once they do start growing exponentially.

This rising danger of getting caught unprepared also exists because our social, economic, and political systems also will become exponentially more unpredictable, unstable, and chaotic once the coming global warming consequences enter their exponential curves (the green line above.) 

If you have not prepared for exponentially rising global warming consequence growth long before they are needed, you will find yourself in a living hell!

(See our Plan B for Climate Change Resilience for ideas on how to get well-prepared for what is coming and what is now unavoidable because of climate momentum and human inertia.)

5. Now that critical global warming tipping points are already being crossed, many climate-related systems (like the Arctic sea ice, melting glaciers, oxygen-producing plankton, etc.) will also collapse quickly (usually completely or near completely!) (Click here to see all 11 of the major climate tipping points.)

6. If we do not make the required 2025 global fossil fuel reductions in time to fix the global warming extinction emergency, without fail, Mother Nature will painfully do it for us!

Right now, no matter what we do, much of humanity (51% or more) will die by mid-century because currently, we are ridiculously far from meeting the critical 2025 global targets. (This has been explained on this page and this page.)

Worse yet, if we do not get close to the 2025 targets, Mother Nature will take over and keep raising the global temperature until most or all of humanity (75% or more) goes extinct and the Earth is back to its optimal human carrying capacity. 

Please keep in mind that if we miss the last-chance 2025 fossil fuel reduction opportunity, Mother Nature will execute her immutable physics and mathematics climate laws to take the dominant control of our global warming future. Humanity will then be thrown into the back seat of a planetary "car," rapidly accelerating towards the cliff to Climageddon. 

If we fail to get close to the 2025 global reduction targets, and Mother Nature is forced to create a painful global warming solution for our unconscionable failures; hopefully, she will leave a few of us alive so that we can learn the harsh lessons needed to rebuild a new world more in balance with nature. 

(Click here to see the four extinction-triggering climate tipping points that will be the main tools used by Mother Nature to solve global warming for us if we do not do it for ourselves.)

7. We are much like the experimental frogs who boil to death floating in a slowly heating pot that they could easily escape. Our ape ancestors have left us with mental and emotional hardwiring that does not recognize or respond well to distant, complex, or slow-moving threats.

Will enough of us understand the heating pot we have put ourselves into, in time to still do something about it? We will know soon; either by 2025 or soon after we have passed the atmospheric carbon level of 425-450 parts per million.

To help illustrate how dangerous our current climate situation is, please review the atmospheric carbon CO2 graph in parts per million below. We also are currently adding an additional 3 carbon parts per million to our atmosphere each year. So, you do not have to be Albert Einstein to do the simple math to see how bad things are right now for us soon crossing the carbon 425-450 tipping point!

At this point, we strongly recommend that you watch this video by a respected climate researcher on runaway climate change. It will help illustrate how everything above fits together.  This video has many clear and helpful slides.

What you can do today about the climate change and global warming emergency because we are running out of time!

1. We do need your help in getting this post to everywhere it needs to go!

a. Would you please help email this post to more politicians worldwide before the COP26 International climate change conference. Particularly these US politicians because it is doubtful they and their climate staff understand these issues as well. Please forward it to US politicians like John Kerry (the Climate Czar,) Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gavin Newsom, and other members of the US progressive Squad. Please also send it to all other global politicians you think should see it as well.

b. Kindly email this post to the delegates, officials, and sponsors of the United Nations next international climate conference (COP26) November 1-12, 2021. It is time the next climate conference stops watering down the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets needed to prevent our mass extinction. 

Furthermore, it is time for COP26 to stop setting any global warming reduction targets based upon carbon removal technology that does not exist. It is time for COP26 to tell the people of the world exactly how unlivable our global warming future will be because if they fail to mobilize government action again, there will be no time left to reach the correct global fossil fuel reductions. (Click here to learn how the IPCC is distorting carbon capture technology calculations to allow fossil fuel producing nations and the fossil fuel industry to maintain production and profits and keep global fossil fuel reductions targets far below where they should be. 

c. Please email this post to the ecological and global warming educational groups and their staff mentioned in this post, such as 350.org, Climate Central, Climate Mobilization, Climate Emergency Fund, and the Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, etc. Please also send it to ALL other environmental and global warming educational groups you think should see it as well.

2. Sign this global warming emergency petition to our politicians.

3. Get started with your personal and business Plan B for Climate Change Resilience today. It also contains information on how to live within our carrying capacity limits, prepare for what is coming, and how to adapt and simplify both your lifestyle and livelihood so you become part of the energy solution to this emergency.

Please note that at this late stage, individual actions alone will not reverse the global warming extinction emergency. Only government actions will do that.

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